MSR Hospital Sex List

authors title #words comments
JenniferLyon Resolution 3999 This is my version of what*might* take place after the end of the episode “Paper Clip.”
Bugs The Link 1550  Post-ep. for Biogenesis
Ninamazing Kiss Of Death 3149 Spoilers: Through 5×02 “Redux II.” If I’d written the scene where Mulder comes to her bedside in the middle of the night, it would have looked a little more like this. Classification: SRA Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance. Missing scene. Summary: Scully gets back at Bill — and fate — in the most fun way possible.
Mangokiwitropicalswirl Vital Signs 4349 Post ep Field Trip  (astral travel/hallucinogenic hospital loving)
RachelAnton & LauraBlaurosen Desideratum II: Found

(Second in series)

46324 SUMMARY: How far is too far to go in the name of love?
This is a long Scully Torture fic, but you can just read the hospital sex in Part 11/11 in Des II.
ScullyGolightly Hands 1185 Inspired by Duchovny’s HOHW concert merch sweatshirt which is the comfiest thing ever.
TexxasRose One In Five Billion 1738 Missing scene, Folie a deux
TheTwistedArgent I Got You
Part 1
Part 2
2263 She doesn’t want to die. There’s so much more she had left to do. There was an entire life with Mulder that she never got to live.  Cancer arc.
Syntax6 Isometry 68619 Summary: The story of a man, a woman and their lucky pickle.
Prufrock’sLove Promises to Keep 36688 Summary: What happens to a marriage of convenience when it becomes inconvenient? A seriously fractured, quasi-Jewish fairytale.
I have issues with this fic because I can’t go with Scully/Skinner, and it’s very angsty, but there’s good hospital sex when Mulder is returned 4 years after he’s abducted.
search the fic for “January 4, 2004” and start reading…
Izzy The Other Woman 1430 Mulder meets another woman on Fertiliser Patrol.

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Same as Always 1363 While Mulder’s in hospital after My Struggle II, he and Scully recall an experience from Brand X.
Mustang Sally & RivkaT

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Iolokus 271683 I made a deliberate decision not to read Iolokus, but I have it on good authority that there is a hospital bathroom sex scene so I’m currently rethinking this position.  I have no idea where you’d find just that scene in this epic fic.

One in Five Billion by TexxasRose

This one is a bit of fun smut, a missing scene from Folie a Deux.


From: Laura Castellano <> Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 21:29:06 GMT

Subject: New: One in Five Billion NC-17

Source: atxc

Just for fun…actually it’s not new. It’s old. Very old. I think I wrote it in 1998. I’ve changed a couple of the words, but that’s all.

Extreme thanks to Deirdre, who helped me locate this totally obscure fic again!


This story is what my Mama would call “pure-dee trash”, and it is definitely NC-17. So if you are under 18, leave NOW, or your monitor will explode in your face while you’re reading it.

SPOILERS: Oh yeah, all over the place. This is a missing scene from Folie A Deux, the one the Fox censors wouldn’t let CC show us, but take it from me, this is what REALLY happened.

DISCLAIMER: yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they don’t really belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter and Fox Broadcasting and 1013 and all those other lucky entities, but if they were mine I’d let them have this kind of fun all the time. You know they want to!

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THANKS to Julie for reading all my stories and helping me make sense of them.

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