MSR Fic List: On the Road – Dangerous Driving

This one’s just a quick one.  In the “On the Verge” fic list I mentioned that there were also fics where Mulder and Scully didn’t pull off to the side of the road before they just had to go at it… Well these are those stories.

Admittedly, I’m pretty sure they pull over at some stage in a few, but generally, this is stuff that happens in the car while someone’s trying to drive…

As usual, these just happen to be fics I’ve tagged in my library.  I’m sure there are more out there so please let me know of any I’ve missed, or mis-tagged. I’m pretty sure that there’s at least one I remember reading that isn’t here.

And please don’t try this at home. Or in the car. Mulder and Scully are FBI agents, remember, and they’re trained to drive under challenging conditions. 😉

Author/s Title Words Summary Rated
AllThingsX Midnight Sinderella Series 16635 Not everything turns into a
pumpkin at midnight! Pure fluff-not big on plot, but smut abounds!!!!!!!
[The car part is in part III, but they’re all worth reading].
Bohoartist Drive Faster 587 Dana Scully had always been
proud of her ability to give one hell of a hand job.
Bugs Even Doves Have Pride I & II 13332 In the three whirlwind months
since Mulder and Scully have become involved, you’d think they would be entwined in a congenial union. Perhaps, but suddenly things are moving too quickly for Scully.
JenMcL Hard Driving 745 A long, tedious drive. N
JenMcL Road Trip Distractions 876 Mulder’s uncomfortable and
Scully has a distracting solution.
Jeri Beltway Musings 1078 Stuck on the Beltway, late to
work. What’s a couple of horny FBI agents to do?
Jori & MoJo Drive Away 7146 After sitting through a ‘guy
flick,’ a slightly drunken Scully grants Mulder three wishes and fun ensues.
Leyenn On The Road 2209 You’re beside me on the seat / Got your hand between my knees / And you control how fast we go by just how hard you wanna squeeze E
msrafterdark Overtaken 1067 My sweatpants are calling to
ScullyGolightly That’s What She Said 4006 A not so idle car ride. E