A note about ratings

When i started my database, I was working with mostly fics from AO3 and FF.  As a result my ratings became a hybrid of the ratings from both sites.  By the time I considered changing this to separate the R rated fics from the NC-17 fics, I already had thousands in the database and decided against it.  I’m just beginning to list new ones and one’s i’m editing for other reasons separately, so the ratings can be a bit confusing.

How to interpret the ratings in the lists:

G General audiences, OK for everyone.  (K in FF)
 PG Parental guidance recommended.  (K+ in FF)
 T PG-13: Suitable for teens and up
 M R & NC-17 rated fics
• R = Under 17 Requires approval of parent or adult guardian
• NC-17 =  Adults Only – material not to be read by anyone aged 17 and under
• Fics rated M in AO3 or FF
 E  Explicit: Adults Only – material not to be read by anyone aged 17 and under.  Normally a rating that’s inherited when I download fics from AO3, but sometimes I’ll add it if the fic is explicit or states in the summary that it contains explicit sex.
 R Under 17 Requires approval of parent or adult guardian.
 N  Adults Only – material not to be read by anyone aged 17 and under 

I will sometimes change the rating of a fic from it’s official rating.  This is mostly because:

  • The fic was rated incorrectly.  Some fics start out fluffy and descend (or should that be ascend?) into porn, but the rating has only taken from the first instalment.  Sometimes authors will also forget to change ratings for multi-chapter fics as they progress in archives such as AO3 or FF.
  •  Gossamer will record PG-13s as PG and I usually change them if I notice.
  • I’m a little more liberal when it comes to swearing and violence.  I may adjust an R to a T or similar if it’s there just because of swearing or violence and it’s nothing that I find really disturbing.  I only do this if I notice the fic and rating don’t go together, which is usually if I’m expecting something juicy that doesn’t deliver. 🙁
  • I made a typo