Hurry by Michaela

Another mystery fic from the archives written by Michaela.  This is a very tasty little smut cookie that I’ve collected at some point, but I have no clue where I got it from, hence its posting here.    Enjoy

Title: Hurry
Author: Michaela
Category: V
Rating: NC-17
Keywords: MSR
Spoilers: None. It’ll be fairly obvious why. 😉
Summary: A summary would just be gratuitous.
Disclaimer: CC is welcome to take this story and run with it. Make my day! The characters are his, of course, to do with as he wishes.
Author’s notes: For the Screamers, with whom all smut is possible.
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Falling, an excerpt

This is Chapter 39 from Falling by EmmaD.  I’ve uploaded this chapter on its own for the office smutlist as it works as a one-shot.  The original fic is available at Gossamer.  It’s the third fic in the Quantum series which consists of:

  • Book One: Quantum (unavailable)
  • Book Two: The Road Less Traveled
  • Book Three: Falling

If anyone has a copy of Quantum, I’d be really grateful if you could forward it my way.

Author: EmmaD

Distribution: Archive, just let me know!
Rating: R to NC-17
Setting: Probably 7th season-ish

Summary: Mulder knew why he was losing her. But to admit it would make it true. And he sure as hell wouldn’t do that.

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Flirting by gillianinchains

Title: Flirting
Author: gillianinchains
Rating: necessary NC-17
Categories: MSR RST H
Summary: casual office flirting goes way too far. Smut ensues.
Spoilers: not really
Timeline: season seven, after the whole Samantha thing finally died.

Disclaimer: The characters of Mulder and Scully DO NOT Belong to me (der-hey, unless the creator of the “X-Files” is actually a party girl from Minnesota and not a surfer god from California), they do belong to Chris Carter, 1013, etc. etc. and if I *were* getting paid for this, I would never have to eat McDonald’s ever again. But I’m not, so I do. Now, on with the show.

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A Story They Won’t Be Telling Their Grandkids by Girlie_girl7

Date: 9 Nov 2001 00:52:06 -0000
Subject: A Story they won’t be telling their Grandkids by Girlie_girl7
Source: direct
Reply To:

Title: A Story They Won’t be Telling Their Grandkids
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: The entire season 9 smells like it’s spoiled, other than that, none.
Summary: The title says it all.
Notes: Thanks to the Whirlpool Chix at the Mulder chat!Disclaimers: I don’t own them but I like to take them out and play with them once in awhile.

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Sixteen Again by Samiam

I pilfered this one from Fran58’s Fanfiction Addiction on Wayback as I wasn’t able to find it online anymore.


TITLE: Sixteen again
AUTHOR: Samiam (
ARCHIVE: Just tell me where to send the child support payments
FEEDBACK: be brutal, this is what my insomnia lives for.
SPOILERS: very mild one for Never Again.
CATAGORY: MSR, PWP, Scully POV, Scully torture (but in a cool way)
DISCLAIMERS: Um yeah, you know what this is and you know the drill.
THANKS: To Tish for the quickie beta last night and to Dallas, Suzy and Barrie
– if you girls hadn’t been cheerleading, I’d have quit months ago.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: at the end

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The Lace-Up Fly Series by Jacquie LaVa

It took me a long time to dig up these stories so I had to share them.  The four stories in the series are humourous little smut pieces based on the above photo of David Duchovny wearing those leather pants. 


The Lace-Up Fly series by Jacquie LaVa

  1. Lace-up Fly [R]
  2. Night Train [R]
  3. Leather and Lake Water [NC-17]
  4. Hook and Eye [R]

Read all four stories below.  Total words: 15,737

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Mulder’s Christmas Package by Exeter Street

It’s driving me mad that I can’t find this fic, so I’m giving up and posting it here.  I have two by Exeter Street in my library and can’t find either of them, so if you can point me in their direction, please do.  There’s a possibility that they’re on ephemeral, so I’ll check when it returns.


