MSR Fic List: On the Verge

Mulder and Scully spend a lot of time in the car,  so it’s no surprise that often the proximity involved in an innocent drive can turn into smut.  Sometimes they just have to pull off to the side of the road and resolve the overwhelming tension.  Sometimes they’re stuck on the side of the road due to a breakdown. Sometimes they don’t even bother to pull off the road, but that’s another list… On the Road.  These are the stories where the side of the road has been the location of necessity for a bit of tension relief.

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First Times
akaJakeZero Gravity3361One down-to-earth woman. One man with his head in the clouds. A romance made in heaven? Fate is in the stars.N
15780Scully agrees to act as a decoy prostitute to catch a serial killer.N
anonomouslyme8Powdered Donuts3394Mulder makes a trip to the snack machine and his choice has some unintended consequences.M
Attractions of Youth
8950After a long drive through the desert and a stop in a tiny ghost town, Mulder and Scully get hot and sticky on the side of the road.E
dlynnMorning's Promise21592“Hmm…chocolate and moonshine. There’s got to be a song in there somewhere.” Takes place after "Reflections of a Rainy Night".N
Eponine119The Game3403Post Syzygy. Mulder proposes that they play a game after they stop at a gas station… [T rated, but it's very good so it deserves inclusion]T
icedteainthebagIn the Car2885Mulder and Scully find
themselves in the car.  [mutual masturbation]
JennaBOpen Air6744Stopping for the night on a long drive, Scully discovers the joys of sleeping in the great outdoors.N
JennaCaplanReckless Driving1557He looked at me, with this innocent gaze that reflected his ignorance as to what he was dealing with.
“You know, what is it in a tense situation that makes a person snap and act
on instinct?”
“Well, Mulder, that would depend on what kind of tension it was.”
Of Gold
3250Driving in the midwest gives rise to some interesting thoughts. N
KellyKeilA Bend
in the Road
12300I am angry right now. I’m not sure what galls me the most—that Mulder left and made me worry about him, that he ditched me to be with Diana Fowley, or how I reacted when I learned that he hadn’t been alone on his little hiatus. At first I was just angry with Mulder, but now I’m also angry with myself. I’ve behaved foolishly and I’m not sure how to retreat. I have fallen in love with Mulder and I don’t know how to stop.N
Orphan_account formerly known as markwatneyandensemblePost
Millennium Car Sex
1094On the way home from the
hospital post Millennium.
NeednotPower Lines607She wants to reach over to still his hands but she knows if she touches him they won’t be able to stand it. She reaches anyway, Pandora opening the box that’s long been closed to her.M
2993How do you define true intimacy? This is Smut. Wildly out of character, brazen, salty Smut. N
PhileretteEcstaseeds3037…Mulder and Scully lost on a deserted highway. The effects of sunflower seeds on Scully.N
SassSexandSmutTwo Spooky
Agents Get It On Over Some Hot Leather
4152It's the middle of nowhere
Nevada and the air conditioner is broken... Mulder and Scully get it on in the back of their rented Taurus.
ScullyLovesQueequegConfession6811Scully begins to question her place in Mulder's life when she discovers that Mulder has another friend he's been travelling to New York to see.E
SlippinMickeysA Drive to Distraction2325Mulder looking sweaty and tanned. Scully in the passenger seat, totally hot and bothered. Six years of UST. You do the math.R
& Nancy
Mulder - Locations6326To the fair....   with a stop on the way. [I've got it tagged as a first time but from memory I'm not sure of that. You'll just have to be surprised.]E
Tim ScottThe Third Wish19308Just a smut biscuit -- no more, no less. I hope. [I disagree: this is so much more than a smut biscuit. This is a whole smut banquet.]N
YonadaDangerous2939The ride home from the hospital following Memento Mori gets "hot" and emotional.N
Subsequent Times
AbracadabraOutstanding in Her Field6466 Sequel to Going Up/Going Down. Mulder teaches Scully a new game.M
Amorfati32 Road3107Mulder and Scully enjoy a Sunday morning drive. Inspired by a Tumblr promptE
577A dialogue only piece set
somewhere in season 7 where Mulder and Scully are driving and an issue
BlackwoodNowhere Special7012A back seat rendezvous that immediately follows the events of Lydia Bower's story, Intercourse.  It sets the mood well. 
BugsEven Doves Have Pride (I&II)13332EDHP: In the three whirlwind months since Mulder and Scully have become involved, you'd think they would be entwined in a congenial union. Perhaps, but suddenly things are moving too quickly for Scully.

EDHP II: The moment of truth has arrived for Mulder and he's suffering from some anxiety.
JacquieLaVaOut in the Country10459A drive into the country to
retrieve an heirloom gives our heroes quite a full day... in more ways than one!
DanaKMulderScullyDetour1682What *really* happens when Mulder and Scully go cross country on a case..."She was melting right before his eyes in his arms."T
EilunedHeartland II: Deserts Dry3330A cool night in a desert motel. Sequel to Heartland I: Delta. which isn't necessary to read before reading this, but should be read anyway. N
FlynnBack Seat Ethics5994Cotton candy for the mind. No violence, no guns drawn - just all the things I'd want to do if it were ME in that car. N
FrangipaniDownunderFive Times Mulder Went Down on Scully7074See title.E
icedteainthebagFilling Groovy4166Mulder and Scully take their traditional trip to the grocery store, this time picking up some cherry pie
& Lake Water
5302What more can you give the couple who has black leather and a Night Train? Maybe some creative ways to utilize their toys… Part of the Lace-Up Fly Series - This link contains all 4 stories in order. [Motorcycle] N
KtblleACTHATGTG2777Missing scene from The Truth… At the moment she can think of nothing more significant than the two of them togetherN
Dressed Agent
3535Written for After-the-Fact’s
Signs & Wonders episode challenge: The trip to Blessing, Tennessee treats Mulder to several pitfalls along the way.
Mimic117Driven Away3369He's driving her crazy. Smack dab in the middle of the Blown Away/Washed Away universe, which means around Season 6 or 7-ish. You must read both of those in order to understand this one! All stories in series are available at the link.M
somekindofseizureThe Aftermath of Eddie Part 33144Eddie van Blundht's horrible behavior continues a chain of events that pushes Mulder and Scully closer together. Reading Parts One and Two first are strongly recommended (the link goes to the series)E
storybycoreySparta, Tennessee1648The car shudders to a stop until they’re left with nothing but their quick panting breaths and the stillness of the air right before a storm in Sparta, Tennessee. It’s inconceivable to her that she could’ve sat beside him in a car for hours before and pretended not to feel this.E
9709Mulder and Scully must have spent a lot of time in the car together. Like, a lot a lot a lot. Ever wonder what they talked about? I do…M
XPhanSpeed of
3511"Mulder, have you ever gone so fast you feel like you might lift right off the ground, that you’re totally free and nothing can stop you?”
Solo stop
1307Scully gets a bit too lonely on her way home and fails to get Mulder off her mind.N
5535Missing scene from Gender Bender. Brother Andrew's touch lingers on, and Mulder is there to help Scully out. Questionable consent.N

22 First Times: Office Edition

Welcome to the new domain.  The plan is to update the existing lists and and repost them on tumblr, but real life keeps inserting itself into my fun time, so a quick First Time list will have to do for now.

I didn’t notice until I compiled this list how often they fight in the office before their first sexual encounter, so expect a little rough stuff.

I’ve decided to try a new system with the Gossamer links.  I’ve gone back to linking to the author page, and I’ve added a directive that should stop the spiderbots from following the links. I’m just doing it with obvious pen names for now  while I see how it goes. OK, on with the smut.

