MSR Fic List: 6.18 Milagro

Milagro is a beloved ep. I’ll never forget the shock of seeing Scully openly display that vulnerability at the end for the first time, and what a big step that was after the ups and downs of Season 6.

So, without further waffling, I give you a list of the stories from my personal library that have been tagged as Milagro.  And please let me know of any other good ones I need to read.

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6hoursgirlAlma3986Post-ep for Milagro; the aftermath. T
AgentDianaFowleyCrush22150Mulder confronts Scully after the events in Milagro. This causes their relationship to change drastically.R
3492What was Mulder thinking when he read Phillip Padgett's novel? R
Aloysia_VirgataLacuna20035Scully explores her feelings after Milagro while investigating a murder. This ends in an RST place despite evidence to the contrary.M
Aloysia_VirgataReclamation2844Five Times Dana Scully Said NoG
ArtemisX5Don't Look Up4089It was done.  I had no more secrets.  R
BeduiniIan9316After Milagro, before The Unnatural It often takes a third party to point out the obvious to those who are too close to the situation. Or, Mulder finds his cojones. R
DianaBattisI Believe3830Scully's near death experience causes her to rethink her beliefs.N
DonnaMilagro Thoughts1140The rest of the episodeR
FatCatWhat Might Have Been61367Milagro events force our heroes to relive past relationshipsN
Fran HartmanFaith13957Prompted by Padgett's insight into Scully's character, Mulder tries to move the relationship between the partners forward, only to be thrust into a struggle for his sanity, his heart, and his life; discovering that the only way to move on is to break the cycle.

! suicide attempt, child sexual abuse
h0ldthiscatLa Madrugada2663What she sees in his eyes as she turns to face him is shocking. It's adoration, completely, purely, simply. How many times has she seen that look and written it off as something else? How many times has she certainly thrown him that glance, hoping he noticed, praying he didn't? How many times are they going to stare at each other before it's too late?E
humancredentialsHer Divine Heart1959He's never heard her cry like this.T
Jacquie LaVaOverloved2450˜It should never end, this amazing night"N
JediShipperOne Night1460Fowley visits Mulder the morning after Milagro.G
Jilly ShenoaApril Weekend8812Scully's decision to leave the X-Files spins Mulder into an intense weekend. PG
JoriCalendar Girl: Broken Sound9444Mulder and Scully fight time and the elements to find a missing boy.N
JoylynnWingLa Verdad Del Milagro32459A time for healing, of body and soul.N
KBrownRed1845True feelings come outT
LolabeegoodFirst Time: Milagro4115A series attempting to establish their first time.R
MangokiwitropicalswirlStealing First4685Post ep Unnatural, MilagroM
MelCAcquiescence1578This idea came to me following the airing of "Milagro" and I finally got the guts to share it. PG
MishSo Let It Be Written | So Let it Be
Done | Exodus
27720In a world of extreme possibilities, might we not turn to the implausible? God, I hate to write summaries..PG
mldrgrlIntimacies With Strangers7407Set during and post-Milagro, Scully and Mulder come to terms with the past and the present due to Padgett's supposed insights into Scully's psyche.E
MLPSea Change2250All the best stuff took place between the episodes. This scene takes place immediately after Milagro to explain how our heroes got from the cold professionalism of that episode to the giddy can't-keep-their-hands-off-each-other of the next ep, The Unnatural.PG
MoJoHell or High Water5713Following "Milagro" Scully has a turning point in San Diego.N
MsAMMilagro: The Long Walk series4413A possible trip inside Mulders psyche.N
NicoletteYin and Yang6483A long weekend gives Mulder and Scully a chance to ponder their complex relationship. N
RoseThornhillMiracle2996Set immediately following "Milagro," Mulder cares for a scared and injured Scully. ATTHSE
ScamBelieverWalking Away III: Unexpected Visitor4041Scully gives in at the wrong time. PG
ShannonoLessons Learned (Complete Series)18454Post-ep, from the moment Scully's eyes open in the final scene. Scully first person, with a sort of stream of consciousness feel. PG
storybycoreyHe's Never Said Her Name2149Inspired by the prompt "Post Milagro- Mulder masturbating to Scully smut."E
TahliaPaper Walls3407Voyeurism isn't always good for characterization.R
TB's LMCAnd She Cried2244Every now and then an ep will inspire me to do a sort of "finish-the-scene" thing, which is what I did with this episode "Milagro." Written the night the ep
originally aired, April 18, 1999 .
TB's LMCAnything for You, Scully5502This is the sequel to And She Cried...what happens when Scully and Mulder wake up.M
TrixieDetails and Logistics3935Hate summaries, hate summaries, hate summaries . . . Post-Ep Milagro Fic. Moose & Squirrel . . . deal.T
UberBitchTwo Hearts Beat As One - UberBitch2165There is no plot. It is smut. Oh, and it takes place a few days after the events of "Milagro".N
viceversaStay Here Tonight499Mulder asks Scully to stay after what happened with NaciamentoT
virtue_flutteringHeart Of Darkness2917How did M & S get up from the floor?PG
WitchBabyAffirmation1012Picks up where Milagro leaves off…R
wtfmulderSupplicant1904Post-Milagro. Mulder takes Scully back to her apartment after her attack.E
Xfilesforever252Beating Heart1274Post Milagro! One of my favorite episodes ever and got a request to do a post ep!M

