MSR Fic List: Jealous Scully

I love a jealous Scully (and a jealous Mulder for that matter – some of these stories have a bit of both).  Scully will be the last one to admit she’s acting jealous or territorial, but it can be difficult for her to hide it from other people.

This is a list of fics in my always-expanding fanfic library that I’ve tagged as Scully jealousy.  I’ve also made this a combined first-times list by marking stories where they get it on for the first time with a ¹.

Here you’ll find lots of Scullyangst, a bit of Drunk!Scully, some two-can-play-at-this-game!Scully, and a personal favourite, I’ve-had-enough-of-Mulder’s-bullshit!Scully.

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13starbuck42(In)Visible1978Prompt: Mulder discovers how jealous Scully is of Diana... he takes it upon himself to make sure she knows how important she is to him. T
AllyCarsonSweet Revenge6256Scully undergoes a transformation that surprises even Mulder when Phoebe Green comes back into their lives.PG
Angel LeeAnnConsequences12061Mulder's one-night stand brings with it consequences that will effect him for the rest of his life. Scully, of course, is willing to stand by him through it all.PG
Angel-Wings GaskinsAll I Can't Say1599Another woman takes Scully's place in Mulder's life and heart.PG
AngelaWSeduces Me¹8786A story about love and jealousy.N
Annakins02Chasing Fire¹8587She could stop this right now, and their partnership would remain beyond reproach. There would be a few awkward weeks, but they'd put this night in the box labeled 'Things Never to Talk About,' and they'd move on. Like they always do. Except, she'd die an old, lonely maid because there would never be another man who could set her soul on fire the way Mulder does. She'd always be chasing that fire.E
Annette GisbyLetting Go¹1884Relieving some tension.N
CarolineHurting¹9248The aftermath of Two Fathers, One Son. A jealous Scully goes out of control. N
CarolineDressed by Armani¹11841When Mulder poses for a GQ calendar, Scully realises how many women are after her man, and decides its time to take some action.N
Caroline OLure of the Fox¹43292Mulder and Scully pursue a serial killer who calls himself 'The Fox'. [There's a bit of jealousy from both of them in this one.]N
CarolineMcKennaBeer, Eveningwear and Vampires12344Mulder's ex-wife returns and is in immediate danger. Mulder is forced to make some choices between a life he used to have and the one he dreams of. Meanwhile, Scully deals with her own personal demons-jealousy and denial.PG
CerulianSweet Revenge¹3913Mulder is happy. He has a date. [But he's a bit of a slimeball IMHO.] Scully is not happy. She takes revenge.N
ChaneenWBlinded by Foul Play22160Finding Samantha has given Mulder the happily ever after he'd been searching for most of his life, but Scully can't help but wonder where she fits into it now.T
Chibiness87Heterochromia1703Mulder calls her to say the town is being attacked by a plague of killer cockroaches. Of course it is, she thinks. The day ends in 'Y'.T
ChristinaSimmonsMizpah6531Scully discovers the truth about Mulder and Diana Fowley's shared past.PG
ChristinaSimmonsThe Other Woman9634Having struggled to come to terms with Diana Fowley's presence in her partner's life in Mizpah, Scully is forced to confront more than a presence, and to determine where her own feelings are leading her.PG
DashaK & Plausible DeniabilityThe Professional¹56266A woman from Mulder's past returns, desperately needing his and Scully's help. N
DianaBattisCatalytic Converter¹14278Mulder plays Good Samaritan.N
DonnaOther Women3068That communication thingR
DonnileeJ is for Jealousy¹52675Scully is forced to admit her jealousy when she sees her nemesis kissing Mulder. They fight and then, well, they kiss and make up. A weird case provides time alone and they finally take the relationship to a new level. There's also a sequel, "Jealous Rival".E
DonnileeAll Mulder's Women¹11560Scully overhears Mulder making plans for a dinner date and has a bad reaction. Mrs. Scully convinces her to reveal her feelings before there aren't any more tomorrows.N
Eddie EdoraA Girl For Mulder8718Mulder starts dating someone, and it isn't Scully. She, in turn, decides that two can play the dating game.
Plenty of MSR and UST in this one. The shoe's on the other foot in
"A Guy for Scully" at the same link.
EmilySimRelationship Redux5334Scully's a bridesmaid at Charlies wedding. Written for the Haven flashback challenge.R
Elizabeth Ann FanficWhat A Tangled Web We Weave6442An unwelcome third party causes disruption in the agents' partnership.T
EmmyOld Secrets4033Jealousy, Alcohol and Honesty 
Eponine119The Ex3018Scully doesn't know why she's so upset after meeting Mulder's ex-wife. [Diana is Karen for some reason, and there's a rather humourous Tom Cruise reference.]PG
Eponine119Hey Jealousy6538Trouble leaving Comity.R
FatCatA Friend Like That¹23473A huge fight between Mulder and Scully helps them understand just what they mean to each other and who their true friends really are.N
FatCatYes I Am10302Mulder discovers a secret side of Scully he never dreamed existed.PG
fragilevixenXII¹270850A killer romanticizes each and every victim, leaving behind symbols of his "love"...but who is his intended target?M
Frangipani downunderThe Buck Hills Cave Incident¹4824A case based on a real newspaper report in the Bells Cove Coronet about the Buck Hills Cave in Virginia.E
Hurricane ScullyDrunk5146These are all mini separate stories about Scully being drunk. I love the idea of our in control agent being less than in control of herself 😉  [Jealous Scully is in chapter 2.]E
Invisigoth421The Only One I Trust3916After Fight The Future the truth about Diana Fowley emerges.T
JayThe Dare |The Test |The Challenge¹7502It begins as just another case but ends with a challenge. N
JessicaKurrSomebody To You¹19170Mulder and Scully end up stranded in a cabin during a snowstorm, forcing them to open up to each other about what they both have really been feeling all these years. Nothing like below freezing temperatures, miscommunication, and jealousy peeling back all the layers of anger to get to the raw truth of what's really going on deep down inside of them.M
JMoonriseThrough the Window4232Scully doesn't appreciate how
Dakota Whitney tried to touch her man.
Kate GayleNever Say Never Again4553Scully catches Mulder in a compromising position. Later, when he is injured, they have to sort out their feelings for each other. PG
Katherine BentonWhat Doesn't Kill Us Series90531Mulder and Scully struggle with issues of trust and betrayal during and after the events after Fight the Future. PG
Katie PhilipsI Was Thinking About You10900This story stays true to The X-Files series up through Mulder and Scully's disagreement over Diana Fowley. At that point, I take our two heroes on a different journey... PG
LarkAnger And Jealousy2851When Scully ponders the events in One Son, she comes to some realizations. T
Leyla HarrisonEyes Open2516Scully, feeling left out and a little bitter, wishes that she could take back what she's seen.T
LiliBlueTogether Apart12834Mulder and Scully slowly drift apart. A painful event reunites them after three years.M
LisaA Case of You1765Jealousy gets the best of Scully.PG
MacSpookyLeaving Comity2024What happened after Mulder and Scully left the wonderful town of Comity. R
Madeleine PartousFloaters¹22623Mulder and Scully investigate a case in Florida. Season 3.M
Maiden JediTwo Truths1514Mulder contemplates two truths.PG
MezzosopranoDon't It Make My Blue Eyes Green¹7922A childhood friend helps Scully in her battle with the green-eyed monster.N
Michelle KieferMarginal3703Diana was a friend.... comfortable.... It would be so much easier if he loved her back, but he didn't.R
Michelle Kiefer & KelBone Of Contention41949When an investigation in the middle of nowhere opens old wounds, 2000 miles away becomes too close to home. Can Mulder and Scully unravel the puzzle before they fall apart?R
Missy PenningtonHardball19750There's competition for Mulder.T
MoJoGirl 77¹5867Resolving sexual tension - summer smutN
MonaLisaAshlyn¹20011The course of true love never did run smoothN
Monika FileFanConsorting¹6771A small collection of instances where Mulder and Scully consort with one another in their hotel rooms. See chapter 3: Ask for early MSR jealousy smut, and you shall receive. A twist on a scene in the episode Fire where Scully pays Mulder a visit in his room.E
Monika FileFanFeeding The Rumor Mill6034Mulder gets angry after overhearing a conversation about himself. Takes place during Season 5.T
Monika FileFan & WildwingSuzGreen-Eyed5035What caused that switch to be flicked for Scully to see Mulder the way she discusses in The Rain King's bathroom conversation? Scully becomes jealous while assigned to the bullpen with Mulder.T
Monika FileFanMishaps and Mistletoe5386Two days before Christmas, Scully overhears a phone call that could potentially put a freeze on her and Mulder's slow burning relationship.T
MsAMYou Hurt Me¹2481Learning to forgive and to healR
NaridaLawUnscrupulous2668Mulder's haircut is, quite simply, the result of one woman's possessive nature.PG
NicoleMasonGrief & Consequences9204It's not a good time, post Paper Clip.N
NikkiLeFFifteen Minute Window¹6737A New Year's Eve party provides some Scully/Mulder angst, and a way for our two fave agents to get naughty.N
nowwhat einsteinNow That You're Around Me3452Warning: This story contains the following tropes: FBI Ball! Diana Fowley-as-Satan! Jealous Scully! First Kiss! And more! If you're looking for well-worn tropes, you've come to the right place. Enjoy!G
odamaebrownHow to ruin your love life2429Scully is jealous, angry and bored.G
Pam GambleEnough¹7247Scully attempts to deal with her jealousy of the other woman in Mulder's life - and it's not who you might think. Fifth season, before The End.N
PDThe Woman in the Mirror Series¹ 18806Gin and tonic is a lovely drink. Don't you agree? But it should  be enjoyed in the sunlight among friends. Scully is in a dark place.
Sadly, PD has finally removed her website. If you'd like a copy of this story, please use the contact form & I can email it to you, or you can be sneaky and grab the zip file from the wayback machine.
Piper SargassoAll The Pretty Flowers¹9543I know heartbreak.N
RussianWolf7Playing with Fire7076Phoebe Green comes back. Of course, Scully gets really jealous, especially when things get serious between Mulder and Green.PG
ScottMillerAmong the Moonbeams3160There's a party going on upstairs, and what are you doing? Sitting in a stuffy basement office reading?T
ScullyLoves QueequegConfession¹6811Scully begins to question her place in Mulder's life when she discovers that Mulder has another friend he's been travelling to New York to see.E
Shawen A GreerImage¹10844A new case brings Mulder face to face with a mysterious stranger who forces him to deal with his secret desires as well as revealing some of Scully’s as well.M
SpacesoufflesWhat's Left of Us2680Post and during One Son. Dana reconsiders her position in both the FBI and in Agent Mulder's life. Is she really needed to stick around and watch him fawn over 'Special Agent' Diana Fowley. The reconsideration leads to some revelations that may push the very existence of their friendship and relationship. [WIP - possibly abandoned.]M
SpockThe Unattainable?5412Scully thinks Mulder is in love with someone else, angst ensues. PG
Spooky66Untouched¹4384Scully relaxes after a day of being pissed at MulderM
StarCannonA Couple Of Rebels1729Scully comes back from vacation to learn that Mulder has made an unfortunate drunken decision.G
StefDaviesWar: Fallout3031War of the Coprophages post-ep.PG
SummerMSecrets3590It involves the Diana shenanigans. T
TaylorThe Colombian Exchange¹32064It's a story about coffee, terrorism, love, sex, and families, though not necessarily in that order. What happens when a third agent is assigned to the X-Files - a female agent? What happens when Mulder starts dating that agent? What happens when Scully requests a transfer? Cancer rears its ugly head, as does Bill Scully, Jr.N
TBishopBest Friends Series¹40407Scully's feelings for her partner are forced out into the open when another woman comes into the picture.N
TrixieTerritorial¹6810Basically it's some angst & fluff cleverly disguised so an excuse exists to let Moose & Squirrel have some fun, post Alpha 🙂N
tryceeThe Jealousy of A Goddess¹9232What if Scully wasn't so accepting of Karen Berquist at the end of Alpha. And what if Mulder confronted her about it? Would she admit her feelings?T
TumnUnrequited? Think Again4809Scully gets jealous of Mulder's new chick-a-dee, but it turns out to be as real wake-up call for Mulder, with the help of a dark alley, some Bryan Adams, and a shower. R
wickedshadowscryBitch¹2975Scully is JealousN
WildwingSuzAssumptions¹7323Mulder dating a suspect from an earlier case finally makes Scully see what she has at hand.M
Writergal2000Put To Rest7022On a snowy night, Mulder contemplates the meaning of his dream sequences during his brain surgery.  What he comes to realize is shocking not only to his partner, but to himself.  And he not only tells the truth, but also hears some truth from the only person who really matters to him.  T
wtfmulderThe Condom Story (aka Pocket Guts)2833Set during s6. Mulder and Scully have a lot to work in their relationship -- before it even gets to happen. Prompt: how would Scully react if Mulder dropped an open condom wrapper in front of her?M
XAngel (Emily Sim)Cabinets & Desks & Chairs, Oh My!¹6965Scully is sick of watching Mulder lap up the attention given to him by other women.N
XenoprobeUntil Theres Nothing Left To Say¹10180After Mulder rejects Scully's findings on Agt. Fowley's possible duplicity, Scully nurses her emotional wounds with some bourbon.R
XphilaJealousy Is Fear3551Scully is Jealous of Diana Fowley.T

Fic List: Creepy Stalker Daniel

These are a few selected stories in which a creepy Daniel Waterston appears.

In each of these stories he’s definitely creepy, but to avoid this list being one giant spoiler, he may not be a/the stalker – I’ve thrown one or two fics with the same kind of theme in to keep you guessing.

This is a nice short one. 🙂   Because it’s so short I didn’t do the Excel step I usually do and it put itself in a random order, but you can click at the top of the table to sort it by column.

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Anne HaynesAcross the Rubicon5023Once you cross the line, where do you go from there? T
ElleThomNo-One Is To Blame94302A what if with a twistM
DonnaSomeone's Wife13851What if she’d married someone before she met him?N
DLynnAll Things Bright And Beautiful39102“Scully, have you ever asked yourself what kind of man would quit his job, leave his family, follow you across the country, and never contact you the entire time he was here. Never once, in ten years, did he call you, or write you, or contact you in any way. What kind of man is that, Scully?” R
StormRipper42201A month after 'all things' a case is on Scully's mind, and she's on Daniel's. !nonconN
DonnaTrust Issues12764A long time ago she needed his helpPG
Jo-Ann LConsequenses of our Actions18271Is someone out to get Mulder? T
FatCatTo Tame the Wild Fox 62857How would Mulder survive without Scully? How would Scully survive without her memories? N
RowanDarkstarWater's Edge172598Believing Mulder dead, Scully slowly moves on to a new life (or an old one). But perhaps the adventure has not yet ended...N
MyrissAnamnesis11711Memories of a soul.T

MSR Fic List: Ethan Fics

I’m quite happy that Scully’s boyfriend from the pilot, Ethan Minette, remained on the cutting room floor, but he makes for some interesting fanfic.  If you haven’t seen the deleted scenes from the pilot episode, I’m sure they’re on youtube.  A nicer person would give you a link, but I’m a barely functioning person, nice is too much of a stretch.

This is a list of all the Ethan fics I have tagged in my library.  I try to only tag fics where Ethan gets more than a passing mention, but in some he’s more in the background.  There are quite a few series, which I’ve combined in the list, but Ethan may not be present in all stories in each series, you’ll have to work that out for yourself if it’s that important to you. 😛

Table last updated 2019-01-13 19:02:03 by i-dont-wanna-wrestle.

30xfPilot1077Scully talks to Ethan on the phone late at night.T
30xfConduit1164No summaryPG
AlannaRead in the Dark13987Secrets and confessions in two worlds.N
Amorfati32This is How it Ends?1194"In case you are taking prompts: I never thought I would find myself watching you fall for another man. Why are you doing this to me? Is this a female trick, a revenge even?"T
AtheneIn Corpore Sano11019"Scully?" His voice was serious. "I guess I'm confused. You ask me to confide in you, tell you details about me and my health, but you're closed-off about sharing any issues you have. I'm not
a doctor, but I did study psychology, and I can spot a double standard."
BrandyThatcherPartners, Their Pasts, And The Long Push Forward16434Between these two crap cases, getting bitched at by Kersh, being on the verge of losing his job and dragging Scully down with him, and the appearance of this psycho Ethan guy, this could have been one of the worst weeks of his entire life. So how was it then that when everything was going so wrong in his life, he could be so completely happy?R
Caroline OIt's A Mulderful Life3114"You've an over developed sense of melodrama and a scorching case of food poisoning." - Mulder finds out from his Guardian Angel what life would be like without him.
This is a sequel of sorts to "Clarity", where Mulder meets his Guardian Angel.  It's not necessary to read the first part (but I don't mind if you do!). Apologies to Frank Capra! They're both at the link for you. 🙂
CatheyScullyComplications4431When she was partnered with Spooky Mulder, the last thing Scully had intended to do was to fall in love with him.PG
Charleyne & MRDance With Me 1-1016140*Author's note: This is totally unrealistic, and yes, I *know* it couldn't have happened given the X-Files chronology that Carter has created, but I had to write it. I hope you do enjoy it. It's a romance and it's also an alternate universe story. !DrunkConN
ColebaltBlueVariations on a Theme21104Dr Dana Scully is a medical examiner for the city and county of San Francisco when she is assigned the Jane Doe #19292. In Washington, D.C. behavioral sciences unit FBI agent Fox Mulder becomes interested in Jane Doe #19292 and heads out to San Francisco to investigate. The rest, they say, is history.T
CrossedBeamsIt's A Mulderful Life1543Please can you write something about scully meeting Ethan again, revival time.. MSR of course...G
26320Pre XF, M & S are set up on a joke blind date and hit it
off.  Things go well until Maggie interferes...  and
Scully leaves the FBI.
DonnaBeyond Ethan & Beyond Venus7225Beyond Ethan: When did she and Ethan break up? 
Beyond Venus:  Sequel to Beyond Ethan
52423What would bring them together? PG
14750What if it had been different?T
Something New I - IV
21906Mulder meets the new agent from Quantico T
DryadCountry of the Crepescule23522Country of the Crepescule: Local Boy (G) - Can you ever really go home again?
Country Of The Crepescule: Mothers Milk (T) -  Could you resist the temption to eavesdrop on your child? 
Country of the Crepescule: Do You Like Our Owl? (T) - Meet the kinder, gentler Bill Scully
Country of the Crepescule: Catch a Falling Star (NC-17) - The horror, the fascination, the nausea, the envy, the guilt
All of the stories in this series are standalones, and take place throughout the show, ranging from PG to NC17.  Read in any order ya like.
DryadPoints of View - Three1137Three points of view during the pilotR
DyannZAs It Might Have Been (I - III)34575
What if Ethan was never edited from the Pilot episode? What actually happened between the scenes we saw? Tune in and find the true smutty story.  Follows through the first three seasons.N
Eponine119Slinky and Sea Monkeys | I'm Too Slinky3336Slinky and Sea Monkeys: What to buy Mulder for unnamed giftgiving occasion and why a Girlfriend has no hope of competing.

Ethan appears in the sequel,
I'm Too Slinky

FatCatAn Alternate Reality3985How many truths are there out there? Which one will be Scully's future?PG
Fran58Late Night at the Hoover I & II: Lunch1594Early in the series.  A late night encounter.

Sequel: Late Night at the Hoover II: Lunch
Fran58Avoidance2545A simple family dinner could be a turning point for Scully. Author's Note: Yes, I know the time line is not correct. But what the
heck. Doesn't seem to bother 1013.
FrangipanidownunderWalking the Tightrope7946Scully and Ethan are together. But for how long?M
Government PatsySomething Else15832A 'what-if-Ethan-wasn't-cut-out-of-the-show' kinda story. M
IrenaCharade5458Scully enlists Mulder's help in making an old boyfriend think she actually does have a life.N
JBFlight 912 Row 19 I & II1954A chance meeting in an airport reunites Scully with a friend from the past, as told from his POV. 
Sequel: Any Other Way
kateyes224Center Mass12393In the wake of their first case together, Mulder and Scully make a concerted effort to get to know one another...and end up uncovering more than they bargained for in the process.M
KsharNight's Reflections On Night6645Alternate history story, the main tenet being that Mulder never regained his memories of the night Samantha was abducted (so he never found the X Files, Scully was never get the idea).R
KudraEve Of Understanding3252 Scully debates leaving the X-Files after the events of
"Eve", while Mulder gives her a few reasons to reconsider.
Lara MeansSara Mulder series41600A series of 5 stories set after Requiem.PG-R
leiascullyHalloween1223Four Halloweens with four different men.G
Lil_GustyTrefoil Series174025After a chance meeting reunites them, Ethan makes Scully an offer she can't refuse, a chance for something that Mulder knows he can't give her.N
Malibu SunsetSix Miles High8609Remember Ethan?T
M EndresThe Last Temptation Of Scully1495Temptation can sometimes appear as a wise choice. PG
MichelleKieferTilt1140It was as if the planet had tilted, and the ground had dropped out from under her feet. PG
o6666666Ethan -Headcanon Prompt1000They don’t get along. I mean—they try. Or, Mulder tries. But it doesn’t work.PG
Prufrock'sLoveFlesh & Blood14558An assignment to profile a killer targeting underage girls in the porn industry takes a dark turn and tests the trust between still-new partners.N
Prufrock'sLoveBelphegor's Prime33107When someone wrote *Time Travel for Dummies*, the guidebook should include a chapter titled "Love as a Form of
Self-flagellation. " Or "She's Your Touchstone, You're a Stranger." Mulder's old files documented time
travel, parallel universes, and wormholes. Back in the day, he'd been a regular G-man with a hot partner, a hazy job description, and a plan to
thwart an alien invasion. Then the world ended. Scully vanished. And none of his X-files offered any guidance on romance in a time of pleated pants and
shoulder pads.
Rachel WilderBus Number Thirty Weekdays1240Scully prepares for her first day of work on the X-Files.PG
RaEnrightTemper, Temper7968Baby Mulder is defending Baby Scully's honour. Ethan is kind
of incidental to the fic.
RFrankeThe Temptation Of Dana Scully4378Why was Scully assigned to the X-Files? PG
Sam I AmHow It Happened: The Pilot2421How it Happened. Really, that's all!  3rd Person point of
view from 3 little-considered characters during the Pilot.
ShawntawOther Plans2068"Life is what happens when you're busy making other
plans" - John Lennon. 
Spooky66Boyfriend1541Written for the Summer Heat challenge to fill the 'frottage'
box on my bingo sheet! A post Pilot fic!
sunflowerseedsandscienceEarly On Series27001The biggest clue, Scully thinks, as she lights one of the thick pillar candles on the dresser and begins to prepare for a bath, lies in
her reaction to Ethan's proposal. When he'd dropped to his knee, her initial reaction had not been one of joy, or even a thought that she might be ready for this one day, maybe soon, even if she
wasn't quite there yet. No, her mental reaction had been a complete and unequivocal *Oh, shit.* A series
of 10 stories set early on...
Syntax6Universal Invariants82292This is an AU story in which I play fast and loose with the first season. While I'm just as glad that Ethan got eliminated from the actual show (I don't think he would have added much on the screen) I thought it would be fun to play out the relationship here as Scully gets dragged deeper and deeper into the X-Files.N
Syntax6Laws Of Motion74159Sequel to "Universal Invariants," it picks up in season five with Redux II. Scully barely has time to unpack before a ghost from the past sends her and Mulder down a murderous rabbit hole.N
TreeHappen At Once918She wonders what Mulder tastes like.M
tryceeThe Unbroken Circle9386Set before Scully's father's death, this is the last time the entire family is together for a holiday and there is tension between them, as are with most families.PG
tryceeThe Dead Will Follow You13237Mulder and Scully investigate a ghost of a little girl that kills but Scully runs into Ethan.T
Vickie MoseleyClearing The Decks4876Dana Scully, newly assigned agent to the X Files Division, deals with the dilemma of having two men in her life. PG
Winter BabyLeast Resistance1762This is hardly considered effortless.PG
Xtreme UnctionIgnominy2033MSR, but with a twist. Readers who are uncomfortable with jealousy expressed with raw honesty from the male POV may want to skip this one. Hell hath no fury and all that jazz.R