Title: Mulder’s Christmas Package

Author: Exeter Street
Rating: NC-17 Keywords: MSR, Smut

Summary: Mulder receives the Christmas present to end all Christmas presents.

Disclaimer: Obviously not mine, they wouldn’t have any genitals left. Notes: I’m currently working on a larger scale project and it’s going to be a long time until M&S get it on. So to tide you (let’s be honest here, ME!) over.

Here’s a little ‘somethin somethin.’ Technically it’s a Christmas fic so only the naughty kiddies are allowed to open this before Dec 25. Feedback is always appreciated at Idealistshaven or the email above.

Thank You & On With The Show

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Cabinets and Desks and Chairs, Oh My! – Xangel

Another story I must have dredged up from the depths of  I’ve tried searching for it again to no avail.  If you can get past Scully’s jealous histrionics (and her wearing crotchless underwear to work), there’s some first time office smut to be had.


Title: Cabinets and Desks and Chairs, Oh My!

Author: xangel

Rating: NC17


Summary: creative use of office furniture, written especially for Tali who said she’d share with Banlu! Happy Birthday to you both!

Thanks to: xdks who did a kick-ass beta job and fixed all those pesky tenses and commas I seem to abuse. And thanks to Deirdre – who helped me figure out how to format!

Feedback: thankfully accepted @

Disclaimer: Still don’t own them, I’m only borrowing them. I don’t have any money, so don’t sue.


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Meditations on the Abyss by Jeremiah

Another one I haven’t been able to locate.  Chances are it was from ephemeral.



Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 02:40:42 -0600

Subject: Meditations on the Abyss (1 of 4)–Oops! by jemirah Source: direct

Reply To:

*Title: MEDITATIONS ON THE ABYSS; part 1 of 4

*Author: Jemirah

*Category: MulderAngst, MulderTorture, ScullyAngst, and sort of UST/RST

*Rating: R for adult themes, including a disturbing nightmare which is based on one I actually had; sorry, no sex *Archive: If you want it (though I’m not sure why you would), you can have it, just let me know so I can print off a copy!

*Spoilers: Hmmm, let’s see,

*Summary: Mulder comes to terms…

*Feedback: Well, if you really want to…

*Disclaimer: I only wish I could create characters this propelling. If I could, I’d be writing something I could make some money off of, now wouldn’t I?

*Author’s Note: It took me about 4 months to write (and rewrite) and edit (and re-edit) this, and it’s my first fanfic, so go easy on me. It’s also my first completed piece of fiction of any kind, so if you still read this, please accept my thanks.

*Additional Author’s Note: GO TITANS!!!

*I have to send my eternal gratitude to Kelly Moreland, for mentioning me in a couple of her stories, and for helping me whenever I needed anything, including naming this! Also, thanks go out to Melissa, who read this even though she doesn’t like TXF #GASP#, and who has been my friend for no reason for almost ten years.

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One in Five Billion by TexxasRose

This one is a bit of fun smut, a missing scene from Folie a Deux.


From: Laura Castellano <> Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 21:29:06 GMT

Subject: New: One in Five Billion NC-17

Source: atxc

Just for fun…actually it’s not new. It’s old. Very old. I think I wrote it in 1998. I’ve changed a couple of the words, but that’s all.

Extreme thanks to Deirdre, who helped me locate this totally obscure fic again!


This story is what my Mama would call “pure-dee trash”, and it is definitely NC-17. So if you are under 18, leave NOW, or your monitor will explode in your face while you’re reading it.

SPOILERS: Oh yeah, all over the place. This is a missing scene from Folie A Deux, the one the Fox censors wouldn’t let CC show us, but take it from me, this is what REALLY happened.

DISCLAIMER: yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they don’t really belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter and Fox Broadcasting and 1013 and all those other lucky entities, but if they were mine I’d let them have this kind of fun all the time. You know they want to!

FEEDBACK: sure, why not…just be nice, I’m very fragile. Send your comments to Flames will be discarded immediately, or Julie will use them to line her cat-litter box, whichever she chooses.

THANKS to Julie for reading all my stories and helping me make sense of them.

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