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alwaysforyouscullyHot and Humid3082Set after Dreamland. AU since this takes place in the basement instead of the bullpen. Since this would have been awkward in the bullpen, for sure.M
AndreaBaggage2404Scully is dating a widower.N
AndreaWords Of Advice2848Mulder asks Scully's advice on
women and things progress.
Moment of Embarassment to a Moment of Passion
4641Scully cant miss that bulge.M
ClaudiaSNoticing7625Scully notices Mulder and Mulder notices Scully noticing.E
3695Mulder has an addiction, the
temptation of which he is unable to resist
DonnileeH is
for Hot Blooded
15320Scully babbles during a daydream prompted by a friend, and Mulder responds.E
FalconerSynthesis3841Scully finally can't ignore her loneliness and forces Mulder to recognize his own and their mutual need.R
Foxhunt2blueCandy Coating2214M&Ms and seduction, need I say more?R
GenieVBKick Ass6164If Scully and Mulder got into a fight, a real fight, with some actual physical contact, who would win? M
HayleyMcBeyBail2077Scully gets a 3am call to bail Mulder out of jail.N
JamieTFair is Fair3032The air conditioner in the office is broken.N
lilbexiBreathless4798Scully decides to turn the
tables on Mulder and see how he reacts to sexual innuendo. His reaction is oh
so much better than she expects.  
MoniNothing To Do In A Basement???2147Scully finds something
interesting to do in the basement
neednotOuroboros1807"Why were... why were you
with him?" The hurt in his voice is plain. Aching, and it just makes her angrier. She arches an eyebrow. "I thought you could figure that out, Mulder."
A Wolf Dog Moon 
2007“Don’t underestimate a woman.” Scenes and post-ep for Alpha.N
Para8diceSkin Against Skin1735Post Never Again, Scully gives Mulder a piece of her mind and he has to grow up a little and do what we’ve
all been waiting for.
ScapegraceDesk1366Mulder and Scully have a dirty fight in the office. It gets dirtier.M
And Always
5161After the events of 'Never Again' Agent Scully decides she really needs to get a life. M
and Always Again
1060The elevator door slides open, and just as I'm about to step inside, I hear him.M
(Emily Sim)
Cabinets & Desks & Chairs, Oh My!6965Scully is sick of watching Mulder lap up the attention given to him by other women.N
YonadaPenny For Your Thoughts2755After Tunguska/Terma, Scully tells Mulder her fear that he wouldn't come back.N

MSR Fic List: Substitution

As the famous song goes, if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with find a substitute.  This is something our favourite agents tend to do often.  Whether it’s porn, a prostitute, or a look-alike love interest it doesn’t matter.

This is the substitution list, as requested for the Discord XF Book Club for a bit of light reading.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to get it happening. And although the request was for Mulder, I thought Scully deserved a little bit of the action too.

On with the list. This one has an extra column with the category the fic falls into.  You’ll need a bit of a key for those:

S = Stripper
V= Porn Video
P= Prositute
Ph = Phone Sex Operator
M = Porn Magazine
O = Other
L = Look-alikes

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akaJakeThe Repeat
1860“What’s your pleasure tonight, Marty?” Post-Ep for “The Host” MP
Hunters Moon
14958Scully goes on a girl's night out.MS, L
AndreaPreferences3655Scully needs to do more research after watching some of Mulder's tapes that aren't his.MV
AndreaWoman Enough5116Alcohol induced confessions.
BanluDancer1065Watching the watcher.
& MTaylorHarrison
An Alluring Indiscretion72658A working girl, a senator, and murder.
BidieMcCuchollCinnamon Calling4284Mulder receives a free phone call as a “valued customer” from his favorite 900# phone sex service. When the conversation takes a turn toward the erotic, Mulder reveals some intensely intimate feelings about Scully to a perfect stranger, plunging himself into a whirlwind of decadent fantasies about his sexy FBI partner.
MPh, L
13960Sequel to “Cinnamon Calling".
BidieMcCuchollSpooky Says10075The finale of a three-part trilogy which includes “Cinnamon Calling” and “Mandrake’s Message”.MPh
2785Tensions are high. Something is going to blow.
The Tale Of Dana
ScullyÂ’s Bored/Board
7472Scully has a secret order to pick up from a mysterious shop. Mulder being nosy is determined to find out what it is. Fun and smut ensues.MO, L
Caught Red Handed815"He had been waiting for this
all day..."
DashaKMusings Of A Professional Girl2680 A professional girl talks about her life and the most curious client she ever had.TP, L
& PlausibleDeniability
The Professional56266A woman from Mulder’s past returns, desperately needing his and Scully’s help. NV, L
1584My favorite moment in “Hell Money” is when Scully makes a bad joke during an autopsy and Mulder smiles while wincing at the same time. This story is kind of an expansion on that moment.
DonnileeP is for Perverted31481During the course of an emotional investigation, Scully discovers a huge secret of Mulder’s, realizing she doesn’t know as much about him as she thought she did.MP, L
FatCatLeaning I & II 46350Leaning & Leaning 2: The Seduction

i A series of misunderstandings step in to enlighten Mulder and Scully
ii The relationship that was exposed in Leaning I continues to develop, despite a non-X-File case and an outside threat to their commitment.

