MSR Fic List: Dry Humping

The dry humping list was an early list which I’ve updated following a request for a repost.  My tags are in such a shambles that the fic lists aren’t happening much at all now, and I may have missed some stories, so please let me know of any I don’t have.   Feel free to also confirm or deny any in the ‘maybe’ section if you’re so inclined.  I’ve been very slack on tumblr, so you can try emailing if you want to reach me.

A couple of these stories were removed from the interwebs by the authors. A copy of these fics can be provided on request on the understanding that they’re not to be reposted online without the original author’s permission.

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AllyinthekeyofXBlurring the lines9580'I'd agreed with him that the world hadn't ended. So why do I now wish it had?'  Scully needs more than she thinks Mulder is prepared to give. It's so hard to believe that this is Ally's first NC-17 smut!M
Amorfati32Don't Look Any Further [untitled]2086Post Orison angst, Scully wants to feel close to Mulder but he doesn't want their first time to be like that, They start to dry hump until Scully cracks & then just cling.M
coffee666Different Colors6400AU. Your entire life you only see black and white, until you receive the first touch from your soulmate and color blooms before your very eyes. The colors don't stay when you're alone, but when they're there by your side and you're touching? Everything is beautiful.This one may not be complete T
FatCat & DonnileeTruckin83457SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully go undercover as an over the road, married driving team to break up a hijacking ring. Also Truckin' IIN
icedteainthebagMulder Wears Levis963Frottage.E
Jacquie LaVaAwakening the Slumbering Beastie3199How long had it been since I'd inhaled that pure, male essence?
JamieTanquaryLittle Girl Lost28662Scully and Mulder investigate a murder while trying to deal with a certain turn of events in their relationship.N
Jess MThe Airport (?)10342Up, up and away! Killing time while their flight is delayed. Chili's FicN
KaseyMillerA Desert Cleansing17513Mulder and Scully assist the Las Vegas Crime Scene Investigators with a string of bizarre murders.  Existing relationship.  CSI xoverN
LeeLeeBehaving Badly22043Mulder is bound to behave badly if his freedom is curtailed.N
mellovesallFaith To Keep Looking5144My collection of X-Files/MSR Mulder & Scully drabbles and ficlets. They will range from T to M-rated.M
MountainphileMiraculous Manifestation10139Mulder and Scully, while in pursuit of a miracle, uncover the one that already exists between them.   Dry humping in water is still dry humping right?N
OneMillionandNineEl Quinto Sol22079An explanation of Mulder's sudden belief in miracles. Arthur C. Clarke's second law in action. A bit of Mytharc in the guise of a case file. But in the end it's all about sex. Then again, what isnt'? N
OnlyTheInevitableHeavy Petting4649Things get a little heated during one of their movie nights. MSR. Based off a prompt.E
OnlyTheInevitableBumpy Ride1800She knew she was going to be the one who would have to sit on someone's lap, it only made sense because she was the smallest and lightest, and realistically, she knew that someone was going to be Mulder. MSRM
peacenik0A Painful Path36256Mulder and Scully face many difficulties as they try to establish their relationship. Once their trusting bond is broken, Scully wonders if it can ever be restored. ( Formerly known as "Dicked too Hard") WIPE
PDazaHook, Line & Sinker7718A little alcohol goes a long, long way; and it's not exactly what you're thinkingR-N
PenumbraContact High16386  Scully drops by Mulder's apartment one evening and one thing sort of leads to another. Colonization metaphors abound. Mulder’s new bed has a cameo.N
PufferdeuxRiding the Whirlpool4112Mulder helps Scully do the laundry.N
rainbowpiranhaThe Perfect Partnership4944Smut with a submissive-but-feisty Mulder in handcuffs, a dominant Scully, and their usual banter.E
SaraFirst Person Perspective1735Scully really gets her ya yas out-and Mulder's not complainingN
scapegrace74Fuchsia1156A stakeout, dry humping.E
SoodohnimhTwo Steps Forward (?)3255Post Never Again with ILikeItRough!Scully.N
Spooky66Boyfriend1541Written for the Summer Heat challenge to fill the 'frottage' box on my bingo sheet! A post Pilot fic!E
starwalker42only one choice16209A big ol' dump of MSR smut. I don't even know at this point.E
storybycoreySpilled Wide Open3929It's Sunday late afternoon, and the state of her purse is a brutal reflection of her preceding week, so much so that one may even see a stray receipt peeking from a pocket, a gum wrapper falling from an open zipper. If she were more aware of such things, she would realize that her own emotions are slipping through the cracks as well, becoming more and more visible, despite her ever-so-carefully-constructed facade.E
SuzanneSchrammCircumnavigation6931Sometimes you don't know where you're going until you get there.N
thesexfilesCarol of the Narcissist and the Naysayer3496Silence is as common between them as conversation, as natural. She has watched him think, sleep, cry, eat, laugh. She has even caught him in his own version of a prayer, silently staring up at a moonless sky. She's a patient woman, even at a crossroads. It is one of her greatest strengths. It is, she worries, her hamartia.M
viceversaAgainst the Wall902After weeks of arguing, the tension between Mulder and Scully finally snaps.E
viXenScream Series9106A thunderstorm, a confession and a bet.R
Withdrawn by Author Blue Balls1216Mulder *almost* gets lucky in the woods with Scully, and learns a pivotal life lesson in the process.

[Available by request only]
YonadaJust Pretending?8700Scully is going out to a club with some friends and needs a date for the evening.  Mulder helps her out by pretending to be her date.  They are just pretending aren't they?N
My memory is crap, and this wasn't a trope I tagged prior to the original fic list. The following fics came up under a search through my library as containing dry humping, but I coudln't either confirm or deny it easily. I dismissed any that were obviously not applicable, so these ones are the 'maybes'. I can guarantee that they're all worthwhile fics regardless.
agoodwomanMSR Moments (?)48751Drabbles and prompts; these are all in chronological order for the show.M
agoodwomanThe Great Outdoors (?)116509Picking up a few weeks after Planes Trains and Automobiles left off, Mulder and Scully have met the luckiest man alive and faced off with Pfaster again.  This story begins after Mulder and Scully decide to pack a bag and get out of her apartment. Except they don't spend another weekend in bed together - they deal with the demons from Pfaster and the wake of his turmoil in their lives. They also, of course, get sent on another assignment to The Great Outdoors.E
agoodwomanSnowcats and Sleeping Bags (?)14621How did they survive after the spaceship rose out of the ice and what happened before they made it back to DC? How did they survive in below zero temperatures?E
Jacquie LaVa & TessMorning Basement Frolic (?)8342He came in late and forgot the latte. Mulder's a doomed man. Or is he? Scully's dressed to impress, but wasn't counting on making that much of an impression.N
JennaBOpen Air (?)6744Stopping for the night on a long drive, Scully discovers the joys of sleeping in the great outdoors.N
Jori & MoJoDust Mites (?)16697A hot night. Adjoining rooms. A missing key. A rain storm. A leaky roof. One bed. Ahh... the simple pleasures of motel fic cliches.E
KelRecycled Virgins (?)23942The world of MSR fanfic has many wonderful stories about the first time. Here's one about the changes and adjustments that follow. Mulder and Scully suffer through their own insecurities as they take on the Consortium. Some jealousy for Mulder.N
LysandraUntil They Found Me (?)3100Mulders 'in the kitchen fixing lunch. Scully's sprawled out on his couch, channel surfing. Can it get any better than that? Well, yes, actually.T
MalibuSunsetBite Size Love (?)54880Season 7, my way. This is a prequel to my series, Terra Firma, but it's not necessary to read that too. This one stands alone. M
Mimic117Devil To Pay (?)6553When she gets her hands on him, there's going to be the devil to pay.N
ShannonKRisky Business (?)12085While at a boring pathology convention out of town, Scully receives a friendly hello from her partner. Things get friendlier...and friendlier.N
somekindofseizureSecond Desk (?)5134After Scully gets out of the hospital in "Never Again," Mulder gets to see Scully's tattoo, and Scully gets a desk.M
SoodohnimhMove The Body Over (?)2624An emotional reunion after another bomb scare at a chemical factory...M
StarLushHollywood Afterhours (?)5063Just what kind of trouble did our duo get into while out in Hollywood. MSR, Hollywood AD Spoilers, M rating for a particular spot. M

