25 First Times: Arcadia

I have a lot of undercover fics so I’ve sorted them into a few separate lists.  This first one is a first time list for the episode Arcadia.  I have a few more that need URLs found or where I can’t remember whether or not they were first times, so I’ll do another list of various Arcadia smut.  I have another specialised undercover list, then more general undercover smut, and then maybe other leftover undercover fics.  I’ll give you a little break between some of them so you don’t get undercovered out.

Arcadia is generally an episode for angsty smut, being the first episode filmed after One Son.  Unfortunately it was pushed back after Agua Mala and Monday for technical reasons, causing Scully to come across as a bit snarky for no real reason, when in context, being their first case after One Son, she’s being a lot nicer than I’d be. 🙂  There are also a few PWPs interspersed with the angst.

This is another adults only list – rated R to NC-17/M to E.  The M’s can contain either R or NC-17 fics so you’ll have to read the header of the fic to make sure it’s suitable if you’re under 18. 

As usual, Gossamer links go to their search page.  Copy the 5-digit author ID if you want to do a quick search for the author’s fics, otherwise you can search by Author or Title.  This is to keep those nasty search engine spiders from getting to the precious gossamer web.

Author/s - GossIDTitleWordsCommentsRated
Angel BMr
And Mrs Petrie
2549"Want me to soap your
Brandon D
Making it
50608A series of episode-based vignettes, covering the second half of Season 6 and tracing the evolution of
Mulder & Scully's relationship during that time. [they marry because of
fowley before arcadia but it's not consummated until a lot of angst later from
BrynnaOne Last Time4687What happened after Scully
kicked Mulder out of the bedroom? [This is the first of a series, the rest
can be accessed from
here: http://raytracings.xffics.com/AllMyRecs6.html]
CecilyBanter4024This is an alternate bedroom scene for Arcadia.
Impasse I-V8137My own little effort to redeem Mulder’s sorry ass after the disgraceful way he treated Scully in One Son and a little peek into how their Arcadian assignment came about. Goes on to deal with their time at The Falls and the aftermath.M
DreamshaperOther Options4117Arcadia was a good smut vehicle, as many of you know. I used it shamelessly for my own romantic ends 😉 M
in Arcadia
3451Sleeping next to Scully in Arcadia, Mulder wakes from a nightmare.M
4056What do you pack when you’re about to go undercover as the suburban wife of your extremely attractive coworker? [it says in progress but it appears to be finished.]T
icedteainthebagPretend We're
2817That jackoff on the downstairs couch has a lot of nerve.E
Jada Rene
Necessary Smut
1467Arcadia MSR/SmutE
12643Truths can sometimes be found in the strangest places. M
3484In the middle of the episode "Arcadia" Scully and Mulder find out a little more about each other.N
Lysandra31And a Silver
5977What happened behind closed doors at The Falls at Arcadia?E
MademoiselleSpookyDeeper Into
9843With neighbors this nosy...wouldn't it make sense to share a bedroom?M
For Each Other
4553Remember that bedroom scene in Arcadia? What if that scene had gone further.smut? PURE SMUT!M
2507Of course Scully wanted to play house with Mulder. The scene we all wanted in Arcadia. E
I - V
9842Missing Scenes from before/during/after ArcadiaN
SarahEllenParsonsArcades I
Arcades II
7341Arcades is Latin for
"people who live in Arcadia". Season 6 has made me sad. I foresee only bad things. But, as you might have noticed if you've read any of my other stories, I'm rather like that.
SaraLynnBest Laid Plans6787Tension in Arcadia? Want to know why? Want to see how it was fixed?R
Sharon H-MLanguid Domestications7942So what happened after Mulder left the bedroom?N
Covet And Tell1779Mid- and Post-ArcadiaM
Contracts & Restrictions
7770Missing scene from Arcadia. Night 1: they spoon like baby kittens (shyeah!). Night 2: Scully tosses Mulder out of the bedroom. Night 3: Anyone’s guess. All I know is Mulder was looking pretty chipper the next morning. And Scully was acting downright wifely
when she asked him to give up playing in the mud on Night 4.
SuzanneSchrammSeven Year Itch6919Sequel to "DividendDividendss." Another late night conversation as Mulder and Scully sort through their feelingsR
TenFallout From Arcadia15100On the way back to the San Diego field office after “Arcadia”, Mulder is involved in an accident. He wakes up
believing that he and Scully are Mr & Mrs Rob PetrieÂ… 
- 15622
Arcadian Frolic
(310 Words)
412See title.M