22 First Times by Trope: Jealous Mulder

Jealous!Mulder is usually an intense, brooding creature, making for some rather dramatic first times.

This is only a fraction of the Jealous!Mulder fics I’ve read. I have more to sort through tag-wise for this category so I’m hoping to combine this with a more general jealous Mulder list as well, a la the Jealous!Scully list. 🙂

Author/s -
Goss ID
AndreaUnder Heaven11172There is a time for every purpose under the heavens.M
BeduiniGoing Home13987Mulder and Scully encounter each other after two years apart and are forced to deal with their unresolved
CybillCreep8522Mulder spends some time evaluating himself and his relationship with his partner. He thinks heÂ’s lost
her to another man. Was he right? I think not
Dianora & MD1016Sal From 4C12244After a low dirty fight, Scully goes out to pick up and Mulder gets drunk and waits for her.M
DKSculderFor Better, For Worse13123Mulder accompanies Scully as a surprise wedding date.M
DonnaKey To Understanding3652Just a little misunderstanding …M
DonnileeAll or Nothing9241Jealous Mulder finally reaches the end of his rope and flips out on Scully.M
EBESo Long23617Tracking a serial killer brings an old acquaintance of MulderÂ’s into the picture, a friend whose attraction
toward Scully causes tensions to rise.
FatCatLeaning I
& II: The Seduction
46350Leaning I: - A series of misunderstandings step in to enlighten Mulder and Scully & Continues in Leaning II - The Seduction: The relationship that was exposed in Leaning I continues to develop, despite a non-X-File case and an outside threat to their commitment. M
GillianinChainsLove In
An Elevator
3033Mulder and Scully. A Freight Elevator. Hot Action. M
Kelly MorelandUncaged3263Scully is dating someone, and Mulder… Well, he’s being Mulder… M
Madeleine PartousFloaters22623Mulder and Scully investigate a case in Florida.  Season 3.M
mommieburgerMulder and
the Green-Eyed Monster
18471Mulder and Scully get sent to Calqueq, Alaska to hunt possible vampires. The duo find out that Scully is a target and no one is who they seem. Mulder, tired of waiting for Scully to
surrender to him decides to make a move only to be thwarted by an old flame.
Will Mulder succeed in turning Scully away from the darkside?
neednotOuroboros1807"Why were... why were you with him?"
The hurt in his voice is plain. Aching, and it just makes her angrier. She arches an eyebrow. "I thought you could figure that out, Mulder."
Rachel AntonVolition Unbound23375The return of a man from Scully’s past forces her to make some decisions. M
Leather Redheaded Siren I
& II
7343Black Leather Redheaded Siren I:
Scully gets an interesting offer from an old friend...and has to decide if she'll do it or not...all counting on Mulder's reaction of course...

Black Leather Redheaded Siren II: Scully decides to take up her friends
offer...will Mulder "handle" it well?
ScullystarEverything You Want6860Mulder has to deal when Scully becomes involved with an old lover.N
Spooky66Another Man2302"What’re you jealous or something? " - "They had their hands all over you, of course, IÂ’m
jealous. " 
Taffy NorthwoodLet No Star Shine50373As the bard said, the course of true love never did run smooth
TeslaAches and Pangs2899After convincing Scully to date someone else, he ends up sick and Scully looks after him.R
Trifan Clueless7498Mulder just can’t seem to figure out what Scully’s problem is.N
2298Scully is a vision in chantilly lace.E


20 First Times by Trope – Inappropriate Locations Edition

When the UST gets out of control, smut happens.  And sometimes it happens in rather inappropriate places.

This list contains 20 fics selected from the less-than-ideal places Mulder and Scully chose to do the wild thing for the first time.

This is an adults only list.  As usual, to protect the identity of the innocent and not risk removal of the stories, author’s real names on this list might differ slightly and it’s important that you use the Gossamer ID number given after the name (or story name) in the Gossamer search page that’s linked to the story, as even linking to the author’s page can cause issues.

+ Goss ID
AKNolan -
Aquatic Dreams4499Speedos, tankinis, andprimordial ooze.[FBI Pool]M
AnnK -
Three's a Crowd4384"But, hell. The whole damn week had been foreplay. Their entire professional relationship had only been a preamble to this very moment." [charity function.]M
CaroBertaudRecipe for
Bitching out Bill at a Get-Fucking-Well Party
11184Trapping Scully into a get-well-soon party — a surprise get-well-soon party, ’cause, hell yeah, let’s make things even worse than they would already be — was such a bad idea. He hated to be a part of the plot. [At a party at Maggie's...]M
- 14895
A Blue Wedding4806Scully’s feeling blue at a family wedding. Mulder finds a way to cheer her up. [outside the church at Scully's mother's wedding.]M
CrossedBeamsVice7375A weekend assignment gets out of control with Mulder undercover. Things come to a head, dragging Scully into the picture with unexpected consequences. [Risky undercover situation]E
DesFull Circle To The Truth50695Special Agent Diana Fowley. Special Agent Dana Scully. What do they mean to Fox Mulder? Does he know? If not, how far do you have to go to find the truth? I thought it was time to find out. [against a car in the street outside the Hoover Building]M
DKSculderMiracle47759Scully finds out there's one more vial of ova, her real last chance. The problem is, she took the transfer and moved to Salt Lake City after the x-files was shut down. Will she tell Mulder? [Open house]M
DonnileeD is for Dangerous20215Mulder reacts to the comments of some less than friendly police once he gets Scully alone while investigating a case. [During a raid on a warehouse.]M
ErinMBlairMidnight Love1961SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully enjoy a midnight swim in the Quantico Pool during the episode "Duane Barry". [FBI Pool]M
Exley_61Beyond the Invisible3639Surveillance at a nightclub [a storeroom at the club.]M
JenniferLyonResolution3999This is my version of what*might* take place after the end of the episode “Paper Clip.” [Melissa's empty hospital bed]M
KyselyeaBad Blood2216Missing scene from Bad Blood [in the cemetery]M
MD1016The Rarity of The Human Connection and Several Months Missed34347Dark, angsty angst. Scully in jeopardy, Mulder in mourning, and their connection. “You fucked your partner, Mulder! In front of fifteen witnesses! In front of a goddamn post office, for crying out loud!" [sidewalk - dodgy consent]M
Ms AM -
Working The Ticket Counter1364Mulder and Scully are undercover in costume at the Phantom Menace premiere. Darth Vader is quite impressed with Leia's Slave costume. [A back room at the cinema on duty]M
N Mason
- 10391
Nebraska1037They were in the sheriff'’s office, arguing over something, when he finally did ~it~. [Sheriff's office]M
SoodohnimhMove The Body Over2624An emotional reunion after another bomb scare at a chemical factory... [Skinner tells them to take it somewhere else as they're making a scene, so they head off to the restroom]M
sunflowerseedsandscienceJailhouse Rock3754Summary: Another trip to Texas, another opportunity for Mulder to end up accidentally drugged and make a complete idiot of himself. Written in response to an anonymous prompt:
M/S having sex in a jail cell. Any era or time period.” Enjoy!
& Keleka
In the Heat of the Night6354Scully is caught speeding and doesnt endear herself to hicksville cops, with Mulder trying to defend her...
they're both locked up for the night.Scully gets hot, and bored. [Jail]
T HorneFramed Emotions I & II:
Don't Take Off Your Glasses &
What a Spectacle
2475Don't Take Off Your Glasses: After a moment of watching Mulder working while wearing those glasses of his,
Scully decides that itÂ’s time to take their relationship a bit further.
What a Spectacle: Picking up where “Don’t Take Off Your Glasses” left off, Mulder and Scully manage to get down to the parking garage before… well, let’s just say some glasses are fogging up, and theyÂ’re not mine ;D
YonadaNot The Call They Were Waiting For3086SUMMARY: Two agents, a small
room and phone sex. Wire tap duty gets interesting. [Wire tap room]

Second Times

I’ve finally revised the Second Times List.  * indicates stories added since it was initially blogged.

I’m hoping that the new stories fulfill the requirements a bit better.  I remember I was grasping a bit the first time around but I can’t remember which stories I threw in hoping they’d fit to remove them now.  You’re always welcome to contact me if something’s not right.

It’s now in a table for better mobile phone display.  All links to Gossamer author pages have been replaced with a link to Goss search where you can use the 5-digit ID after the author’s name to search quickly.

- Goss ID
2633"Let's start
this over again. I had a better idea of how I wanted to wake you up,"
AbracadabraHot and Cold2477Prequel to Cravings,
AbracadabraCravings10314Summary: ItÂ’s
MulderÂ’s turn to share his favorite dessert.

Notes: A companion piece to Hot and Cold,
although you donÂ’t have to have read it to understand this, it probably works
better if you do. 
AdaraBittersweet Release16525 SUMMARY:
“Scully?” One more whispered question. Slowly, unbelievably,
she formed the words. “Yes, Mulder. We’ll stay.” She didn’t dare look at him.
She barely heard him over the music: “Oh, Scully …” Â  [This one was earmarked for the next first
time list but it falls under this too.]
AmalNahurriyehFirst/Second3900Summary: First times
are usually a disaster.  !Dubcon
AnjouThe Matter at Hand5412Summary: Why was
Scully in such a happy, confident mood the first
time we saw her in Je Souhaite?
Barbarian LibrarianEmpty
 22444 Usually, when faced with 'fight or flight' Scully fights. But not this time. M
BeduiniGoing Home*13987Summary: Mulder and
Scully encounter each other after two years apart
and are forced to deal with their unresolved feelings.
BeduiniEarly*1397The Morning after.M
BohoartistTaking Her
1111He had spent the
previous night making and marking her as his.
Tonight was her turn.
CharleyneHall & MaryRobinson!Dance
With Me 1-10*
note: This is totally unrealistic, and yes, I *know* it couldn't have
happened given the X-Files chronology that Carter has created, but I had to
write it. I hope you do enjoy it. It's a romance and it's also an alternate
universe story. !DrunkCon
CheyBurgessSouls Embracing3455Summary: Early
morning, rain on the roof, warm partner - who wouldn't
take advantage? Mulder POV.
ChristinaGiraffe*6378Summary: Mulder asks
Scully to go away with him. Will a giraffe come
between them?
CindyET/akaJakeAcquitted9029Prequel to Encore,
CindyET/akaJakeEncore8815Summary: There are
dozens of fanfic stories about Mulder and ScullyÂ’s
“first time.” (Com’on, you know you’ve read ‘em!) Haven’t you ever wondered
what happens during the all-important second encounter?
20434Summary: When Mulder
moves in to protect Scully from a dangerous man,
feelings develop between our favorite agents that can no longer be denied.
Darwin - 13541Bardo2673Filling in the gap
after all things.
of the Ordinary
5043 Summary: Mulder
and Scully continue to explore the relationship
started in One Ordinary Day. This is a sequel to that story, though it isnÂ’t
necessary to read the first to follow this one. Â  The link has all 3 in the series.
Complete Series
13497Different alcoholic beverages have
different effects.
DonnaAssignment22300Summary - What if Scully were
intertwined with the conspiracy before he met her?

DonnaDarkness*5711Mulder and Scully are
trapped in a building after a bomb, and while
awaiting rescue, scully thinks time is running out and seeks comfort.
 Afterwards she believes she's raped Mulder and flees home.
DonnileeNew Years Resolution9330 SUMMARY: Mulder
helped Scully save face. Then they sucked face.
Now they have to deal with the morning after. Sequel to “N is for New Year’s
Eve", also at link. 
DonnileeYearning3428Sequel to "Y is
for You" at same link.  Trust, vulnerability.
DonnileeJitters II17948Sequel to "First
Night Jitters", also at link. 
DonnileeG is for Gruesome34227 Summary: A
serial murder is discovered. Our dynamic duo is called
in to examine the occult evidence. All HollowsÂ’ Eve is approaching and time
is running out. Emotions run high and when they take a break one night to be
normal people while their guards are down, something wonderful happens.
DonnileeOsculation*15752SUMMARY: Sequel to “O
is for Obfuscating”. Sex toys? Did somebody say
sex toys? Mulder initiates Scully into the wonderful world of
toys. Â 
EdieroneA Very Dirty Way To Get Clean*1604The morning after the
first night
Black Dress II
3147SUMMARY: Mulder takes
Scully dress shopping to replace that little black
number he burned in the incinerator in my last fic.  [You have to read Little Black Dress first,
or you'll miss out on another fantastic first time fucking fic. It's at
Friend Like That
huge fight between Mulder and Scully helps them understand just what they mean to each other and who their true
friends really are.
FlynnX Post Facto7783Spoilers: all things;
brief nod to Chimera and X-Cops

FlynnSecond Thoughts12006SUMMARY: Things have
been a little tense since the much-anticipated
consummation. One week after the events of all things.
FlynnFinding Words8898SUMMARY: How many
people make all the right sounds but leave out the
feelings behind them?
GeorgiaWaking Up Twice3747Summary: Frank said
it, not meÂ…we saw Scully wake up not once but
twice in MulderÂ’s apartment last season.
GinaRainCurtain Up20939Set post-allthings
Archive: Sure. Summary: The mysteries of life,
love and a string of Hollywood suicides would be a lot easier to solve—if
Mulder and Scully only had a script. 
HaphazardMethodThe Mourning After*3583Summary:
Two thousand miles is very far, but sometimes not far enough.  [Not a happy story.]
Resolved,  Not Resolved, Now Resolved*
A proposal to resolve the unresolved leads to more non-resolution (and how
many times can I use variations on the same word in one sentence). 

2: Summary: Written as a sequel to Non-Resolved (which you probably do need
to read first to get this in context) ...the morning after the night before
and Mulder and Scully wallow some more and try to deal with their

3. Summary: A sequel - and finale - to Non-Resolved and Not-Resolved.
If you want the vague storyline, you probably need to read them first. This
piece does make some allusions to the others but has no plot as such ... I'm
just trying to fulfil the requests for a happy, smutty ending....   The second time is in the third story,
which can be read on its own.
JaybirdAbout Last Night4530This isnÂ’t any more
realistic than M&S getting drunk and forgetting
what happened the night before. But heyÂ…who cares. ItÂ’s SMUT!
JenTaylorThe Second Round*2031It's time for round
two.  Sequel to Scrabble & Satyriasis.
JLB - 14243Learning Curve4487SUMMARY: Scully plays
pupil. (no, itÂ’s not what youÂ’re thinking)
Jori & MoJoDrive Away7146Summary: After
sitting through a 'guy flick,' a slightly drunken Scully
grants Mulder three wishes and fun ensues.  Post episode for Je
Kel & ScettiBacktracking57685What do Charlie
Scully, the Alien Bounty Hunter, and Jesse “the
Body” Ventura all have in common? Last April you could have found all three
of them in Minnesota. 
LeeLeeBehaving Badly*22043Summary: Mulder is
bound to behave badly if his freedom is curtailed.
10953Summary: Mulder and
Scully have a talk and Mulder tries to take the
blame for everything that has happened, upsetting Scully.
Lil_GustyAlways Running10707Summary: It's all
about the climax, but after that, what is there to
look forward to? To anticipate?
Quarter Given II: Greed*
6800 Summary: He
wants to hear her say it most of all. Warning: The
angst continues. Read at your own risk. [This is part 2 of a 3 part series,
all three are at the link.]
MountainphileMiraculous II:
Waiting in Motion*
Manifestations is the first in the series: Mulder and Scully, while in pursuit of a miracle, uncover the one that already
exists between them.  The story
continues in Waiting in Motion.  All 3
parts are at the link. [This is another one that was intended for the next
First Fifty list.]
Wild Mulder
2328Summary:  Sequel to "Wildwash" at same

A conversation about cowboys gives Mulder an
PennyDazaNo More Demons37083Summary : Mulder and Scully find a way to keep the nightmares away.M
PhiliaterAsymmetry1088Summary: Maybe the first time wasn't so great.M
ShannonK10*7742Skinner has a bad week but is rewarded in ways he could not even have hoped for. 
[This is a sequel to A Stiff One at http://gilliand.narod.ru/drunk/otcastiffone.txt.]
ShannonKJust Fine*4392Summary: In the aftermath of the big first time, Mulder and Scully figure out that itÂ’s really okay.E
ShannonoThe FIfth Time*597[It's actually their fifth time together - but it's the same
kind of thing.]
Syntax6202272420 years of Mulder and Scully, one year at a time. An XF
Valentine written for the series' 20th
TeslaThis House is
Burning series
14720A.D. Skinner had sketched out the scenario of women disappearing from mountain resorts. Only two bodies had been
discovered, but when all the random disappearances were put together, it
looked like a serial killer was moving in an arc from Washington to Colorado.
Skinner would like to send Mulder and Scully, with another male/female team,
to a ski vacation in Colorado. Someone wanted a profiler, and that someone
was, evidently, the owner of a ski lodge the Director patronized. Enough
said. Far be it from Scully to question the wanton spending of taxpayer
dollars. Even Skinner admitted that the proposed undercover scenario was a
little far-fetched, but he made it clear that he didnÂ’t mind lending Mulder
and Scully to the Colorado task force–for as long as they were needed.
TessWant and Need I & II*10495 Summary: Love isnÂ’t always hearts and flowers. Sometimes
itÂ’s all about wants and needs

Pt 2:
thetwistedargent I Got You2263Cancer arc smutE
TLynnYou're Love*2951He is love, her love, but she won't let herself have him.
TrixieEnough Of Me7488Summary: Morning brings with it lots of questions, and no easy answers.
WildwingSuzContinuation9369The day after all things... E
WildwingSuzFirst Second Third Fourth9526Summary: In the present, Mulder and Scully look back on their long, complicated relationship.T
WildwingSuzVanilla With
a Touch of Caramel
6430 There was a reason
Mulder never dated, and itÂ’s not what Scully ever
expected to find outÂ…
Of Lucidity*
18595SUMMARY: Six months after their expirience in Dayton, Mulder and Scully's relationship is slowly, and silently,
falling apart. [This is a sequel to Peaks of Insanity which is a must read.]

The Requiem Spooning Scene – Extended

This isn’t a very big list, but it’s for an anon request. 

I’ve discovered that it’s a PITA looking for Requiem fics because half the hits are for comments like “Requiem never happened”.  I’ve done all my patience allows me to do tonight.  Still, none of these is the one that I remember reading.

Here are the fics.  All bar two are on Gossamer, and Goss IDs are provided for ease of searching on the linked Gossamer search page.  In case you don’t want to read almost a million words of Master/Captain, I’ve pointed you to the relevant chapter.

13 March:  * indicates new stories added. I also fixed Master/Captain’s comment and changed the link to the actual chapter.

Author -
Goss ID
* Agent Diana Fowley - 10190Journal6500Summary: Scully keeps a journal to give to Mulder
when he is returned
Callicott - 14350The Path
to All Things
9600Follows the MSR from all thingsN
* Carrie Smith - 13499Fade to Black3300A reflection on Requiem.R
* Cookies KeeperAgain15600Red Shoe Diaries Xover: Scully's diary entries leading up to her
partner's disappearance.
Eliza Cruz - 16070Whatever Happens2000Summary: Continuing the scene from Requiem, Mulder takes care of Scully after she comes to his hotel room.
[Sorry no smut, this one goes in a different direction.]
LariR - 14271Almost
Mulder wanted so much for her. He wanted Scully to
experience the joy of motherhood, he wanted to see her swollen with his child
with a radiant glow on her face. He wanted to see a dark haired infant with
her blue eyes and his full lips nursing contentedly at her breast.
ScullyLikesScienceHe is the Master of His Fate, She is the Captain of Her Soul999K+Follows the Mulder/Scully relationship from season 7 on. Requiem is in Chapter 75.M
Virtie - 15047Raspberry
and Lace
38800Summary: Two different women. Two different lives. Both learn to survive with the help of one man. [The bed
scene is in part 6 at the start of the second file]
The X-Pig - 10598Slow and Easy1460Summary: What happened after the
lights went out in that motel room?

MSR Smut List: Those Videos

This is an adults only list based on the watching of the videos that are neither Mulder’s nor Scully’s.

I’ve separated it into 3 parts – watching together, being inspired by, and DIY.  I apologise if I’ve gotten any in the wrong section, my focus is all over the place at the moment,

Goss Author IDs are provided to use in the Gossamer Search where linked. 

Author -
Goss ID
Watching Videos
JelynaSweet Torture8398Summary: A ‘women’s survival
seminar’ sends Scully on a power trip….
For Life
851SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully discuss the Teachings of HBO’s “Real Sex.”. M
KatherineBenton - 14176Exploring
101775Summary: When Mulder and Scully
work with a new agent, his entry into their lives causes months of intense
angst for everyone involved.  [!some noncon,S/other to MSR.]
WildwingSuzSex and Flexibility5700Mulder wants to try to recreate
some scenes from his videos.
Video Inspiration
aleeVHS + VCR + Live Action2422If a picture is worth a thousand
words, then what is the value of a videotapeÂ… All 3 are linked from the
WhispX author page. (Also DIY)
AndreaPreferences3655Scully needs to do more research
after watching some of Mulder's tapes that aren't his.
Brekke - 1118Temporary
2785Summary: Tensions are high.
Something is going to blow.
DonnileeE is for Erotic11689Summary: Scully gets sick and
tired of being sick and tired, or is that horny and bored? (Also DIY)

JessThe Video I&II62961. Diana gives Mulder a gift. 2.
The Sequel: Scully gets her revenge. Frohike gets more than he bargained for.
Fun ensues. (change url from video1.txt to video2.txt for sequel)
PMEpiphany - 14891Video
1790 the porn video (Mulder's
merchandise of choice) should set our couple free. Simple, fluffy, fairly
blatant, but why not?
Spooky66Surprises1267Mulder discovers that Scully has interesting taste in movies.T
DIY video
AmyMcClureSex Lies & Videotape3285Summary: One word sums it all
up: smut.
TBishop & JacquieLaVa
I just remembered that amongst all the smut in this delicious fic, there's some video involved, and although they're not in the mood while watching it, that's about the only time in the story they're not 😉 Regardless, this fic should be required reading.

MSR Fic List: Coming from Behind…

This is definitely a NSFW list, as requested by an anon.  I don’t tag sexual positions so i had to search the library manually.  I’ve come up with a few, but I vaguely remember others that I can’t find right now.  Searching is very hit and miss.  The search “from behind” got over 10,000 hits (10,000+ was all my search program would tell me), so I had to try to play with a few other common keywords to bring the number down to a level I could go through.   Subsequently I’ve missed quite a few, with only come up with 35 to share with you.   I haven’t done a search yet for individual rear entry positions; if I have a burst of energy later I’ll see what else I can dig up.  Hopefully these ones aren’t ones you’d come across very easily so they’ll be new to you.

One strange thing I noticed was that most of them are quite long stories.  If you’re after PWP, there are a few, or you can search each fic for the scene in question.

OK, on with the show.  I’m trying to use tables to make the lists more cross-platform compatible. You can select how many rows to view at one time from the top of the table.

2momsmakearightUndercover Swing54304Mulder & Scully go
undercover at a swingers club.
AmbressThe Leap14659Scully has had a one time opportunity for motherhood, given to her by the Kurt Crawfords. See also sequel: LandfallM
BranwellCherish The Distance18642Mulder and Scully became lovers before Christmas. Can they manage to integrate this new level of intimacy into their friendship and work? Their new bond is tested to the breaking point when Mulder questions ScullyÂ’s dedication to his quest for Samantha.  Before SUZ.  Major Angst.E
CallicottPrimal Priorities3127Sometimes you need to remember your priorities for doing what you do.M
DashaKAlunakanula4411The moon has vanished.M
destyshellA Visit to Venus Springs24044There's something mysterious in a picturesque Colorado mountain village where romance is rampant and the birthrate is astronomical.M
DonnileeHappy Birthday, Love33928Mulder decides to confess his
feelings by buying a birthday present that leads to all sorts of questions about relationships, money, the future and exploring the dark side of sexuality.
DonnileeG is for Gruesome34227A serial murder is discovered. Our dynamic duo is called in to examine the occult evidence. All Hollows’ Eve is approaching and time is running out. Emotions run high and when they take a break one night to be normal people while their guards are down, something wonderful happens.M
DonnileeRevealing14832Sequel to R is for Revelations. It's Scully's turn to ‘fess up. M
Donnilee & FatCatSomething Wicked88205Once again Mulder’s hidden talents get them an undercover assignment. They are assigned to expose a serial killer after several drug land-style executions. But, are things really as they seem? Mulder and Scully hope to figure it out before it's too late. [Stripper!Mulder  !! story
contains noncon, incest etc]
EdieroneShoved; Then Jumping2489Oh shit, she thinks, forehead resting against the bare skin of his back, inhaling his scent, her traitorous body anticipating more — when she’s reasonably certain he’ll never be able to look her in the eye again.M
FatCatThe Urge To Merge15308The relationship that
culminated in marriage in Scully’s Pride is remembered by Dana Scully-Mulder. Scully Love & Scully's Pride are here.
GillianinChainsSex Happens3390Events that happen over a set period of time in which M&S have slips of morality M
h0ldthiscatChristening1113"Why haven’t we ever had sex at work?”E
icedteainthebagSelfish8551Scully brings her feelings about how Mulder treats her to the forefront.E
IzzyPywacketImpure Thoughts2922She's the kind of woman that men leave their wives for. She wears a dark red silk blouse cut so low he can see the hollow between her rounded breasts. Her black leather skirt has a deep slit, offering a view of one smooth thigh. But it's her lips that grab his attention, shiny garnet colored lips, swollen as if she'd been doing wicked things.M
KarenRaschA Words Interlude - Early Morning Words5155Short piece that features our heroes in bed. Thinking. And doing other things. Second Place Winner of 1996 Spooky for Best
Mulder/Scully Erotica. Part of the Words series but can be read on its own.
KimogenJe Souhait - La Verite3742The story behind Je Souhaite, the bits we never got to see. Kimogen also has a post-Je Souhaite story if you're interested.N
KristinMacKenzieDarkness and Silence3401The real reason for the sudden change in relationship dynamics during “Pusher.”N
Ktblle Under The Influence5489“If you stop, I promise I will fuck you within an inch of your life tonight.”  [drunken
MissyPenningtonEscape Me Never24485Note: “Escape Me Never” is the conclusion of a story that started in "Tempest” and continued in “Distance”
and “Wild Places.” The seriescan be found here.
MoJoIntimacy Deux87645The one in five billion happens. MSR/baby-fic. M
RachelAntonVolition Unbound23375Summary: The return of a man from Scully’s past forces her to make some decisions. Scully/other to MSR.M
RachelHowardAbove Rubies58906Biological weapons, ghosts, sex, guns, bad guys galore, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and a partridge in a pear tree.M
SaGe-Secret Pasts2654Mulder discovers Scully is sick when he calls to find out why she's not in the office.  He spends the
next few days with her, caring for her, and learns something from her past while she has a fever.
ScullyGolightlyThat's What He Said4325Some not so idle chit chat in the office. Mulder tells Scully some of his fantasies.E
SelenaCoontzMake Me2961Mulder and Scully have fun of the physical sort one Friday night. The sequel, Make Me Too is also at the link.E
ShannonK107742Skinner has a bad week but is rewarded in ways he could not even have hoped for.M
ShannonKSuzugos5308Where does the anger end and the sexual tension begin?M
SoodohnimhSlow Drag3523Office smut.E
StarLushAt Peace15073Yet another take of "all things." My version plus how their relationship may have developed in between the two episodes.M
StarLushCaught1893Skinner sets up a 7:30 meeting.  Mulder and Scully arrive early and make good use of their time… Chapter
10 of Random Office Conversations
WildwingSuzNever Too Late22735It comes down to trust -- and love.E
XRaePeaks of Insanity (with Valleys of Lucidity)15429Deeply affected while profiling a difficult case, Mulder reaches the limit of his mental endurance. How far is Scully willing to go to bring him back from the edge? There's also a sequel to this, Valleys of Lucidity N
XXMFLuderXXMob Princess And The Buffoon1238It's the 1920’s. And the mob is booming. William Scully is the kingpin. One of his lackies, Alex Krycek, muses apon his boss's daughter and her buffoon boyfriend. [it's pretty much just an AU PWP].N

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Scully Seduces Mulder Totally Cheaty List

I don’t have a tag for this I’m afraid, and the only ones I know of are from my favourite site:  Lost and Found FAQ.  So it’s another DIY list I’m afraid.

Click Here to go to the Lost and Found FAQ List for Scully Seducing Mulder.

You’ll notice there are letters in curly brackets.  The ones with {G} are from Gossamer and the ones with {W} are from Whispers of X.  

There are two that don’t have a location so I’ll link those here.

Conflagration by Snoopmar (I’m 98.9% sure that’s the one)
Scopic Pulsion by Mish  (sequel to What Hands Do)

These lists are rather ancient so if I think of anything else I’ll add it here.  🙂