Obviously this is nowhere near all the fics written for this episode. If you’d like to seek out more, you can try:

MSR Fic List: 7.19 Hollywood AD

This episode was in the Sunday Night tumblr rewatch this week, and as usual we got to discussing fanfic from this episode.  There are some fabulous fics inspired by Hollywood AD, as Mulder and Scully go on some fun-filled romps through California at the taxpayer’s expense.  All ratings are included.

I realised when i finally got this list prepared that I’d already done a list without summaries, but this one includes a lot more fics, and the summaries allow you to zone in on the juiciest fics.

Given the state of my brain at the moment  I haven’t specifically listed or linked to the rest of the stories if the fic is part of a series as I like to do.  But I’d hate to cripple you by doing everything for you.  I’m thoughtful like that 😉

On with the list.  There are only a few goss links, and they’ll take you to the search page where you can enter the 5-digit author ID (given after the author name).

6176What happened after Mulder and Scully left the empty movie set...E
Mulders Worst Fear1615What if Scully found out Mulder's worst fear and almost died laughing?PG
- 15161
Elevator Ride735Mulder, Scully, security guards and an elevatorR
Angel BCalifornication2759What happened after the movie?N
aRcaDIaNFall$Hungry1817Missing scene from Hollywood AD. Mulder, Scully, one bathtub and an icecream sundae. Who is seducing
ArtemisX5Succumbing2745Post Hollywood ADM
ATTHS_TWICEAfter The Credits11938Mulder and Scully spend the night after Hollywood A.D. putting Skinner’s credit card to good use. Fun times and hijinks ensue. Also, sex! Delicious wonderful sex!E
Audrey_RogetEnivrez-vous2554Mulder, Scully, a bottle of Champagne and a house in the Glen. M
Baroness_BlixenA Night Out1016So, what did Mulder and Scully
do with the FBI credit card after the end of Hollywood AD? It's not what you think.
BeduiniA Complicated Fable14766A very smutty romp through Los Angeles.N
Tax Dollars At Work
5954"We're alive, Mulder, we're relatively young, we’re in Hollywood for the evening, and Skinner was so tickled by the movie, he gave me a bureau credit card for the night, Uncle Sam’s treat...”T
CovertOpsMore than
1504Post Hollywood AD - first timeM
Yours in Hollywood
7264Post-ep for Hollywood A.D.M
Can Mess You Up
1633Post ep Hollywood AD (the Leno fic).PG
EPurSeMouveMagic in the
2975Lights. Camera. Action.PG
EralCSimultaneous1967Skinner hears more than he should….R
FoxMuldersBitchA Moment Of
5650Mulder and Scully do some stuff…M
Gina RainStyle
and Substance
2254We interrupt the angst—for a simple tale of two agents experiencing the Hollywood nightlife.T
hallwaypersonLike This3587What did Mulder and Scully do with the bureau credit card at the end of Hollywood A.D.? My answer? They
didn't do anything. (You'll have to read this to find out why)
2517Their beverage of choice was vodka, and a lot of it.E
Durability-Tested Bathroom Stall of the Darryl Zanuck Theater
1432"That was a better ending than the movie by far." Originally posted as author "suchreverie" on LiveJournal.E
1332Bath-time fun for our fave, now-famous Agents...R
JeriHollywood PM2144A night on the town.PG
& AimeeMoore - 15206
8017Requisite post-ep fic
for Hollywood A.D.
KhyberThe Waterskiers12731Missing scenes from Hollywood AD. Part of Kyber Vs Season 7.M
KristelOxleyJohnsHollywood Nights11285Mulder’s reaction to the events in "Hollywood A.D.” in light of the events that transpired in my earlier fanfic “Hegira.” It’s not going to make much sense to you unless you’ve read
lateBloomer04Believe Again17455Here's a series of shipper oneshots about Mulder and Scully in celebration of the upcoming movie, IWTB! (Four - Flashlight). Warning: These can get pretty silly!T
980Mulder and Scully don't have a
restaurant reservation, but Mulder has a plan.
on the Soles of their Shoes
1616The problem with getting what you want is that it can be taken away from you.PG
5962Summary:  Who needs glass slippers when there are Idaho shoes?T
Normal Life
9195While it wasn't idyllic, he had to admit he was happier now with his somewhat normal life than he had been in many years.E
onpaperfirstMaps2947Even Mulder, with his unerring sense for choosing the wrong, most circuitous route, would not drive into the Pacific. She was 95% sure.PG
Spooky Gets Even
1630It’s about time to get even with the rumor mill at the Bureau.PG
Rise and Fall of AP Skinner
12337Skinner learns the hard way that most household (or hotel) accidents occur in the bathroom. A “what if” fill-in for Hollywood A.D.T
2054When good parties go bad…PG
Randi -
Baby Blue Eyes
Turned Dark Again
867With a credit card on hand, who knows what the intrepid duo can do! T
2191That ";No ifs, ands, or bees" line in The Lazarus Bowl means that someone had to have told the story of the near-kiss to someone on the film crew.T
Home Run
1173Post ep for Hollywood AD.PG
2444Mulder & Scully have some fun with the Bureau's credit card.R
somekindofseizureIn the
2231Fulfillment of that Hollywood AD Mulder and Scully in the bathtub prompt, as promised.E
ssullivan87Night Out2229Mulder and Scully's night out following the Hollywood A.D. movie premiere.M
StarLushHollywood Afterhours5063Just what kind of trouble did our duo get into while out in Hollywood?M
4909Apres MovieM
2274Summary: Sequel to “So Right.”M
TarynCrowLove, Hollywood Style2523This is in response to a spoiler from Hollywood A.D. I haven't seen the episode, obviously, but it's LOOSELY
based on the premise of that episode.
6014Two special agents loose in Los Angeles with a credit card… But some things don’t require a charge card.R
ThexInvisiblexGirlWill You
Still Love Me Tomorrow
2914Scully is worried about the future. Mulder is optimistic. How it all played out eventually?T
thexxitThings That Make Mulder Wonder or The Enigma That Is Dana
57620A whole pile of post-eps for episodes in season 6 and 7 (not necessarily every episode), revolving around Mulder's thoughts, particularly about Scully. 
Rated: Fiction  T - English -
Romance -  F. Mulder, D. Scully -
Chapters: 42   - Words: 59,665 -
Reviews: 269 - Favs: 81 - Follows: 104 - Updated: 9/30/2015 - Published:
10/19/2014 - Status: Complete - id: 10767392
WildwingSuzIn the End919And in the end...T
Here We Come
579Little post ep vignette for Hollywood AD; a couple days after all things.T