FindingFijiCuriosity8889“Mulder, why are men so attracted to pornography?” He smirked before he realized that I was asking in earnest. “That’s a loaded question, Scully.”  “I know.” I replied.
Fran HartmanWicked7978Scully has been hiring a faux Mulder to fulfil certain duties.  Real Mulder finds out and sends himself in as a replacement…NP, L
ImpossiblePrincessA Professional2727Scully hires a professional to help her out.  He becomes addictive.NP
8398A ‘women’s survival seminar’ sends Scully on a power trip ….MV
JennaToomsGirlX18139A bored Mulder makes an interesting phone call … and discovers the value of what’s on the other end of the line.NPh, L
Red I & II22663i Mulder's new girlfriend bears a striking resemblance to Scully. Meanwhile, Scully is sad and lonely since he is spending his time with someone else.
ii A continuation of the events in "Red". Fearing more miscommunication, Mulder turns to Scully when she's sleeping to help fix their relationship.
JHallmarkDamage Wrought by a Trip to Philadelphia28878Mulder reacts to the events in "Never Again."  NV, L
101775When Mulder and Scully work with a new agent, his entry into their lives causes months of intense angst for everyone involved.  !non-con-S/otherMV
KeroseneCorner at Fourteenth & Arlington969Where does our favourite G-Man go when he needs some Comfort of the physical kind?NP
KristelOxleyJohnsAphrodisia150000Mulder and Scully explore trust and control issues as they embark upon a D/s relationship. [This is a seven part series, but the relevant fic for this list is in part 1.]NV
Deception I - IV
6020i Fantasy: Mulder indulgences his fantasies in an unusual way. 

ii Betrayal:  Fantasy and reality come together, much to Mulder’s dismay.

iii Disclosure:  Mulder decides to confess to Scully. 

iv Reality:   Mulder learns reality is better than fantasy.
LovesFoxMistakes7941“Mistakes are the portal of discovery”RL
MarieEndresAn Immodest Proposal1883Scully finds a video and wants to know why Mulder still has them.PGV
MoJoGirl 775867Resolving sexual tension…summer smut…

Mulder's favourite dancer has been murdered
2149Thought I’d go off the deep end, do something I’ve never done before, and write one that uses the word sex a few times (which I’m sure will attract many people to the story :). No, the characters will not be having any...TV
The Lies That Are My Life
8926Our heroes work a few things outMP
OneMillionandNinePrestidigitation1786The missing scene from Per Manum, where Scully asks Mulder THE BIG QUESTIONNV
OnlyTheInevitableWords of
134555Their attraction to each other is something that can't be ignored. A compilation of Mulder and Scully's desires through one-word prompts. MSR. The video/substitute fic is Chapter 10: Join. EV, L
PiperSargassoTempestuous15574While investigating a case in Southern Indiana, Mulder and Scully are brought together under unusual circumstances.MV, L
PMEpiphanyVideo Cupid1790Rated P for very porny
indeed. A cupid leaves them videos.
Three Months I & II14677i A story about self-doubt and

ii Mulder faces the consequences of his actions and they are not
what he expects

It was February already. Almost Scully's birthday again. Three months had
passed. Three months since Scully's cancer had miraculously and mysteriously
gone into remission. And four months since Fox Mulder had made a promise to
himself. A promise he'd been sure he would have the guts to keep.
Show1997Scully bails Mulder out aftermhe's arrested in a gentlemen's club watching a 14yo stripper.  TS
& His Free Fucking Porn
1416Sex. f/f? kinda,.. voyeurism ? slightly .... erotic?  Semi Scully SlashEV
SatinaOutfoxed14653Scully has a new boyfriend. Mulder doesn’t like him. Not all is what it seems. Smut ensues.NL
ShinkaiMeeting The Invisible Man16591Pre X-Files A 20 year old Dana
Scully on vacation in London meets Fox Mulder, an Oxford Ph.D. Candidate. A
platonic relationship develops that takes a serious detour when she is
brutally raped just before returning to the States. Graphic violence and sex
Part 2-8 years later, they meet again as partners….

Carries on as part of a series: The IM Series

!! rape, miscarriage, domestic violence
Boring Day at the Office
981Oops...Scully inserted the wrong
Dancing Girl
2529GirlyScully. We all know it's in
there and it's so damn **nice** to bring it out. I promise you won't require any fillings after reading this, though.  [Scully's thoughts after the Millennium kiss. It's the first in a series which is all available at the link.]
Spooky66Surprises1267Mulder discovers that Scully has interesting taste in movies.TV
TenThe Scene785On a whim, Scully watches one of Mulder’s videos and makes an interesting discovery…
Tokyo Shapiro90013413Mulder sublimates his sexual attraction to Scully by calling 900 numbers.
TrinityX/AngXRole Play2741Diana Fowley takes her best shot, Mulder tries to take hisMV
WildafoxMaking It Carnal2232“Scully, you’re making this personal”NV, L
WildwingSuzSex and
Flexibility or, Not Sense and Sensibility
5700Mulder trusts Scully with one of his fantasies.EV
WylfcynneConvalescing3674After Brand X... M & S have some confessionsMV, L
wynterscafeCaught1550Scully catches Mulder during a private moment.EV

There’s another list for Those Videos That Aren’t Theirs which may have more smut.

MSR Fic List: Post Orison Feels

This is just a quick list of Orison post-eps I have tagged in the library.

a_steady_wishThe Nearness of You1247Her first night back in her own bed after the events of Orison, and Mulder is there to comfort and love her.E
AlannaRead in the Dark13987SUMMARY: Secrets and confessions in two worlds.
AllyinthekeyofXAffirmation14759A series of three parts exploring my take on the build up of Mulder and Scully's relationship. All
are post ep and are true to timeline.
Aloysia_VirgataAnother Dark Forest717Post-Orison sex
Amorfati32Don't Look Any Further [Untitled]2086Post Orison angst, Scully wants
to feel close to Mulder but he doesn't want their first time to be like that,
They start to dry hump until Scully cracks & then just cling.
AnjouIncorruptible2677A submission for an epistolary
challenge on the Scullyfic/E-muse list in January of 2000. Set mid-season 7,
immediately after the events of Orison, when Scully has been faced with
an evil from her past. Mytharc heavy.
AnnetteGisbyRelease2938SUMMARY: Can Mulder help Scully through her ordeal? 
DarwinCeremony10055SUMMARY: What'’s left when words
inkspl0tchesfluorescence and night on all sides3530He steps over a corpse to touch
IshieMortal Remains18027Summary: Scully is dealing with the ramifications of and has to deal with some very disturbing emotions.
For once, Mulder really can't help her. 
LauraShapiroRules of Heroism1507After Orison, Scully has some shit to deal with.T
LauraSprysAffirmation3357Summary: Takes place immediately after Orison.PG
LolabeegoodFirst Time: Orison2718The Orison fic in a series attempting to establish their first time... Entire series is at the linkM
MaryGretenIn Other Context - Not Just Another Review3179Summary: Scully faces Not Just Another Review
MishIntuitive Reasoning3915Summary: You can't fool *all* of the people, *all* of the time.T
PaigeCaldwellTo Kill A Mockingbird1488Summary: To kill malice, sometimes you have to mimic its intent.PG
PenumbraBlack Hole Season2237Mulder's POV after the events of
ScamBelieverWalking Away V: Repress, Restrain, Deny8078SUMMARY: “I won’t follow you anymore, Scully. I can't. Not in this.” - MulderPG
scullywolfOrison2615The aftermath of Pfaster's attack takes its toll in more ways than one.T
ShannonoMerciful15799Post Orison angst
sidespaceAfter Sense12649Post-Orison. Two stubborn loners, a lifetime of trauma, and the vagaries of physical attraction.
starkblastStay9391Both agents' thoughts during the final scene of Orison. Afterward, Scully struggles with her fears and Mulder dwells on almost having lost her. Together they recover from the ordeal, unavoidably evolving their partnership emotionally and physically.M
therealspmThe End of the World10470Takes place right after the end of Season 7 episode Orison. Scully is struggling with what she did and Mulder is trying to be supportive. They cuddle, they talk about the big questions, they fight, they make up….M

There are a lot more Orison post-eps out there.  For a starters you can try: