MSR Fic List: 6.18 Milagro

Milagro is a beloved ep. I’ll never forget the shock of seeing Scully openly display that vulnerability at the end for the first time, and what a big step that was after the ups and downs of Season 6.

So, without further waffling, I give you a list of the stories from my personal library that have been tagged as Milagro.  And please let me know of any other good ones I need to read.

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6hoursgirlAlma3986Post-ep for Milagro; the aftermath. T
AgentDianaFowleyCrush22150Mulder confronts Scully after the events in Milagro. This causes their relationship to change drastically.R
3492What was Mulder thinking when he read Phillip Padgett's novel? R
Aloysia_VirgataLacuna20035Scully explores her feelings after Milagro while investigating a murder. This ends in an RST place despite evidence to the contrary.M
Aloysia_VirgataReclamation2844Five Times Dana Scully Said NoG
ArtemisX5Don't Look Up4089It was done.  I had no more secrets.  R
BeduiniIan9316After Milagro, before The Unnatural It often takes a third party to point out the obvious to those who are too close to the situation. Or, Mulder finds his cojones. R
DianaBattisI Believe3830Scully's near death experience causes her to rethink her beliefs.N
DonnaMilagro Thoughts1140The rest of the episodeR
FatCatWhat Might Have Been61367Milagro events force our heroes to relive past relationshipsN
Fran HartmanFaith13957Prompted by Padgett's insight into Scully's character, Mulder tries to move the relationship between the partners forward, only to be thrust into a struggle for his sanity, his heart, and his life; discovering that the only way to move on is to break the cycle.

! suicide attempt, child sexual abuse
h0ldthiscatLa Madrugada2663What she sees in his eyes as she turns to face him is shocking. It's adoration, completely, purely, simply. How many times has she seen that look and written it off as something else? How many times has she certainly thrown him that glance, hoping he noticed, praying he didn't? How many times are they going to stare at each other before it's too late?E
humancredentialsHer Divine Heart1959He's never heard her cry like this.T
Jacquie LaVaOverloved2450˜It should never end, this amazing night"N
JediShipperOne Night1460Fowley visits Mulder the morning after Milagro.G
Jilly ShenoaApril Weekend8812Scully's decision to leave the X-Files spins Mulder into an intense weekend. PG
JoriCalendar Girl: Broken Sound9444Mulder and Scully fight time and the elements to find a missing boy.N
JoylynnWingLa Verdad Del Milagro32459A time for healing, of body and soul.N
KBrownRed1845True feelings come outT
LolabeegoodFirst Time: Milagro4115A series attempting to establish their first time.R
MangokiwitropicalswirlStealing First4685Post ep Unnatural, MilagroM
MelCAcquiescence1578This idea came to me following the airing of "Milagro" and I finally got the guts to share it. PG
MishSo Let It Be Written | So Let it Be
Done | Exodus
27720In a world of extreme possibilities, might we not turn to the implausible? God, I hate to write summaries..PG
mldrgrlIntimacies With Strangers7407Set during and post-Milagro, Scully and Mulder come to terms with the past and the present due to Padgett's supposed insights into Scully's psyche.E
MLPSea Change2250All the best stuff took place between the episodes. This scene takes place immediately after Milagro to explain how our heroes got from the cold professionalism of that episode to the giddy can't-keep-their-hands-off-each-other of the next ep, The Unnatural.PG
MoJoHell or High Water5713Following "Milagro" Scully has a turning point in San Diego.N
MsAMMilagro: The Long Walk series4413A possible trip inside Mulders psyche.N
NicoletteYin and Yang6483A long weekend gives Mulder and Scully a chance to ponder their complex relationship. N
RoseThornhillMiracle2996Set immediately following "Milagro," Mulder cares for a scared and injured Scully. ATTHSE
ScamBelieverWalking Away III: Unexpected Visitor4041Scully gives in at the wrong time. PG
ShannonoLessons Learned (Complete Series)18454Post-ep, from the moment Scully's eyes open in the final scene. Scully first person, with a sort of stream of consciousness feel. PG
storybycoreyHe's Never Said Her Name2149Inspired by the prompt "Post Milagro- Mulder masturbating to Scully smut."E
TahliaPaper Walls3407Voyeurism isn't always good for characterization.R
TB's LMCAnd She Cried2244Every now and then an ep will inspire me to do a sort of "finish-the-scene" thing, which is what I did with this episode "Milagro." Written the night the ep
originally aired, April 18, 1999 .
TB's LMCAnything for You, Scully5502This is the sequel to And She Cried...what happens when Scully and Mulder wake up.M
TrixieDetails and Logistics3935Hate summaries, hate summaries, hate summaries . . . Post-Ep Milagro Fic. Moose & Squirrel . . . deal.T
UberBitchTwo Hearts Beat As One - UberBitch2165There is no plot. It is smut. Oh, and it takes place a few days after the events of "Milagro".N
viceversaStay Here Tonight499Mulder asks Scully to stay after what happened with NaciamentoT
virtue_flutteringHeart Of Darkness2917How did M & S get up from the floor?PG
WitchBabyAffirmation1012Picks up where Milagro leaves off…R
wtfmulderSupplicant1904Post-Milagro. Mulder takes Scully back to her apartment after her attack.E
Xfilesforever252Beating Heart1274Post Milagro! One of my favorite episodes ever and got a request to do a post ep!M

Obviously this is nowhere near all the fics written for this episode. If you’d like to seek out more, you can try: