Meditations on the Abyss by Jeremiah

Another one I haven’t been able to locate.  Chances are it was from ephemeral.


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*Title: MEDITATIONS ON THE ABYSS; part 1 of 4

*Author: Jemirah

*Category: MulderAngst, MulderTorture, ScullyAngst, and sort of UST/RST

*Rating: R for adult themes, including a disturbing nightmare which is based on one I actually had; sorry, no sex *Archive: If you want it (though I’m not sure why you would), you can have it, just let me know so I can print off a copy!

*Spoilers: Hmmm, let’s see,

*Summary: Mulder comes to terms…

*Feedback: Well, if you really want to…

*Disclaimer: I only wish I could create characters this propelling. If I could, I’d be writing something I could make some money off of, now wouldn’t I?

*Author’s Note: It took me about 4 months to write (and rewrite) and edit (and re-edit) this, and it’s my first fanfic, so go easy on me. It’s also my first completed piece of fiction of any kind, so if you still read this, please accept my thanks.

*Additional Author’s Note: GO TITANS!!!

*I have to send my eternal gratitude to Kelly Moreland, for mentioning me in a couple of her stories, and for helping me whenever I needed anything, including naming this! Also, thanks go out to Melissa, who read this even though she doesn’t like TXF #GASP#, and who has been my friend for no reason for almost ten years.

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