I’ve managed to add two fics shortly after posting this… as always, please let me know of any I’ve missed.  I know I can’t have found all of them, and my tagging can be hit or miss, so I appreciate learning of others.  Message me at

Some Angsty Art and My Crisis of Faith

I’ve been having a bit of a crisis of faith lately.  I find myself doing sad, angsty fan art, while I’m immersing myself in sad, angsty fanfic. This is my most recent work of sad.  Go no further than the images if you don’t want to read my latest post “My Struggle 4” X-Files finale rant. 🙂




Sadly, I’m still not over the finale.  My Struggle 4 led me to question everything about my life and where I belong in the world.  It made me feel like I’d been lied to about the characters I’ve loved for 25 years.  They weren’t really these unique weird people who would save the world with their geekiness.  They couldn’t even create a miracle with their love, while what CC alluded to as a casual fuck can create a more-than-impossible miracle.  Fighting the good fight never got them anywhere.  Instead, Scully realised that she’s a delicate flower and should stay at home rather than search for her existing son.  She obviously forgot what she did whilst pregnant with said son.  Back then her alien-baby-brain made her totally forget she needed proof of ridiculous assertions such as Mulder ordering a headstone because he’s about to die of an undiagnosed brain disease he didn’t tell her about, and why she didn’t question his misspelling of his mother’s name on the gravestone or why he’d have it delivered to their shared office when he was trying to keep it a secret.  Scully now just sends her husband out in his midlife-crisis mustang (that doesn’t even have a bluetooth phone connection) to find the son they’d both spent all these years crying over. It’s about time the man of the house took care of the bad guys in a mass shooting like real men do. But Mulder, you don’t need to drive a mustang to prove you’ve still got it going on and that you have a functional, man-sized penis.  The old Mulder showed that he could care less about what people thought about him as long as he got to the truth.  That’s what I loved about him.  Midlife-crisis!Mulder seems to have lost his spark and tries to replace it with a mustang.

On the other hand, midlife-crisis!Scully doesn’t need to worry about proof and evidence.  Obviously she’s been struck with menopausal-brainfog at the same time as miracle-beyond-impossible-human-baby-brain this time, causing her not to question the validity of the gossip their nemesis told Skinner.  It’s no big deal, just accept it as the truth; write off the son they’ve invested 16 years of emotional pain into as an experiment and never give him another thought.  After all, that kid doesn’t matter any more because they have a replacement miracle baby coming.  

Then this unrecognisable Mulder thinks  he has no purpose in life if his sperm didn’t naturally fertilise Scully’s ovum back in the day, despite never actually having the opportunity to be a father to the quickly discarded ‘experiment’ he believed was his child.  It doesn’t matter that he foiled so many evil plots and saved so many lives, he thinks he’s nothing when Scully shares the gossip that he’s not the father of that worthless experiment that he considered his child.  It’s not even like he’s grieving the loss of his son and all the associated dreams he had, he’s grieving his status as a contributor of viable sperm.   But he’s Fox Freaking Mulder, for fuck’s sake.  He’s supposed to be in the water saving his miracle child’s life like all those times he jumped into freezing water after complete strangers.  He’s not supposed to be standing on a pier being told not to bother because he can reclaim his status as a miracle sperm donor now that his even less fertile infertile wife got knocked up again. 

I would also like to assure childless people everywhere that you are not nothing.  Having spawn with your DNA is not proof of your worth.  The way you live your life is the legacy you leave behind.  Don’t fall for society’s pressure to procreate or feel less of a person if for whatever reason it won’t happen for you.  

As much as I was thrilled to see some intelligent, bantering, getting along with each other Mulder and Scully back in season 11, they continued to be held back and the wasted opportunities were felt harder as each episode passed.  CC created these fantastic characters, then stifled their progress and kept them in restraints.  He couldn’t take them to the next level and couldn’t trust anyone else to, reminding me of a certain episode he once wrote on that theme.  I didn’t expect a lot from season 11 so on the whole I was pleasantly surprised, but the missed opportunities kept accumulating to the point where I think I convinced myself that he was just saving the best for the finale, having Mulder and Scully together for the last time and going out on a big high.  Obviously I was so buoyed by what was right in season 11 I let my guard down and it gave the disappointment of MS4 more of an impact.

The messages sent in MS4 went so against the characters I fell in love with that I spent the first 12 hours post episode laughing hysterically over how stupid it was before denial turned to anger.  It took me a long time to get over the fury I felt that my characters had been made unrecognisable and a laughing stock.  That instead of giving us an ending that allowed Mulder and Scully and their long lost son to be together at last and have a future ahead where they didn’t have to keep fighting, even if just temporarily like the end of Season 8, we were given recycled plotlines from other cliffhanger finales that weren’t that good when we got them the first time, and another cliffhanger finale that could only be taken to another season if Scully was killed or the whole thing was another dream/vision because we knew Gillian wouldn’t be back, making me pray to a god i don’t even believe in that it wouldnt be renewed.  Had it been left with the three of them as a unit, with William/Jackson being a mini-Scully, I felt that there was still a possibility (albeit not one I thought I’d necessarily watch) that it could continue with Mulder and Jackson with some excuse that Scully was in the arctic developing the vaccine or something, maybe with Gillian being convinced to make guest appearances occasionally.  That was made impossible after the character assassination of William/Jackson in the opening of MS4. 

Overall I felt that the series finale was an embarrassing exit for the show, made even more cringeworthy when someone (I forget who, sorry) made that bingo card  of what would be in the finale and the majority of boxes ended up checked. 

In what has become typical CC fashion,  instead of giving us a compelling narrative that made sense, belief in the impossible, and a satisfying sense of closure, we got wasted time in car chases, gratuitous violence, unnecessary deaths that may or may not be deaths, and bonus parkour.   In this final act of arrogance, CC cured my obsession with the show to the point that I can’t even watch my favourite episodes now.  I’m struggling to be interested enough to get fic lists done.  I’ve stopped joining the rewatch groups I was with religiously before that episode.  I’m barely on tumblr anymore.  The thrill is gone and my negativity is hard to restrain.  I’m still grieving the loss of Mulder and Scully, despite constantly reminding myself that they’re not real and that I haven’t accepted CC’s canon since Requiem (and some things even earlier), and despite knowing that the characters I love will be forever with me through fanfic and those early episodes.  

I haven’t given up reading fanfic, and I’m still working on my fanfic  resurrection project, but not with the gusto I once had.  Now I’m doing it for lack of something better to do rather than for the love of it, and I’m finally sorting out the mess that’s in the garage.

I feel like I lost my religion.  I imagine it’s a milder form of the “WTF did I invest my life in?” thoughts that someone who’s dedicated their lives to scientology must feel when they reach the highest level only to learn about Xenu and the volcano alien spirits.  I feel like I’ve been had.  That’s a personal sore point with me.  As a misfit with asperger syndrome, being duped and misinterpreting things is a recurring theme in my life, and I hate that I continue to get things wrong.  I like to think I’m smarter than that.  It’s a big trigger with my depression, and I get angry with myself every time it happens because it reinforces my belief that I obviously don’t understand basic social interaction and that I’m a failure as a human being. Mulder and Scully led me to believe that it was OK to go against the grain and find my own path in life rather than fulfill the expectations of society and those around you.  Now I feel lost and alienated.  The only characters on TV I could relate to turned out to be just fooling me like everyone else.  Fulfilling your potential, searching for the truth and following what you believe is great, but that’s nothing unless you pass on your genes in the form of an acceptable human being, ie not a faulty/experimental one.  Outsmarting and staying ahead of the bad guys is ridiculous when it’s easier to just shoot them.  Regardless of spending 16 years worried about your child, he’s not worthy of any more consideration as soon as you hear that someone you despise said he’s not the miracle you thought he was.  Regardless of whether Scully knew he was alive at the end, Mulder didn’t, and his lack of action and the dialogue in that scene was unsettling in the very least. 

I was prepared for My Struggle 4 to be bad.  I just wasn’t prepared for the full character assassination of Mulder, Scully and William, despite having glimpsed such things throughout the years.  I truly believed that CC would have learned from his past mistakes but he’s as clueless as I am obviously.  (I have strong suspicions that he’s on the spectrum too, so I do understand the rigid adherence to certain beliefs and the compulsion to keep doing things the same way because it’s comforting to stick to the way you’ve always done them.)  Instead of being so grateful to Gillian for returning to give us closure, I felt outraged on her behalf.  She left her young family for almost 6 months because she wanted to give us a decent ending and she was treated with contempt and betrayed, and not even trusted with the final script.  Still, she was so gracious about giving us her behind the scenes extras because she probably felt like she’d let us down.  She was a much bigger person than I would have been under the circumstances.  Even if she only did it for the money, as some have said, she didn’t need to give us more, but she did.  She made it all so much better for me.

I get that CC owed me nothing.  He created these characters who gave me so much joy.  They’ve lived in my heart and inspired me when I found it hard to keep going.  I wasn’t forced to watch, and lord knows, there are bigger problems in the world.  But I feel like he betrayed those people I care about though, fictional or otherwise. Some people seemed to really like the finale, which i can’t comprehend, but I’m glad they did.  I’ve been through many stages of grief now, and the moment I’m left with intermittent self-reproach and occasional questioning of why CC would metaphorically kill his golden-egg-laying geese.  It may seem like it’s all I’ve thought about since the finale but I only rant when it gets to me again, which is usually when I’m reminded of it by going to tumblr or reading a fic that triggers me, which is no more than once a week.  Since the finale I’ve had quite a few real life issues, and without my go-to distraction I’m feeling a little lost.  This show has been my escapism  so without that I’m floating aimlessly, either waiting for the time when I can think of it fondly again, or waiting for another obsession to find me.

I feel bad that I’m so negative and don’t want to bring what’s left of the fandom down.  It’s no secret that I hate baby/kidfic to begin with, and there’s an abundance of it again now, which I’m avoiding because all I see of Scully’s beyond-impossible pregnancy is worry and pain and every mention of it reminds me of that.  I know that’s probably not the popular opinion and I don’t want my personal prejudice to diminish other people’s enjoyment.  I wish i could look at it as a positive thing – actually I wish I could remember that they’re fictional characters and therefore nothing will hurt them, nor should they affect me, but that’s not easy when they’ve been my inspiration and motivation for so long.

I feel the pain of everyone, but rarely the joy.  It’s a side effect of over 30 years of depression.  But I know I’m not the only person impacted by that final episode, and fandom has lost some amazing people because of it.  I wish I could undo the damage.  Maybe I should get some more ECT – I lost a years worth of memory last time.  OK, I have a weird sense of humour.  I realise that my interpretation of MS4 is skewed but it doesn’t make it any easier to accept. I know things will improve, and that there is so much more to life.  I should be thankful that I’ve been released from this obsession.  

I’m going to keep doing the site resurrections over at as well as the lists and the image manipulations, just at a slower rate.  I don’t want them to become a chore so I have to find a good balance.  Unfortunately my abilities have been reduced significantly over the years and it’s not easy to find something to keep myself busy that I’m still capable of doing, so you’re probably still stuck with me for a while whether you like it or not 🙂

If only I could understand CC’s reasoning I might be able to make more sense of it.  If anyone ever gets the chance to ask him, please let me know what he thought he was doing. It’s one of life’s unsolvable mysteries that continues to haunt my unoccupied brain when it’s reminded of it, and I’ll love to exorcise it for good.

baking paper texture in the 3rd image made by veredgf, an x-files fan artist and fanfic author,

MSR Fic List: Undercover – Adult Industry

For agents who work in the X-Files division, Mulder and Scully get to go undercover in the adult entertainment business quite a bit.  This is a list of fics I’ve read where they’ve had to go undercover as strippers, prostitutes/escorts and phone sex operators.  Naturally a lot of smut results.

I’ve marked this as an Adults only list despite there being one PG-13 (T) story.  Pick and choose your ratings according to your age and preference.  There are a couple of stories that aren’t straight MSR so read descriptions if that bothers you.

If you see a 5-digit number after the author’s name, memorise it before you click on the link to Gossamer to search, it can make the fic easier to find.

- GossID
Andrea - 10189An Eyeful15780Scully agrees to act as a decoy prostitute to catch a serial killer. M
anonstarbuckFavourite Things11610Five times Mulder and Scully shared a favourite something with the other for the first time. [Chapter 3 of 3 because it's incomplete, but they're 3 complete stories.]E
Ary GHRuby33187Mulder and Scully have to face the friendly neighbourhood psycopath... be warned, plenty of adult material in here.M
CrossedBeamsVice7354A weekend assignment gets out of control with Mulder undercover. Things come to a head, dragging Scully into the picture with unexpected consequences.E
Cybill - 16023Call Girl9437Mulder and Scully act as bait to a serial killer who preys on redheaded call girls.N
DonnaTrust6089Can he trust her when she wants
to grow her own way? Important men are being murdered. Scully goes undercover as a high-priced escort to find out.
DonnileeScene of the Crime6484SUMMARY: Mulder reacts to a Scully outfit and starts an emotional avalanche.M
Donnilee & FatCatSomething Wicked88205Once again Mulder’s hidden talents get them an undercover assignment. They are assigned to expose a serial killer after several drug land-style executions. But, are things really as they seem? Mulder and Scully hope to figure it out before it’s too late. !trigger warnings: read header.M
Donnilee & XRaeCachot Desirer52000Mulder and Scully go undercover in a bizarre murder case at the request of their old friend, Senator
Matheson, and nothing is as it seems. BDSM and D/s themes, along with FemDom themes and male penetration.
ESimmeringDouble Post Punishment1129PWP. He wondered how long it was going to be before he lost control.M
Guera MexicanaFoxy2930Our three favorite characters find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation.T
Jay - 16273The Dare |The
Test |The Challenge
7502It begins as just another case but ends with a challenge. N
JOeyTricky Business6943On a normal assignment, Scully is called upon to go undercover. [complete despite in-progress status on]
KooG-String Diva4040Several murders of patrons at a strip club in DC put Mulder into the most...ahem...interesting uncover
assignment he has ever had.
LovesFoxBad & Bad II: Reprisal23016Scully works undercover without Mulder, but he has to show up. Smut ensues.M
Mimic117Devil To Pay6553When she gets her hands on him, there's going to be the devil to pay.M
MocomabDepravity8452Scully goes undercover. [Scully/Krycek/Mulder - Some slash.]M
mommieburgerTotal Smut Biscuit - Volume 2 - Deep Red11745Scully goes undercover as a stripper, but keeps Mulder in the dark. Mulder's new temporary partner finds out and the hunt is on. Skinner gets a little touch/feely with Stripper!Scully and Mulder may have to confront his boss and several other men over the delectable Agent. Who knows how this will end? Only time will tell.M
OnlyTheInevitableWords of Love 66457The FBI handbook has rules against relationships between partners, so they would just have to get creative in showing their love to each other. A compilation of Mulder and Scully's love through romantic one-word prompts. MSR [Undercover as Prostitute story is chapter 2 - Breathtaking. This is a WIP but it's ok to read if you're WIP-shy because it's a compilation of stories rather than a series.]T
Pete - 12431Scully Becomes A Stripper6700Due to a special assignment, Scully turns to stripping. Humor.T
PywacketRisqué3615An undercover stint as a working girl really turns Scully on.  PWPM
Red ValerianThe Caveat Emporium14771For reasons of her own, Scully insists on going undercover at a telephone sex establishment. In the process, she drives the surveillance team to distraction - said 'team' consisting of her partner and a certain Assistant Director. She also manages to exorcise some ghosts and to catch a serial killer at the same time. All with one hand tied behind her back. [MSR + S/Sk. Although I personally can't stomach Skinner/anyone and consequently this story gives me nightmares, it's here if you want it.]N
SkylarkingShimmy3558Skinner sends Mulder undercover, though not very much of it… M
somekindofseizureBlack Tie Affair - No.22628Mulder and Scully get dressed up once again and play spies as they try to catch some elusive bad guys.  This time Scully acts as a paid escort, and Mulder wants to make sure she's safe. [This is number 2, but the series is a lot of fun and you can access it from the link.
spookie-foxWhisper Softly Sweet, Dana65811After an undercover operation goes terribly wrong, a serial killer nearly rapes and murders Scully. Mulder shows up in the nick of time and rescues her. But what he doesn’t realize is that death is not the end for evil. [Abandoned WIP and I can't remember how complete the stroy is.]M
storybycoreyWe're Just Partners8363He’s grinding himself against you, right there, right where he knows you like it best. You grind right back, there's no way you can’t, and your eyes close as you fall against his chest. "Just partners,” you gasp, your lips sliding down his neck to suck at his clavicle, "Remember we’re just partners…"E
virtue_flutteringNot/Think Series7034Scully receives an unexpected and long overdue call while working undercover a racy phone line.M
WendiaeBehind the Looking Glass48003After returning from Philadelphia Scully is unsure of her reaction to Mulder's anger and takes an assignment away from him unintentionally placing herself in grave danger. [only vaguely relevant to the theme but a good story]M
WildwingSuzTiny Dancer6337Withheld at author’s request. [but the category might give it away a little.]E

25 First Times: Arcadia

I have a lot of undercover fics so I’ve sorted them into a few separate lists.  This first one is a first time list for the episode Arcadia.  I have a few more that need URLs found or where I can’t remember whether or not they were first times, so I’ll do another list of various Arcadia smut.  I have another specialised undercover list, then more general undercover smut, and then maybe other leftover undercover fics.  I’ll give you a little break between some of them so you don’t get undercovered out.

Arcadia is generally an episode for angsty smut, being the first episode filmed after One Son.  Unfortunately it was pushed back after Agua Mala and Monday for technical reasons, causing Scully to come across as a bit snarky for no real reason, when in context, being their first case after One Son, she’s being a lot nicer than I’d be. 🙂  There are also a few PWPs interspersed with the angst.

This is another adults only list – rated R to NC-17/M to E.  The M’s can contain either R or NC-17 fics so you’ll have to read the header of the fic to make sure it’s suitable if you’re under 18. 

As usual, Gossamer links go to their search page.  Copy the 5-digit author ID if you want to do a quick search for the author’s fics, otherwise you can search by Author or Title.  This is to keep those nasty search engine spiders from getting to the precious gossamer web.

Author/s - GossIDTitleWordsCommentsRated
Angel BMr
And Mrs Petrie
2549"Want me to soap your
Brandon D
Making it
50608A series of episode-based vignettes, covering the second half of Season 6 and tracing the evolution of
Mulder & Scully's relationship during that time. [they marry because of
fowley before arcadia but it's not consummated until a lot of angst later from
BrynnaOne Last Time4687What happened after Scully
kicked Mulder out of the bedroom? [This is the first of a series, the rest
can be accessed from
CecilyBanter4024This is an alternate bedroom scene for Arcadia.
Impasse I-V8137My own little effort to redeem Mulder’s sorry ass after the disgraceful way he treated Scully in One Son and a little peek into how their Arcadian assignment came about. Goes on to deal with their time at The Falls and the aftermath.M
DreamshaperOther Options4117Arcadia was a good smut vehicle, as many of you know. I used it shamelessly for my own romantic ends 😉 M
in Arcadia
3451Sleeping next to Scully in Arcadia, Mulder wakes from a nightmare.M
4056What do you pack when you’re about to go undercover as the suburban wife of your extremely attractive coworker? [it says in progress but it appears to be finished.]T
icedteainthebagPretend We're
2817That jackoff on the downstairs couch has a lot of nerve.E
Jada Rene
Necessary Smut
1467Arcadia MSR/SmutE
12643Truths can sometimes be found in the strangest places. M
3484In the middle of the episode "Arcadia" Scully and Mulder find out a little more about each other.N
Lysandra31And a Silver
5977What happened behind closed doors at The Falls at Arcadia?E
MademoiselleSpookyDeeper Into
9843With neighbors this nosy...wouldn't it make sense to share a bedroom?M
For Each Other
4553Remember that bedroom scene in Arcadia? What if that scene had gone further.smut? PURE SMUT!M
2507Of course Scully wanted to play house with Mulder. The scene we all wanted in Arcadia. E
I - V
9842Missing Scenes from before/during/after ArcadiaN
SarahEllenParsonsArcades I
Arcades II
7341Arcades is Latin for
"people who live in Arcadia". Season 6 has made me sad. I foresee only bad things. But, as you might have noticed if you've read any of my other stories, I'm rather like that.
SaraLynnBest Laid Plans6787Tension in Arcadia? Want to know why? Want to see how it was fixed?R
Sharon H-MLanguid Domestications7942So what happened after Mulder left the bedroom?N
Covet And Tell1779Mid- and Post-ArcadiaM
Contracts & Restrictions
7770Missing scene from Arcadia. Night 1: they spoon like baby kittens (shyeah!). Night 2: Scully tosses Mulder out of the bedroom. Night 3: Anyone’s guess. All I know is Mulder was looking pretty chipper the next morning. And Scully was acting downright wifely
when she asked him to give up playing in the mud on Night 4.
SuzanneSchrammSeven Year Itch6919Sequel to "DividendDividendss." Another late night conversation as Mulder and Scully sort through their feelingsR
TenFallout From Arcadia15100On the way back to the San Diego field office after “Arcadia”, Mulder is involved in an accident. He wakes up
believing that he and Scully are Mr & Mrs Rob PetrieÂ… 
- 15622
Arcadian Frolic
(310 Words)
412See title.M

MSR Fic List: En Ami

While En Ami isn’t a favourite episode, I love the angst of fanfic centred around this episode.

On this list I’ve marked a few of my favourites with an * before the fic name. As usual. links will go to Gossamer Search where you can use the five-digit ID after the author’s name to get to their page.

I think I’ve managed to mark all the first time fics with bold italic textEn Ami is situated in a bit of an in-between place – the Season of Secret Sex has some authors putting them in an existing relationship, while others have them wait a couple of weeks for all things.  There are still quite a few first time together fics among these.

Author -
a_steady_wishThe Choices We Make2690"You need to see a doctor," he insisted, hand on the small of her back, more forceful than usual; the tips of his fingers pressed into her flesh enough that although she knew she wouldn’t be bruised, there would likely be red marks for a little while afterwards; he was marking that curve as his own.E
aka Jake*Breach of Trust4120Post-Ep for En Ami. Dark, dark, dark. Smutty, smutty, smutty. Need I say more?M
AllyinthekeyofXAffirmation14759A series of three parts exploring my take on the build up of Mulder and Scully's relationship. All are post ep and are true to timeline.T
Aloysia_Virgata*Animus Possidendi2030“It looks good on you,” he said flatly. “It looks incredible, actually. But I still hate it. Get rid of it.” Mulder!DomE
Anne Milne
- 16274
Failures4358Even the smartest people make mistakes, and the strongest people still need to feel that they have a
support system. Other stuff: Why is Mulder allowed to get away with ditching
Scully, and Scully gets crap from him the ONE time she tries it?
Athene -
Mighty and
25900Fox Mulder: special agent, crack profiler, grown man, mature adult. Pissed boyfriend. He wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Post Theef and En AmiM
Bohoartist*Good to be Bad3458He placed soft kisses along her mandible, traveling up to her ear where he softly whispered, "You smell like cigarettes." Mulder!domE
Brandon D RayBecoming Dana2474"Things are changing, inside of her and between the two of them. Those changes have been slow and gradual, almost as imperceptible as the movement of a glacier.  They are also, like that glacier, overwhelming and inexorable, and impossible to ignore."T
CandMe*En Ami Mine: The Power of Forgiveness3634What do you do when your actions lead to untenable results?R
Circe Invidiosa*Faux Pas4265Mulder and Scully have it out over her trip with the Cancer Man.PG
David Stoddard-HuntDroit du Seigneur3909“For a moment, I saw something else in him. A longing for something more than power. Maybe for something he could never have.”T
Di Battis*Iconoclasm3501Variations on a theme of truth. A more self-aware and understanding Mulder.T
DonnaDrunken Insights2248With inhibitions down they could
both learn something 
DreamshaperShadow of the Sword3897She had been used before. She would be used again. Spender Sr might not have realized that she had finally
allowed herself to love Mulder, but he had known all along that his deceptive
promises would drive a wedge between them, and he probably considered that a
perfect reward for his efforts
ElanorGYo Creo10908Tensions run high between Mulder
and Scully after the events of En Ami. A new lead on Cobra threatens to lead
them further into darkness.
Emily Sim
- 16107
*Convergence10290Scully miscarries after her trip
with CSM and even more angst ensues [!miscarriage, medical rape.] 
EvieLouise*Little Black Dress3982All the other writers came up
with serious, soul-searching post-“En Ami” fics. I wrote smut. Go figure.
While watching that scene in the restaurant, I really wished Mulder
could see Scully in that black dressÂ…
EvieLouise*Little Black Dress II3147Mulder takes Scully dress
shopping to replace that little black number he burned in the incinerator in
my last fic. 
- 16138
Scorned4707After his partner has returned back from her trip with the CSM, Fox Mulder feels betrayed. Now he sits in his apartment in the darkness with a loaded gun and contemplates the past seven years of their partnership and friendship. Can Scully save him from this darkness or will it consume him?PG
Frangipanidownunder*Grazed619Written for the
@txf-fic-write-in 15 minute picture prompt, with the aim of using a photo to write about setting as a character. Post En Ami. Angsty.
FreyaFools In Love2327Scully's musings on the Cigarette Smoking Man. Post-ep for both En Ami and The TruthT
Haphazard Method
- 13464
As We Forgive
3446Mulder was so angry in En Ami.
What happened to reconcile him to Scully's actions? Barbara tells me most
people said 'sex.' This is not that story. [Third party observations of
Mulder post ep]
Jennifer-Oksana*XesPuEkam2838Come on. Did you see Mulder’s face at the end of that scene? Did it not beg for a big USTy fight followed by the hot make-up sex? Yes, yes it did. E
J HumbyThree Times I & II: Overture & Overture Mirrored10963Scully's missing, having left home with CSM. When she returns, emotions are running high.M
J TennisonWe Are Nowhere and it's Now1709His voice lowered and Scully saw his adams apple bob in his throat before he continued. "Just like you
know that I'm aware of why you really went."
Katie PhilipsBridging The Gap5627Mulder has a hard time forgiving
Scully for going off with the Cigarette Smoking Man. His actions, and hers,
makes them each reevaluate their professional and personal relationship.
LolabeegoodFirst Time: En Ami3952A pre-ep first time... M
LovesFox*Rifts19329Can they heal the rifts between
them? Heavy angst, an unintentional act of violence.
LovesFoxMistakes7941“Mistakes are the portal of discovery” [Drunk!Mulder brings home a Scully stand in...]T
MrsSpooky1981My demon and a red-headed wench7895Summary: I’d wanted to do it with her for the first time when we investigated a case in Icy Cape.
[Misogynist!Mulder!dom & seriously questionable consent]
Oracle*Anti Suppressant3336A misunderstanding. A lie. A truth.R
SaraBWhile My Pretty One Sleeps1988C.G.B. Spender’s thoughts while watching Scully sleep.PG
scullywolfEn Ami3231A series of alternating viewpoints before, during, and after the episode.PG
ShannonoCoda2365Coda (n.) — A more or less independent passage added to the end of a section or composition so as to reinforce the sense of conclusion.T
ShoshanaPop Psychology4103Post En AmiPG
Compeau - 10218
Admit It981Mulder has made his feelings for
Scully pretty plain over the years. Ever wonder why sheÂ’s never reciprocated?
Spooky66*Unbridled1749Just another version of how
Mulder and Scully dealt with the fallout from En Ami.
- 15051
Understanding You
7671After an argument over Spender’s intentions, Scully disappearsT
SueBeeDifferent3565Something finally changes for Mulder and ScullyÂ…N
sunflowerseedsandscience*You can hit me but you can’t kiss me2459Post En Ami
Taryn Crow*Know Thy En Ami3391It takes place before, during
and after En Ami.
WildafoxForgiveness392The scene begins at the end of En Ami. Written for the Haven 310 words ChallengePG
WillaMystery2262Scully is not Mulder's

If you’re looking for more (and I scrolled past some interesting looking ones as I was searching for URLs), try:

Fic List: Decontamination Shower Fics

This is a repost of an old list, converted to table format to make it easier for mobile phones. Just a reminder that as with all my lists it’s generated from the fanfic I’ve saved in a library on my computer, and will only contain fics I love to read ie fics involving Mulder and/or Scully.

Gossamer links all go to the Goss search page – make sure you remember to copy the 5 digit author ID after the name to find their story page easily. Stories rated M are unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Author + Goss IDTitleWordsCommentsRated
ChrisC -
One Hour4778 Smut and Soap! Well, a “pre-post-ep”. I know there’s a shower scene coming up in one of the next few episodes, but I’m not sure which one.
(One Son - decon shower smut)
- 10272
Glances1192Summary: A reflection over the events of One Son, from Mulder’s point of view.G
DonnaShower Time841Summary - Thinking about that shower (One Son)T
informantxgirlNaked1019A significant moment in One Son
is assessed from Mulder's side of the glass.
Lisa -
Uncomfortable882 Summary: Scully’s thoughts as she takes the shower.  (One Son)PG
- 10028
Valentine's Day501"Nothing, nothings
wrong," she sighed. "I'm just sitting in a cab in borrowed clothes with no underwear driving home after being decontaminated naked in front of my partner and it's Valentine's Day." (One Son)
MSRafterdarkDecontamination Shower584Scully appreciation - first time - season 7M
PebblesShower887They are making us shower together, the bastards, claiming contamination from close contact with Cassandra Spender at Mulder’s apartment. Led by the queen bitch of them all, they have fabricated a new lie to cover up their sins. (One Son)T
1355Summary: Scully thinks of Mulder... in a sexual way. (One Son)M
3553Admiration and unspoken gazing sex in the decontamination showers (One Son)M
Wildafox155 Words: Shower
275While in the decontamination shower, Mulder gazes at Scully.  (One Son)PG
WildafoxAfter The Shower3801Summary: a sequel to my vignette Shower Gazing. (One Son)M
XgirlCrossing Lines15263Summary: Our favorite long suffering couple deal with their continuing and changing relationship after the "events in the hallway" and finally acknowledge the existence of the "L" word. Along the way, they establish closure on some important issues of the past year, including Mulder's unresolved guilt over Scully's illness. PG
XgirlReparation6481SUMMARY: After being a big-time jerk to Scully, Mulder must make amends. Sequel to Crossing Lines. (One Son)T

Fic List: Amnesia – Mulder, Scully or Both

I haven’t been posting a lot as I have a rather large project underway, but just when I needed a break from that I got a request for an Amnesia fic list.

I love a good amnesia fic, and there are about 40 on the list.  I’ve also included a couple of websites below the table for further reading.  Because this is a category that’s actually been tagged by victim, which is a novelty, I’ve grouped the fics on this list accordingly.

NOTE: In keeping with my no-linking-to-Gossamer policy, Gossamer links will take you to the Goss search page where you can use the author ID to bring up their stories.

AngelaWReality Check8391Summary: Mulder wakes up in a hospital bed and canÂ’t remember
the last year of his life. Much has stayed the same, but some things are
decidely different.
Baroness_BlixenFamily Reunion7918Mulder accompanies Scully to a family reunion. Things
don't go according to plan. [after a hit to the head Mulder thinks they're
DanaK35Solace14205Summary: Mulder comes back to find life changed and Scully has
trouble letting go. [SSR (past) !secondary character death]
DeborahGoldsteinDeath Will Be Our Darling94517Mulder gets car-jacked, and after recovering enough to go back
to temporary desk work doing profiles, finds out he's better than ever--
which has it's own problems-- and that certain people don't appreciate that.
DonnaNo More Film2379What happens to a photographic memory.  [Set in the
future, M&S are in their 70s.  Sad.]
ErinMBlairThe Misery Of One10545Summary: After Mulder's betrayal, Scully ends up with a
dieting disease--anorexia nervosa. Can someone save Scully before it's too
late? Is Mulder really Mulder? !EatingDisorder
ErinMBlairDecoy7765SUMMARY: What if Mulder was replaced by someone who looked
like him?
Girlie_Girl7Of Two Minds7769Summary: Mulder has amnesia and it goes downhill from
JoeyR -

& SarahK
Remember Me5952Summary: Mulder suffers from amnesia after an accident and
begins to believe Fowley's lies...... Remember, I am a SHIPPER, nothing
really evil's gonna happen.
KatherineBentonBetrayal8827Summary: MulderÂ’s actions after Demons have devastating
consequences !noncon
- 16408
Seven Years In Denver42977Scully runs into Mulder in Denver after being missing for 7
years. [Mulder/other, SSR, MSR.] SPOILER - select the following text to read a warning for shippers: - it doesn't resolve into MSR.
MangokiwitropicalswirlThe Twelve Tropes of Christmas20673This is part of a personal challenge to write little holiday
drabbles that may or may not connect, but which each contain one of the
fandoms' favorite tropes.
NancyNivlingThe Bright White Place69751This goes *way* AU after Nisei/731. Rated NC-17 for language,
graphic violence, rape, explicit sex, and disturbing themes.  !noncon
RachelHowardAbove Rubies58906SUMMARY: Biological weapons, ghosts, sex, guns, bad guys
galore, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and a partridge in a pear tree.
RocketmanBeautiful3331Summary: Mulder gets amnesia.....hey come on, give it a
& AlexHirst
Wet Beaver4296What really happened when Scully found Mulder in the shower in
Demons?  A naked, vulnerable, submissive Mulder; how could
anyone resist?! [Dom!Scully can't.]
ShoshanaRecovery I-V9995Mulder is injured and loses a year of memory.M
SkinfullThe Best Things in Life33044Summary: Working with a clean slate.M
Sonny/SpiderLost Time60117Scully takes off after One Son to sort herself out. Mulder
disappears and is later found with amnesia, courtesy of Diana & Spender.
Mulder still has to work a case with Scully... and they kind of have a fresh
TenFallout From Arcadia15100 SUMMARY: On the way back to the San Diego field office
after “Arcadia”, Mulder is involved in an accident. He wakes up believing
that he and Scully are Mr & Mrs Rob PetrieÂ… 
Ten -
The Call5975SUMMARY: It has been six weeks since Mulder has vanished,
apparently of his own volition. Desperate to find him, Scully finds herself
on a terrifying odyssey.
VickieMoseleySomething to Remember7827Mulder is the only person who can tell Skinner where to
find Scully--but he can't remember anything about his life.
VickieMoseleyThe Fight5754Mulder is being overprotective.G
- 10156
Twice Mine9367SUMMARY: Following a car accident, Scully is left without
memory of her years working on the x-files. She has to learn again how to
trust Mulder, and work with him to recover her memories. 
CarolineORemember Me?56520Summary: Mulder and Scully have been forcibly separated from
each other for fifteen months. Scully has a new life, but no knowledge of her
previous one. [Scully/Other to MSR]
DonnaRemember Me8387Summary - TheyÂ’ve taken her away from him, for real this
time Â Â 
DonnaFalse Scripts20794Summary - They’ve hidden her well this time ...  PG
DonnaDitched For The Last Time. Ditched II & Ditched
14464Ditched for the last time: She finally got mad | Ditched II
& III: sequels. Â Â 
DonnaHer Demons9216Summary - She wakes up in a strange place; can Mulder make it
all right again? 
DonnaSeparations13162[After the x files are first closed down after The Erlenmeyer
Flask, Mulder and Scully get together for one night.  Mulder realises
the danger this put her in disappears from her life.  She's then
abducted but when she was returned she was told
she was no longer pregnant.  She also has amnesia and can't remember
JamieTanquaryDay Becomes Night38892A unknowingly pregnant Scully disappears from Mulder's life
with global amnesia.  For 4 years Mulder believes she is dead.... until
he sees her....
JessicaKurrAmnesia23704Scully suffers from a brain injury and loses her memory while
on vacation. A year later, Mulder finds her after a long desperate search and
tries to help her remember who she is with her new life and new identity.
- 10290
It Happened Tomorrow6254When M is late for dinner, S has had enough.  S wakes up
in a different dimension married to M and then has to get back to her Mulder.
 Not so much an amnesia story as a flustered in a parallel universe
Prufrock'sLoveThe 13th Sign81847He saw no reason for life, death, sex, Armageddon, or
emotional dysfunction to stand in the way of true love.
SheenaAnamnesis17644Scully is reassigned by forces unknown only to be mysteriously
abducted. Skinner’s deal with the devil culminates in a saga of intrigue
that causes an angst-ridden Mulder and an amnesia afflicted Scully to go full
circle in chase of the truth. Along the way, they
discover that things buried deeply enough have a way of surfacing.
ThePimpernelDreaming Reality14513Summary: Blissful ignorance or stark reality or is it blissful
reality and stark ignorance.
DeenaLynnUnreasonable Facsimile36136Summary: What do you do, when everything you are turns out to
be a lie?
JacquieLaVaThe Eden Series
Download zip file
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66486SUMMARY: If you had your memories torn away from you, the very
essence of what made you human, what would you become? Mulder and Scully are
about to find out.
& TBishop
Download zip file
Download Epub version
73912Summary: Mulder and Scully discover a secret that someone has
gone to great lengths to hide.
- 14176
Memories Lost10903Summary: When Mulder and Scully wake up in ScullyÂ’s bed
without any memory of how they got there, they quickly make some shocking
discoveries that force them to investigate not only alien conspiracy theories
but their own relationship as well.
SkinfullConundrum19155Summary: What if something happened that cause partial amnesia
in Mulder and Scully?Fluff City (But honestlyÂ…who wouldnÂ’t like to see Mulder
in nothing but a pair of leather chaps???)
TrelawneySwimming In A Fishbowl9565 Summary: Mulder and Scully visit Vegas under crazy
circumstances and must deal with the aftermath of a very wild ride.
Other places you can find amnesia fics:

Please note, these sites both contain stories that appear in my list but under a different author name.  I’ve decided not to link to sources where the author’s preferred name isn’t used out of respect for their wish to remove their professional name from their fanfiction.  I’ve provided a copy in the preferred name in both .zip and .epub formats,  but if you want individual .txt files you should be able to identify the story names on the above pages.

Fic List: Kidfic recs

I had an anonymous request for kidfic recs to prepare for S11e05 Ghouli.  Although I go out of my way to avoid kidfic and familyfic (I sill have PTSD from my kids’ early years), I have read the odd one that stood out in my memory, so here they are.  They’re definitely not fluffy fics as requested because I missed that bit and fluffy family fics especially make me spiral into never before imagined pits of despair.  I appreciate an older William more, so these are some standout older kid fics: