MSR Fic List: Elevator Smut

I’m such a sucker for tropes.  Elevator smut fics usually fulfil a number of favourite tropes – stuck fic, tight quarters, risky/semi-public locations, and office-based locations, making them extra special.

From memory a couple of these might just begin in the elevator but end elsewhere, but for the most part they should contain elevator action.

As usual, it’s not an exhaustive list, it’s just what i have tagged in my database.  Gossamer links now go to the author page with an instruction for search engines not to follow you there.  Feel free to let me know of any I’ve missed. 🙂

I’ve been MIA while I’ve been moving house and had real life stuff to get done, but I’m hoping things will settle down soon and I can get back to sharing the smut.  I miss wasting hours of my life on MSR trash. 🙂


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Author -
Goss ID
13starbuck42Going Down890This certainly stands on its own, though it as started as a morning-after sequel of sorts to You Broke My Heart.E
a_january_girlGreat Timing3787Stuck in an elevator
AgentSpookyElevator Ride735Mulder, Scully, security guards and an elevator  (hollywood AD)R
& Xfilesopus
Comfortable Tension27584 Mulder and Scully are always filled with tension… this story deals with it.E
Cyra Semper Ubi Sub Ubi (I & II)4331Close encounters in small, dark spaces cause Scully’s wardrobe to dwindle.  The elevator is in part II but it's worth reading both.N
Going Down AKA A Scene in an Elevator1074This was written in response to
the challenge issued about what went on in the elevator. This has Sex and all
sorts of bad stuff in it. It is written a bit tongue in cheek. I hope you
enjoy it.
DebbieCullenWhen Scully's Bored2172Mulder & Scully are called
to a meeting in Kersh’s office — PRONTO! Scully gets bored & a bored Scully can be trouble! 
EowynEvenstarWelcome Home3574Post ep blessing way/paper clip.
FrangipanidownunderDisplay of Affection784PDAs anyone?T
GillianinChainsLove In
An Elevator
3033Mulder and Scully. A Freight Elevator. Hot Action. N
Hope LibbyLove In An
3379Mind candy… Mulder and Scully go on a date, and get stuck in an elevator.N
521Mulder, Scully, quick elevator ride. R
KimogenElevator Resolutions2762Just sex. Angry sex. N
Mimic117Wishing You Would Dare5300What Happens When Mulder takes Scully's Dare?T
Down 1: Scully's POV
2165Here is my meager attempt at the Going Down challenge. This story takes place during Operation Paperclip at the beginning, as they head into the elevator.N
MNTierskyGoing Down 2: Mulder's POV1991This is concurrent with the original story, from Mulder’s perspective.N
Eleventh Hour
11747Mulder and Scully are stuck in an elevator together with a possible threat looming in the Hoover BuildingE
Ms BrooklynGoing
Down (or Pressing the Buttons)
4580Another in the Going Down challengeR
Pam FiedlerGoing Down1117Another Paper Clip 'missing scene'.N
PhilePhreakCaught in the Act3735Mulder and Scully are going to get caught in the act in various places and positions. Definitely MSR and
NC-17. These are all vignettes that are intended to be humorous, therefore
each chapter can stand alone yet some are continuous.
R PassanisiLove In An
2322Summer's Paper Clip Elevator challengeN
Shannon LynchGoing
1966Okay, Summer made a challenge in her story “Strange Grace” - "While I have your attention, I dare someone
to write an NC-17 story set on the elevator titled (oh, wait for it) “Going
Down”. "
The Idiosyncratic StanwyckOf Elevators and Onions3059Written for Fandomonium's Season
of Smut - Ghost in the Machine. Going down while going down. 
Musings of an FBI Elevator3979Third person point of view of
Mulder and Scully.