Pilot Episode Smut

Once I got over my own stupid canon issues with very early MSR, it became a bit of a guilty pleasure.  This request was for Pilot episode sex, and  I’m disappointed that this is all I have in the library to share.

I’d like to put out a challenge for fic writers to write some pilot episode smut before the first episode of Season 11 airs.

- Goss ID
CharHall & MRobinsonDance With Me 1-1016140*Author's note: This is totally unrealistic, and yes, I *know* it couldn't have happened given the
X-Files chronology that Carter has created, but I had to write it. I hope you
do enjoy it. It's a romance and it's also an alternate universe story. [Mulder and Scully have a one night stand while she's in med school then meet again when she's assigned to the X-files.  Begins pre XF.] !DrunkCon
DrDanaKScullyMSR - 15309Their First Case838Missing scene from the Pilot. [Not the most sophisticated story or writing, but English is not the author's native language.]M
EricaMistzi Hidden Moments: Bites5315SUMMARY: This is just one possibility of what could have happened in that motel room in the pilot.M
ErinMBlairCandles Burning Brightly1598SUMMARY: It was just a kiss… and so much more. Both of them knew that this kiss… this moment in time would change their life forever.M
FridayCarry Us Away2271It's a missing scene piece from the pilot ep… really now, didn'’t we all wonder what happened in the commercial break after the Infamous Mosquito Bite Scene that ended with Scully wrapped in a blanket on Mulder’s bed?M
kateyes224Center Mass12393In the wake of their first case together, Mulder and Scully make a concerted effort to get to know one another... and end up uncovering more than they bargained for in the process.[things are getting hot and heavy until a figurative bucket of cold water arrived.]M
lepusarcticusIncrementum (WIP)23401They’re just worked up from the case, he tells himself. They’re just blowing off steam. Just this once.E
Lysandra31The Two Percent Solution 01: Distraction8801Scully is perfectly sensible, 98% of the time. Set during the
pilot. This story is the first in a series, though it's complete in itself.
Spooky66Boyfriend1541Written for the Summer Heat challenge to fill the 'frottage' box on my bingo sheet! A post Pilot fic]E
SSJLPilot Redux2272We all know they wanted each other since the very beginning. So let's imagine that they didn't fight quite so hard...M
subobscuraWinter Storm Warning6512[This one's cheating a little bit. It's post-pilot in the missing year between Pilot and Deep Throat.]
If the date-stamps are to be believed, Pilot happened in 1992 and Deep Throat happened in 1993. This is one story about what might have happened in that mysterious missing year.
sunflowerseedsandscienceEarly On Series3346[This is cheating too - there's a kiss and nakedness and lots of UST from the first fic but it's not until Darkness Falls that they get it on.]G - E
XochiLuvrSmall Things5457Summary: One man's trash is his partner's treasure - himself. N