MSR Fic List: Undercover – Adult Industry

For agents who work in the X-Files division, Mulder and Scully get to go undercover in the adult entertainment business quite a bit.  This is a list of fics I’ve read where they’ve had to go undercover as strippers, prostitutes/escorts and phone sex operators.  Naturally a lot of smut results.

I’ve marked this as an Adults only list despite there being one PG-13 (T) story.  Pick and choose your ratings according to your age and preference.  There are a couple of stories that aren’t straight MSR so read descriptions if that bothers you.

If you see a 5-digit number after the author’s name, memorise it before you click on the link to Gossamer to search, it can make the fic easier to find.

- GossID
Andrea - 10189An Eyeful15780Scully agrees to act as a decoy prostitute to catch a serial killer. M
anonstarbuckFavourite Things11610Five times Mulder and Scully shared a favourite something with the other for the first time. [Chapter 3 of 3 because it's incomplete, but they're 3 complete stories.]E
Ary GHRuby33187Mulder and Scully have to face the friendly neighbourhood psycopath... be warned, plenty of adult material in here.M
CrossedBeamsVice7354A weekend assignment gets out of control with Mulder undercover. Things come to a head, dragging Scully into the picture with unexpected consequences.E
Cybill - 16023Call Girl9437Mulder and Scully act as bait to a serial killer who preys on redheaded call girls.N
DonnaTrust6089Can he trust her when she wants
to grow her own way? Important men are being murdered. Scully goes undercover as a high-priced escort to find out.
DonnileeScene of the Crime6484SUMMARY: Mulder reacts to a Scully outfit and starts an emotional avalanche.M
Donnilee & FatCatSomething Wicked88205Once again Mulder’s hidden talents get them an undercover assignment. They are assigned to expose a serial killer after several drug land-style executions. But, are things really as they seem? Mulder and Scully hope to figure it out before it’s too late. !trigger warnings: read header.M
Donnilee & XRaeCachot Desirer52000Mulder and Scully go undercover in a bizarre murder case at the request of their old friend, Senator
Matheson, and nothing is as it seems. BDSM and D/s themes, along with FemDom themes and male penetration.
ESimmeringDouble Post Punishment1129PWP. He wondered how long it was going to be before he lost control.M
Guera MexicanaFoxy2930Our three favorite characters find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation.T
Jay - 16273The Dare |The
Test |The Challenge
7502It begins as just another case but ends with a challenge. N
JOeyTricky Business6943On a normal assignment, Scully is called upon to go undercover. [complete despite in-progress status on]
KooG-String Diva4040Several murders of patrons at a strip club in DC put Mulder into the most...ahem...interesting uncover
assignment he has ever had.
LovesFoxBad & Bad II: Reprisal23016Scully works undercover without Mulder, but he has to show up. Smut ensues.M
Mimic117Devil To Pay6553When she gets her hands on him, there's going to be the devil to pay.M
MocomabDepravity8452Scully goes undercover. [Scully/Krycek/Mulder - Some slash.]M
mommieburgerTotal Smut Biscuit - Volume 2 - Deep Red11745Scully goes undercover as a stripper, but keeps Mulder in the dark. Mulder's new temporary partner finds out and the hunt is on. Skinner gets a little touch/feely with Stripper!Scully and Mulder may have to confront his boss and several other men over the delectable Agent. Who knows how this will end? Only time will tell.M
OnlyTheInevitableWords of Love 66457The FBI handbook has rules against relationships between partners, so they would just have to get creative in showing their love to each other. A compilation of Mulder and Scully's love through romantic one-word prompts. MSR [Undercover as Prostitute story is chapter 2 - Breathtaking. This is a WIP but it's ok to read if you're WIP-shy because it's a compilation of stories rather than a series.]T
Pete - 12431Scully Becomes A Stripper6700Due to a special assignment, Scully turns to stripping. Humor.T
PywacketRisqué3615An undercover stint as a working girl really turns Scully on.  PWPM
Red ValerianThe Caveat Emporium14771For reasons of her own, Scully insists on going undercover at a telephone sex establishment. In the process, she drives the surveillance team to distraction - said 'team' consisting of her partner and a certain Assistant Director. She also manages to exorcise some ghosts and to catch a serial killer at the same time. All with one hand tied behind her back. [MSR + S/Sk. Although I personally can't stomach Skinner/anyone and consequently this story gives me nightmares, it's here if you want it.]N
SkylarkingShimmy3558Skinner sends Mulder undercover, though not very much of it… M
somekindofseizureBlack Tie Affair - No.22628Mulder and Scully get dressed up once again and play spies as they try to catch some elusive bad guys.  This time Scully acts as a paid escort, and Mulder wants to make sure she's safe. [This is number 2, but the series is a lot of fun and you can access it from the link.
spookie-foxWhisper Softly Sweet, Dana65811After an undercover operation goes terribly wrong, a serial killer nearly rapes and murders Scully. Mulder shows up in the nick of time and rescues her. But what he doesn’t realize is that death is not the end for evil. [Abandoned WIP and I can't remember how complete the stroy is.]M
storybycoreyWe're Just Partners8363He’s grinding himself against you, right there, right where he knows you like it best. You grind right back, there's no way you can’t, and your eyes close as you fall against his chest. "Just partners,” you gasp, your lips sliding down his neck to suck at his clavicle, "Remember we’re just partners…"E
virtue_flutteringNot/Think Series7034Scully receives an unexpected and long overdue call while working undercover a racy phone line.M
WendiaeBehind the Looking Glass48003After returning from Philadelphia Scully is unsure of her reaction to Mulder's anger and takes an assignment away from him unintentionally placing herself in grave danger. [only vaguely relevant to the theme but a good story]M
WildwingSuzTiny Dancer6337Withheld at author’s request. [but the category might give it away a little.]E

Mulder’s Christmas Package by Exeter Street

It’s driving me mad that I can’t find this fic, so I’m giving up and posting it here.  I have two by Exeter Street in my library and can’t find either of them, so if you can point me in their direction, please do.  There’s a possibility that they’re on ephemeral, so I’ll check when it returns.


Title: Mulder’s Christmas Package

Author: Exeter Street
Rating: NC-17 Keywords: MSR, Smut

Summary: Mulder receives the Christmas present to end all Christmas presents.

Disclaimer: Obviously not mine, they wouldn’t have any genitals left. Notes: I’m currently working on a larger scale project and it’s going to be a long time until M&S get it on. So to tide you (let’s be honest here, ME!) over.

Here’s a little ‘somethin somethin.’ Technically it’s a Christmas fic so only the naughty kiddies are allowed to open this before Dec 25. Feedback is always appreciated at Idealistshaven or the email above.

Thank You & On With The Show

Continue reading Mulder’s Christmas Package by Exeter Street

A Further Fifty Favourite First Time Fics for a Fast Fic Fix

This collection of fifty first time fucking fics contains fics of under 10,000 words for when you feel the need for a quick fics fix.  This is for those people who need  a short smut break throughout their day to get through the holiday season with their sanity intact.

This list ranges from intense angsty smut through regular smutty smut to a bit of fun and silly smut to hopefully cover all your smut needs.  

The ratings are starting to get a bit complicated looking, but you can check A note about ratings  for an explanation.  It’s probably sufficient to say that all fics on this list are rated R to NC-17.

AllyinthekeyofXBlurring the Lines9580‘I’d agreed with him that the world hadn’t ended. So why do I now wish it had?
Scully needs more than she thinks Mulder is prepared to give.
audrey_cooperAbandon2556Summary: Conflagration in a motel roomM
2588Summary: The beach, bare feet, and RST7.04M
BanluAn Amazing Thing1514Summary: Smutty post-ep for “Miracle Man”. [Yes, really.] Written for the Fandomonium Season of Smut Challenge - Season One1.18M
Baroness_BlixenShared Space2255The age-old trope: There's only one room and only one bed. Can Mulder and Scully share?M
BeduiniFrustration9342I have issues about “Why don’t they?” and “What’s stopping them?” - Other than, “Because Chris says so.” I want answers, damn it!
CheyBurgessSouls Embracing3455Summary: Early morning, rain on the roof, warm partner - who wouldn't take advantage? Mulder POV.M
CindyETAcquitted9029Summary: "Somehow, I always pictured the circumstances would be a little more romantic, but you know what they say about beggars. Besides, cabin in the woods, a roaring fire, only one bed... Hell, even with the dust and cobwebs, it's more romantic than my apartment. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna get to make my move at last -- Scully's bound to be feeling sorry for me after she sews my leg back together and I'm not too proud to accept a pity..."
There's also a sequel:
ClairJust Once4171The annual team building conference has come round again and lets just say Mulder and Scully take team building much more serious than the other FBI agents only they also break bureau protocol. Very Hot, serious smut.
CybillBending2842SUMMARY: Scully is still feeling the effects of the brethren. Mulder helps her through it. Smut ensues.
dana_katherine_scullyJust a game1256Scully has lost a bet and now has to bear the consequences.  Strip blackjack.M
DashaKFrozen9634Summary:  The end of a case, and a stay in a log cabin during a blizzard, lead Scully to take the biggest risk of her life.M
DianaBattisOne Ordinary Day5256Summary: One ordinary day, with fortune cookies. 
DianaBattisThe Game4804Summary: Learning to play can be dangerous.
DreamshaperOther Options4117SUMMARY: Arcadia was a good smut vehicle, as many of you know. I used it shamelessly for my own romantic ends 6.15M
EdieroneShoved; Then Jumping2489Oh shit, she thinks, forehead resting against the bare skin of his back, inhaling his scent, her traitorous body anticipating more — when she’s reasonably certain he’ll never be able to look her in the eye again.
EilunedHeartland I: Delta4948SUMMARY: Things get hot in New Orleans. Stakeout at the cemetery. Also sequel Heartland II: Deserts Dry
EvieLouiseLittle Black Dress3982SUMMARY: All the other writers came up with serious, soul-searching post-“En Ami” fics. I wrote smut. Go figure. While watching that scene in the restaurant, I really wished Mulder could see Scully in that black dress…
Also LBD II at the same link.
FatCatHero Dancing Backwards In Heels8279Summary: Sometimes a woman has to Cowboy Up and take what she wants.

FialkaBackstop3036Summary: smut biscuit Spoilers: eh, not really, unless you have no idea what happened at the  end of The Unnatural 6.19M
GeorgiaWaking Up Twice3747Summary: Frank said it, not me…we saw Scully wake up not once but twice in Mulder’s apartment last season.
7.17, 7.10M
HeathersProof6683Summary: Post-Small Potatoes story. 2 months have passed since Mulder caught Scully & Van Blundht in a.Compromising position. Now it’s time to deal with the repercussions and get a little closer.
icedteainthebagThree Letters; Ten Points3308Mulder and Scully play Scrabble on a Saturday night.E
JamieTanquaryThe Lake2734Summary: Ok. maybe I was in the mood for a little Smut...well not completely. It is a little sappy as well. As a challange to a friend who wanted nothing more than a little impromtu SMUT. N
JenniferLyonFire and Ice7957Just as Mulder was about to close the office door, FBI Assistant Director Skinner looked up from the file he was studying, "By the way, Agent Mulder, I expect I will see you and Agent Scully at the Bureau dinner and dance tomorrow night."
JessAnniversary8088SUMMARY: Scully reaches a turning point in her relationship with Mulder.
JesseIcing6179Summary: Smut, smut, and more smut. Sequel to ONE WORD, also at link.
JoriCalendar Girl I: Blue Light Special7245This is the first story in the Calendar Girl series, which covers a years worth of holidays (from memory) which goes through a heap of tropes.
I've used the web page from as it has all fics included.
JoriGoing Once4421Summary: A savory proposition is presented to Scully. 
Jori & MoJoLessons XIV: Bringing it Home8178Summary: Months after their first ‘lesson’ together on the baseball diamond, Mulder and Scully try to bring it on home.
This is the final story in the series. You really should read the entire series, it's a heap of fun with them trying to teach each other riduculous things and quite a few false starts, foreplay fumbles and with interruptions before the final event. All stories are at the link.
KellyMorelandFighting Words1177At that exact moment, Mulder snapped.E
LydiaBowerMid-Winter Thaw5936Summary: How far will Scully go to save Mulder from the mind of a madman?M
MD1016Cheapened Things7387Summary: Basically sex and angst. Lots o` angst. 
MD1016Eyes Shut809Scully wants to enjoy the sensations.
MelodyAgainst the Wall6337While out of town at a partnership seminar, the agents are asked to take a look at some strange rooms found in an old warehouse — with surprising results.6E
Mimic117False Assumptions2879Mulder’s been thinking about Scully’s “oh brother” at the hospital for the last week. The more he thinks, the madder he gets. It’s time to show her he wasn’t joking.
MishNo Quarter Given I: Abstinence7648 Summary: She wants to feel alive.  Serious angst. This is not a pretty one, folks.   Post Never Again There are 3 stories in the series, all at the link.4.13M
mizdizShe Tastes Like Candlelight8814"I’d say,” she says slowly, after a long moment, “that we’ve already gone past that which we can’t undo.E
MustangSallyAll the Children are Insane3919SUMMARY: The Fan-Fiction Writer's Union (NJ Local #527) required post 'End' vignette.
neednotPower Lines607She wants to reach over to still his hands but she knows if she touches him they won’t be able to stand it.
She reaches anyway, Pandora opening the box that’s long been closed to her.
NicknocLoser Takes All6213 Post Arcadia and they’re undercover again. But don’t worry about the thin excuse for a plot. You just need to know they get it on. No plot, no redeeming value. Just smut.
NoelleLeithe (shannono)What a Way1516PWP
PBBurksTIckled Fancy8288SUMMARY: Into the Woods With Mulder and Scully, or How to Exorcise a Demon on a Full Moon.  Danu & Cernunnos celebrate Beltane.  
RachelHowardWithout Reason3496Summary:  Post-Kitsunegari angst-o-rama which descends pretty quickly into pure mind candy.5.08M
ScullysfanEvidence of Things Unseen2657Summary: Scully contemplates the ethereal made real in her relationship with Mulder.
SoodohnimhMove the Body Over2624M & S have an emotional reunion after another bomb scare... Skinner tells them to take it somewhere else and they do.
SuzanneSchrammSeven Year Itch6919Summary: Sequel to "Dividends." Another late night conversation as Mulder and Scully sort through their feelings. I adhere to the *original* dates of the show - Mulder and Scully started working together in March 1992 so this March marks seven years together. This story will make more sense if you read "Dividends" first.
WildwingSuzHeads or Tails5664What happens between the time they go to their room and the next morning. (Rain King)6.08M
wtfmulderChantilly Lace2298Scully is a vision in chantilly lace.6M
ZuffyClinical Detachment7764Summary: Scully’s injury tests our agents’ self-control 

I figured out where I pressed the wrong button so the table has returned.  I’ll leave the PDF file here since it’s here now.

Fifty Fast Favourite First Time Fucking Fics – PDF