25 First Times: Arcadia

I have a lot of undercover fics so I’ve sorted them into a few separate lists.  This first one is a first time list for the episode Arcadia.  I have a few more that need URLs found or where I can’t remember whether or not they were first times, so I’ll do another list of various Arcadia smut.  I have another specialised undercover list, then more general undercover smut, and then maybe other leftover undercover fics.  I’ll give you a little break between some of them so you don’t get undercovered out.

Arcadia is generally an episode for angsty smut, being the first episode filmed after One Son.  Unfortunately it was pushed back after Agua Mala and Monday for technical reasons, causing Scully to come across as a bit snarky for no real reason, when in context, being their first case after One Son, she’s being a lot nicer than I’d be. 🙂  There are also a few PWPs interspersed with the angst.

This is another adults only list – rated R to NC-17/M to E.  The M’s can contain either R or NC-17 fics so you’ll have to read the header of the fic to make sure it’s suitable if you’re under 18. 

As usual, Gossamer links go to their search page.  Copy the 5-digit author ID if you want to do a quick search for the author’s fics, otherwise you can search by Author or Title.  This is to keep those nasty search engine spiders from getting to the precious gossamer web.

Author/s - GossIDTitleWordsCommentsRated
Angel BMr
And Mrs Petrie
2549"Want me to soap your
Brandon D
Making it
50608A series of episode-based vignettes, covering the second half of Season 6 and tracing the evolution of
Mulder & Scully's relationship during that time. [they marry because of
fowley before arcadia but it's not consummated until a lot of angst later from
BrynnaOne Last Time4687What happened after Scully
kicked Mulder out of the bedroom? [This is the first of a series, the rest
can be accessed from
CecilyBanter4024This is an alternate bedroom scene for Arcadia.
Impasse I-V8137My own little effort to redeem Mulder’s sorry ass after the disgraceful way he treated Scully in One Son and a little peek into how their Arcadian assignment came about. Goes on to deal with their time at The Falls and the aftermath.M
DreamshaperOther Options4117Arcadia was a good smut vehicle, as many of you know. I used it shamelessly for my own romantic ends 😉 M
in Arcadia
3451Sleeping next to Scully in Arcadia, Mulder wakes from a nightmare.M
4056What do you pack when you’re about to go undercover as the suburban wife of your extremely attractive coworker? [it says in progress but it appears to be finished.]T
icedteainthebagPretend We're
2817That jackoff on the downstairs couch has a lot of nerve.E
Jada Rene
Necessary Smut
1467Arcadia MSR/SmutE
12643Truths can sometimes be found in the strangest places. M
3484In the middle of the episode "Arcadia" Scully and Mulder find out a little more about each other.N
Lysandra31And a Silver
5977What happened behind closed doors at The Falls at Arcadia?E
MademoiselleSpookyDeeper Into
9843With neighbors this nosy...wouldn't it make sense to share a bedroom?M
For Each Other
4553Remember that bedroom scene in Arcadia? What if that scene had gone further.smut? PURE SMUT!M
2507Of course Scully wanted to play house with Mulder. The scene we all wanted in Arcadia. E
I - V
9842Missing Scenes from before/during/after ArcadiaN
SarahEllenParsonsArcades I
Arcades II
7341Arcades is Latin for
"people who live in Arcadia". Season 6 has made me sad. I foresee only bad things. But, as you might have noticed if you've read any of my other stories, I'm rather like that.
SaraLynnBest Laid Plans6787Tension in Arcadia? Want to know why? Want to see how it was fixed?R
Sharon H-MLanguid Domestications7942So what happened after Mulder left the bedroom?N
Covet And Tell1779Mid- and Post-ArcadiaM
Contracts & Restrictions
7770Missing scene from Arcadia. Night 1: they spoon like baby kittens (shyeah!). Night 2: Scully tosses Mulder out of the bedroom. Night 3: Anyone’s guess. All I know is Mulder was looking pretty chipper the next morning. And Scully was acting downright wifely
when she asked him to give up playing in the mud on Night 4.
SuzanneSchrammSeven Year Itch6919Sequel to "DividendDividendss." Another late night conversation as Mulder and Scully sort through their feelingsR
TenFallout From Arcadia15100On the way back to the San Diego field office after “Arcadia”, Mulder is involved in an accident. He wakes up
believing that he and Scully are Mr & Mrs Rob PetrieÂ… 
- 15622
Arcadian Frolic
(310 Words)
412See title.M

MSR Fic List: En Ami

While En Ami isn’t a favourite episode, I love the angst of fanfic centred around this episode.

On this list I’ve marked a few of my favourites with an * before the fic name. As usual. links will go to Gossamer Search where you can use the five-digit ID after the author’s name to get to their page.

I think I’ve managed to mark all the first time fics with bold italic textEn Ami is situated in a bit of an in-between place – the Season of Secret Sex has some authors putting them in an existing relationship, while others have them wait a couple of weeks for all things.  There are still quite a few first time together fics among these.

Author -
a_steady_wishThe Choices We Make2690"You need to see a doctor," he insisted, hand on the small of her back, more forceful than usual; the tips of his fingers pressed into her flesh enough that although she knew she wouldn’t be bruised, there would likely be red marks for a little while afterwards; he was marking that curve as his own.E
aka Jake*Breach of Trust4120Post-Ep for En Ami. Dark, dark, dark. Smutty, smutty, smutty. Need I say more?M
AllyinthekeyofXAffirmation14759A series of three parts exploring my take on the build up of Mulder and Scully's relationship. All are post ep and are true to timeline.T
Aloysia_Virgata*Animus Possidendi2030“It looks good on you,” he said flatly. “It looks incredible, actually. But I still hate it. Get rid of it.” Mulder!DomE
Anne Milne
- 16274
Failures4358Even the smartest people make mistakes, and the strongest people still need to feel that they have a
support system. Other stuff: Why is Mulder allowed to get away with ditching
Scully, and Scully gets crap from him the ONE time she tries it?
Athene -
Mighty and
25900Fox Mulder: special agent, crack profiler, grown man, mature adult. Pissed boyfriend. He wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Post Theef and En AmiM
Bohoartist*Good to be Bad3458He placed soft kisses along her mandible, traveling up to her ear where he softly whispered, "You smell like cigarettes." Mulder!domE
Brandon D RayBecoming Dana2474"Things are changing, inside of her and between the two of them. Those changes have been slow and gradual, almost as imperceptible as the movement of a glacier.  They are also, like that glacier, overwhelming and inexorable, and impossible to ignore."T
CandMe*En Ami Mine: The Power of Forgiveness3634What do you do when your actions lead to untenable results?R
Circe Invidiosa*Faux Pas4265Mulder and Scully have it out over her trip with the Cancer Man.PG
David Stoddard-HuntDroit du Seigneur3909“For a moment, I saw something else in him. A longing for something more than power. Maybe for something he could never have.”T
Di Battis*Iconoclasm3501Variations on a theme of truth. A more self-aware and understanding Mulder.T
DonnaDrunken Insights2248With inhibitions down they could
both learn something 
DreamshaperShadow of the Sword3897She had been used before. She would be used again. Spender Sr might not have realized that she had finally
allowed herself to love Mulder, but he had known all along that his deceptive
promises would drive a wedge between them, and he probably considered that a
perfect reward for his efforts
ElanorGYo Creo10908Tensions run high between Mulder
and Scully after the events of En Ami. A new lead on Cobra threatens to lead
them further into darkness.
Emily Sim
- 16107
*Convergence10290Scully miscarries after her trip
with CSM and even more angst ensues [!miscarriage, medical rape.] 
EvieLouise*Little Black Dress3982All the other writers came up
with serious, soul-searching post-“En Ami” fics. I wrote smut. Go figure.
While watching that scene in the restaurant, I really wished Mulder
could see Scully in that black dressÂ…
EvieLouise*Little Black Dress II3147Mulder takes Scully dress
shopping to replace that little black number he burned in the incinerator in
my last fic. 
- 16138
Scorned4707After his partner has returned back from her trip with the CSM, Fox Mulder feels betrayed. Now he sits in his apartment in the darkness with a loaded gun and contemplates the past seven years of their partnership and friendship. Can Scully save him from this darkness or will it consume him?PG
Frangipanidownunder*Grazed619Written for the
@txf-fic-write-in 15 minute picture prompt, with the aim of using a photo to write about setting as a character. Post En Ami. Angsty.
FreyaFools In Love2327Scully's musings on the Cigarette Smoking Man. Post-ep for both En Ami and The TruthT
Haphazard Method
- 13464
As We Forgive
3446Mulder was so angry in En Ami.
What happened to reconcile him to Scully's actions? Barbara tells me most
people said 'sex.' This is not that story. [Third party observations of
Mulder post ep]
Jennifer-Oksana*XesPuEkam2838Come on. Did you see Mulder’s face at the end of that scene? Did it not beg for a big USTy fight followed by the hot make-up sex? Yes, yes it did. E
J HumbyThree Times I & II: Overture & Overture Mirrored10963Scully's missing, having left home with CSM. When she returns, emotions are running high.M
J TennisonWe Are Nowhere and it's Now1709His voice lowered and Scully saw his adams apple bob in his throat before he continued. "Just like you
know that I'm aware of why you really went."
Katie PhilipsBridging The Gap5627Mulder has a hard time forgiving
Scully for going off with the Cigarette Smoking Man. His actions, and hers,
makes them each reevaluate their professional and personal relationship.
LolabeegoodFirst Time: En Ami3952A pre-ep first time... M
LovesFox*Rifts19329Can they heal the rifts between
them? Heavy angst, an unintentional act of violence.
LovesFoxMistakes7941“Mistakes are the portal of discovery” [Drunk!Mulder brings home a Scully stand in...]T
MrsSpooky1981My demon and a red-headed wench7895Summary: I’d wanted to do it with her for the first time when we investigated a case in Icy Cape.
[Misogynist!Mulder!dom & seriously questionable consent]
Oracle*Anti Suppressant3336A misunderstanding. A lie. A truth.R
SaraBWhile My Pretty One Sleeps1988C.G.B. Spender’s thoughts while watching Scully sleep.PG
scullywolfEn Ami3231A series of alternating viewpoints before, during, and after the episode.PG
ShannonoCoda2365Coda (n.) — A more or less independent passage added to the end of a section or composition so as to reinforce the sense of conclusion.T
ShoshanaPop Psychology4103Post En AmiPG
Compeau - 10218
Admit It981Mulder has made his feelings for
Scully pretty plain over the years. Ever wonder why sheÂ’s never reciprocated?
Spooky66*Unbridled1749Just another version of how
Mulder and Scully dealt with the fallout from En Ami.
- 15051
Understanding You
7671After an argument over Spender’s intentions, Scully disappearsT
SueBeeDifferent3565Something finally changes for Mulder and ScullyÂ…N
sunflowerseedsandscience*You can hit me but you can’t kiss me2459Post En Ami
Taryn Crow*Know Thy En Ami3391It takes place before, during
and after En Ami.
WildafoxForgiveness392The scene begins at the end of En Ami. Written for the Haven 310 words ChallengePG
WillaMystery2262Scully is not Mulder's

If you’re looking for more (and I scrolled past some interesting looking ones as I was searching for URLs), try: