Swapping Out Addictions by J LaVa

TITLE: Swapping Out Addictions

AUTHOR: Jacquie LaVa




DISCLAIMERS: Faced with MY solution to ‘kicking the habit’… CC would just let Mulder keep puffing away…

SUMMARY: It’s a nasty habit, but somebody’s gotta break it – and Scully finds the way –


“Mulder… what are you doing?” He started guiltily, stuffing the contents of his hands into his jacket pockets.


A heavy sigh; she knew better. She knew him – and she could smell it. Damn him – another one. She really thought she’d found all his little stashes. This was getting ridiculous… and she refused, once more, to feel sorry for what she’d done to him – for pumping him so full of nicotine that now they were both suffering for it. Well, if the truth be told – she wasn’t suffering as much as he was. All she had to do was suffer through the smell of it, on his clothes and his breath; worry about his health in general, which she did every day of her life anyway. Mulder had some deeper worries. And she really was responsible. Yes, she’d saved his life – but what a cost, to both of them.

“Mulder, come on… you promised. It’s been a month; this addiction is only going to get stronger if you don’t stop it now.” She moved around the open connecting door of their motel rooms, and gazed at him pleadingly, sitting there on the bed with his hands in his pockets and pink splotches on each cheek. He’d been staring at the floor. At her soft words, his head jerked up, and he stared at her, hard.

“You think it’s that easy, Scully? You used to smoke, years ago, Think back, why don’t you – tell me how easy it was, for you. It takes exactly three cigarettes to get the average person hooked. It can take a lifetime to get them un-hooked. You know that.” He stood abruptly, tossing off the jacket and letting it slide carelessly to the floor. Scully gawked. His brand-new black cashmere jacket – on a heap on the floor. With a lit and smoldering smoke in the pocket. Smoldering… Jesus! She ran to the jacket and dumped the pockets out on the floor, then stepped on the offensive cigarette and faced her angry partner with fresh anger of her own.

“Dammit, Mulder! Nice way to treat a birthday gift! What the hell’s wrong with you! You’ve faced tougher demons than this, and come out on top! Why is this so hard? I know you; I know how driven and relentless you can be when you set yourself a goal. Well, this is just another goal, Partner… just another spot down the road. You know I’m here to help you -” She laid the jacket on his bed and walked over to him, winding her arms around his waist and pressing her cheek to his. Mulder’s arms came about her slowly, and he returned the embrace, breathing in the freshness that always clung to her hair and her clothes – and getting a definite and unpleasant idea of how he must smell in return, to her. He pulled away gently, setting her at arms’ length, and his eyes regarded her with a mixture of affection and apology.

“Scully, I reek… and I am so sorry about all of this. I never thought I’d ever have to face breaking the habit again – after I quit back in ’91, I just assumed I’d never have to go through this again. I’ve got to get a handle on this, I know I do – but I think I’m gonna need your help. Will you help me?” He stared down at her with the most woebegone eyes; the look in them about broke her heart. She wound her arms around his neck and hugged him, hard; ignoring the smell of smoke which permeated his clothes and skin.

“Well, of course I’ll help you! After all, I got you into this mess, didn’t I? I’ll help you…” She pressed soft lips against his temple, and felt his answering kiss on the corner of her mouth; a kiss which turned into a grateful smile as he whispered a ‘Thanks, Partner’ back to her.


One Week Later

She was going to kill him… she knew that now. Kill him – the only remaining question was: how? What method would best suit the murder of Fox Mulder? Scully knew it wouldn’t take much imagination to choose a creative method. The end result would be the same; he’d be dead, and she’d be free.

Free. She spoke the word aloud, as she dumped yet another full ashtray into the garbage, and began the search for yet another stash of smokes. She finally found them, in the fridge, of all places – crammed into the empty cavity of a whole chicken she’d been planning on roasting for Sunday dinner. She pulled the poor clammy bird out by one fat drumstick leg, and plopped it on the table; staring with disbelieving eyes at the plastic baggie which she removed from its gaping belly. There was half a pack in the baggie… unbelievable, just un-fucking believable. She sank down on a kitchen chair, staring at the bird, and shaking her head in absolute amazement. This one beat all… it truly did. Mentally she reviewed the past week, and her attempts to keep Mulder away from tobacco…

They’d decided he would stay at her apartment, since he just about lived there anyhow. Mulder had packed a bag and grabbed a bunch of work suits and what-not, and by Saturday afternoon was ensconced in her habitat and was doing his level best to drive her nuts. Not that he could help it… he was just being Mulder. His lap-top found its way onto her kitchen table, along with a box of slides, a slide projector, a few dozen file folders, about ten magazines ranging from Sci-Fi Monthly to the latest Enquirer – which he still insisted had the most factual articles on the paranormal – and he left a very small edge of the table clear, for such mundane things as food and meals. His size- God-knows-what sneakers ended up on the rug in front of her apartment door, and she managed to trip over them on a regular basis. She couldn’t understand it – when he stayed over, nothing ever ended up out of place, even if he brought over a change of clothes. Suddenly he was here for a planned period of occupancy, and her place ceased to be her own.

Her bedroom had become ‘Mulder Central’, with suits and shirts and tacky ties and socks draped everywhere. She refused to pick them up, and did her best to ignore them. It wasn’t easy, but she managed to at least keep a corner of the room free of Mulderwear. After about two days, she finally exploded… when she found his jock strap in her sink, soaking in a fragrant solution of bleach and her best shower gel.

“MULDER! COULD YOU COME IN HERE… PLEEAASSEE…??” Scully sat on the edge of the bed, and waited. He walked in with half a ham sandwich shoved in his mouth and a beer in his hand – and Scully never said a word, when he mumbled, “What?” around the bread and meat in his cheeks; she just grabbed hold of his ear and dragged him into the bathroom and over to her once-pristine sink and pointed to the offending item of male underwear floating in her expensive shower gel. Still not saying a word, Scully removed the beer from Mulder’s hand and tugged at his sandwich until he relinquished it with a tiny !snap! of his teeth. She pointed once again at the soapy mess in her sink and simply walked away. Mulder swallowed the lump of meal in his mouth and his murmured, “Sorry, Scully,” brought a reluctant smile to her face. He spent the rest of the day cleaning up his mess, while Scully sat with her feet up, reading a suspense novel.

By noon the next day, her apartment looked a lot neater, and Scully was feeling much better – then a day or so later she began to detect the faint aura of smoke, hanging in the apartment like a stale mantle despite the multitude of sprays and potpourri he smeared everywhere. It took her one full day of searching and digging around before she found the crumpled pack – hidden in the toilet paper roll (still on the holder, incredibly); she confronted him with it, and got puppy-dog eyes and a fervent promise to ‘Never Do it Again’… and after he spent an hour in the bathroom ridding himself of every last essence of smoke smell, he took Scully to bed and proceeded to love her into oblivion. Quite an apology – Scully still trembled when she thought about it, days later.

As a matter of fact, she was thinking of it right now – sitting at the kitchen table facing a dead slimy chicken stuffed with Morleys. Thinking she’d had a horrid week, despite Mulder’s every attempt to make it up to her (and the man sure knew how to make it up to her! Lord…) – and there had to be a way around this; had to be something she could bribe him with, a way to make him see that his health and hers was the most important issue. She poked at the dumb bird with one tapered finger, thinking, plotting…

Smiling widely, when she suddenly hit upon the perfect plan.


“Mulder? Could you come in here, please?” At the sound of Scully’s soft voice, Mulder’s head popped up, his glasses slipping down his nose as his fingers stilled on the lap-top keyboard. He’d been finishing up a report, and dying for a smoke – but he didn’t dare try sneaking one. Scully had been acting squirrely all day; she was up to something, he could feel it. In her present mood, whatever it was – she could easily shoot him again, he was sure of it. He knew how angry she was – and she had every right. He’d done everything in his power to thwart all her help and stomp on her support, knowing he was only hurting himself. It took several days of abuse to his body before he realized he was hurting her as well. But he couldn’t stop – this time the damn nicotine had a tight grip, worse than it ever had all those years ago when he smoked two packs a day. He was in a panic, wondering what to do – when he hit upon the idea of stashing the smokes in the weirdest places he could think of, figuring she’d never find out. Hoping that if she didn’t know it wouldn’t hurt her. So far his plan had been a miserable flop. She found every hiding place, cleaned them out and dumped them all – and she never said a word. Not a word. She acted as if she had not discovered anything…

She also acted colder than the Arctic in January, in bed at night. She kissed him goodnight and turned away and wrapped herself into the blankets and sighed herself to sleep – and left him awake and horny and tight with desire, next to her in the big bed – and craving a cigarette more than ever.

But something had happened today – he wished he knew what it was. She’d been very sweet to him all day; had gone to a lot of trouble and had cooked him a fabulous meal and had gone in after dinner and had taken a long soak in the tub and had emerged smelling of jasmine and lavender. She’d pressed a small kiss to the top of his head as she walked by the kitchen table where he sat, trying to concentrate on anything but his raging gonads; had grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses and had disappeared into the bedroom – and had locked the door behind her.

That had been over an hour ago.

Now as the door opened, and her voice wafted out to him, calling him so sweetly… Mulder couldn’t help but wonder what sort of torture she had planned for him. And so he sat at the kitchen table and alternated between wanting to leap on Scully and devour her whole… or smoke an entire pack of Morleys, all at once. He decided on neither – just got up from the table and moved hesitantly into the bedroom, steeling himself for the worst: she was packing his shit up and kicking him out, drinking the wine as a celebratory gesture as she tossed his clothes out the window…

Actually, the reality was, in its own way, far worse.

Candles, everywhere; glowing and flickering in the warmth of her fragrant bedroom. Her perfume hanging in the air; the jasmine making his head spin… bedcovers turned back on both sides of the bed, plump pillows stacked invitingly and in repose against those pillows… Scully. In a pale peach and cream lace teddy. Hair waving softly about her lovely face. Eyes half-closed, gazing at him as she sipped at a glass of deep red wine. Small smile curving her rosebud mouth. Mulder could almost feel his knees buckle with the flooding tidal wave of lust which roared through him; days of forced abstinence bringing him up, hard and hot and full, in about one second flat… he found himself stumbling toward the bed, hands reaching out for her, a groan bubbling itself out of his throat…

Only to come up, short and shocked – at the barrel of the gun – his gun! – which she had pointed dead-on at his heart. He’d been so busy gaping and drooling at her, he’d never noticed the gun. She pointed to the foot of the bed with his weapon, and spoke one firm word: “Sit.”

He sat.

Scully placed the glass of wine carefully on the nightstand, and held the gun in both hands, still pointed at Mulder’s chest – and her words started out, soft and low. “I have had a very difficult week, Mulder. Did you know that? NO, DON’T SAY A WORD!” – as he attempted to speak. “Do not attempt to speak, or so help me I will shoot you dead. I am not kidding, Mulder. Now, where was I? Oh, yes…

“As I said, a very tough week. You are quite a slob, you know; but I could live with that, I really could. After all, I love you, Mulder – so I can put up with a lot of Mulder-related shit. I could live with the socks cluttering up my floor and the ties draped all over my lamps and even your nasty jock strap soaking in my very expensive shower gel. I could live with all that.” Still holding the gun, Scully raised up on her knees, and reached behind her pillow with one hand; pulling a plastic bag out from underneath the frilly edge of the pillowcase; a plastic bag which looked very familiar to Mulder. His eyes widened, as she held it up in front of her face, and his muttered, “Oh, SHIT,” made her almost smile. She threw the bag at him and it landed in his lap.

“What I cannot live with is the little ‘secret stashes’ I am finding all over the apartment. Each one represents a cop-out, Mulder – each one counts as a lie – and I cannot abide your lies. Lying to me, to yourself – you’ve never done that before, never. And I know I’m to blame, for putting you in this kind of position, where you felt you had to lie to me, sneak around… I take responsibility for it, even though we both know it was the only way to save your life. I will take the heat for that.” Mulder hung his head, eyes closed; one tear squeezed out and dropped on the baggie still in his lap. He didn’t know what to say. Scully forced down her own tears; she had to stay tough, had to get through this for both of them.

“Mulder, I found that bag of shit in my Sunday dinner. I guess it was the proverbial last straw – I’d had enough. I think you’ve had enough, as well. Obviously you don’t want to quit badly enough… but you will, because I am issuing you an ultimatum, of sorts. Take a good look around this room -” she gestured with her free hand; asking him to take stock of everything which was beautiful and desirable, including her – “and remember what you see… because from now on, until you finally quit smoking for good – every time you sneak a weed, I’m going to put you out in the cold so fast it’ll make your head spin – and for every day you remain smoke-free, I’m going to fuck your brains out, over and over until you can’t tell which end is up.” She laid the gun down and on her hands and knees, crawled toward him with burning eyes staring straight down into his soul. “I am going to use my tongue in the most imaginative ways, over every inch of that luscious skin of yours – as long as it smells of Armani and not Morleys. I’m going to scrape my nails up and down each one of your balls; send a thousand tiny bites over your body, until you beg me for the full shot – and then I’m going to open wide and let you plunge in head-first… and I’m going to scream my head off when I come, and make damn sure I take you with me as I go over the cliff.” Her low, raspy words roughed over Mulder and he shuddered and actually heard himself whimpering. He couldn’t take it any longer; Scully was so close to him, and her eyes were eating him alive, burning him – he grabbed for her – and got a noseful of gun for his troubles. In his blinding desire he’d not seen the gun, still between them on the bed. Scully grinned at the look of shock; his pleading, “Scully, please…” falling on a deaf ears and a determined resolve. She shook her head at him.

“Not tonight, Mulder – not yet. I just wanted you to see what you’d be giving up. That’s all. I have lots of candles – and another bottle of wine. There are no more smokes in the house – I made sure of it. We have Monday off – I made sure of that, as well. You stay clean all of tonight, and all of tomorrow – and in twenty-four hours I’ll make you glad to be alive and smoke-free; this I promise you.” She leaned in, close to his face; still holding the gun on him, she kissed his nose, and her little tongue flicked at his bottom lip, before she pulled away and left him sitting there, hard and dazed; tossed a blanket and a fat pillow at him and whispered, “See you in twenty-four, Mulder. Same place… different circumstances.” He picked up the bedding and stumbled out to the living room, still wondering how on earth she’d managed to fob him off so easily… and knowing with certain resolve that she would have shot him, for sure.

He couldn’t wait until tomorrow night…


Twenty-four Hours Later

He’d been a very good boy – and he could prove it. It had been the toughest thing he’d ever done, but he had managed to stay away from the smokes. Scully had left him alone all day. Claiming to have a lot of shopping and such to do, refusing to let him come with her – he knew she was testing him. Daring him to cheat. Well, he hadn’t cheated – not once.

He’d spent the day playing basketball until he wanted to drop from exhaustion; his buddies had worked him hard. Three games in a row – and his team, the Skins – had won all but one game. And they would have aced that one as well, if Mulder’s lung capacity had been its normal healthy self. Which pissed him off to no end – which also contributed to his resolve to leave the Morleys alone. That, and the visual snapshot from Sunday night, of what awaited him when he got home later on. Hell, that alone could have propelled him across the burning Sahara on his knees naked, with his nuts dragging in the sand… Mulder grinned as he pulled up to Scully’s apartment building, and collected his gym gear from the trunk. He felt great. Tired, but great. Reamed from the inside out, and dying for a smoke – but great.

He looked at the craving as a sign of things to come – of how he would swap one addiction for another, in just a few hours. He bounded into the elevator and hit the button; bouncing on the balls of his feet, impatient; anxious…


Inside her apartment, Scully lit the last few candles, and dabbed a bit more jasmine behind each ear and the backs of her knees. She felt nervous, which was downright silly – but nervous nonetheless. And she could actually understand why; it was rather the same feeling as going into the final game of the season; or stepping onto that Broadway stage with a whole cast depending upon your performance. A performance – that’s just what it felt like. Her performance… and she had the insane notion that if she didn’t make it great, make it memorable and the absolute best Mulder had ever experienced – then she would lose him. Lose him to a damn addiction. And if she lost that part of him – more importantly, if he lost that part of himself – then God only knew what would follow. It was a weakness, so strongly reminiscent of their enemy, Mulder’s supposed “dad” – a true example of the way a ‘Dark Side’ could overtake a man, and suck him down. Scully sighed; of course she was being melodramatic. But that didn’t stop her from her decision to pull out all the stops, tonight. She turned off the overhead lights, popped the cork on the wine, and lay upon the bed to wait.

She smelled him before she saw him – and this time the odor was a welcome one. MulderSweat – mmmm. This she could deal with, she decided; as he came around the door of her bedroom, his eyes widening with delight and desire as he saw the object of his day-long fantasy, spread out on the pillows, exactly as she’d been last night. Candles, even more of them – and fat pillows. And more wine. And Scully in a midnight blue satin and lace teddy… she’d kept her promise. Mulder allowed himself a long moment to just stare at her, drinking it all in; needing that particular drink much more than water – and then, before she could speak, and before he succumbed to the need to rub every inch of her all over himself – Mulder ran for the bathroom, locked the door, and proceeded to scrub the shit out of himself. Clean, cleaner, cleanest – Scully’s delicate skin deserved nothing less. He spent a precious forty-five minutes getting spotless for her, even spiking his damp hair, the way he knew she liked it (though she would never admit it), and finally emerged from the bathroom clean, smelling of Armani – and naked. He stood at the foot of her bed, arms hanging loosely at his sides, not knowing what to do next; letting her call the shots.

Scully lifted one hand and crooked a finger at him, a small smile dancing on her mouth. Mulder shuddered and his knees hit the bed; he moved toward her, and that mountain of pillows, never losing eye contact with her. On his hands and knees like a big, deceptively tame-looking jungle cat; all smoky eyes and feral grin. God help her… When he got within grabbing distance, her small hand came up, palm outwards, and he stopped, frozen in place. She smiled again; such an obedient Mulder. She was beginning to enjoy this…

“Tell me, Mulder… have you been good? You smelled good – I could detect it from the doorway; nothing but good, clean sweat. It smelled very, very nice; I’m proud of you. Twenty-four hours. Believe me, I would have known if you had cheated. Trust me on that.” Mulder nodded his head; he did trust her. He couldn’t imagine how she would know, but she would have. That was just the way of it. He focused on her as she spoke again, her voice dropping lower.

“You kept your end of the deal, Mulder – so I’m keeping mine. Tonight is all for you. Everything you want – everything you need – for you. And tomorrow night as well, if you continue to be good – continue to smell this good. Turn around, baby – and stay on your hands and knees.” His groan of anticipation made her stomach flutter; that, and the spectacular view of him, on hands and knees, smooth tight MulderAss facing her, strong forearms holding himself up. God… so gorgeous. Scully slid across the width of the bed, stopping within about six inches of him, and traced the strong lines of his back, over the muscles bunched there, down the planes of his shoulderblades and curving over that fabulous ass of his; both cheeks getting equal time as she trailed her fingers down the backs of each thigh, and ended with a gentle caress of the backs of his knees. She followed her journey with her wet tongue… the same path, tickling down over the same terrain.

Mulder whimpered.

She smiled. So responsive… no matter what she did to him, for him. She loved that about him; wondered if he knew what a huge turn-on it was for her, to be the one who made him whimper. Not a moan – not a groan, exactly. Whatever the sound was, it always zoomed into her ears and found its way deep into her very bones – and set her on fire.

She wanted to hear it again – and again – tonight. And she wanted to tell him, so much… Scully was not a talker during sex; had always been the quiet little receiver – not uttering more than a sigh or a moan, and once or twice she had whispered a raspy, “God, Mulder” or “Don’t stop.” And she would lie beneath him as he spoke to her, waxing poetic about the softness of her skin, or the feel of her silky depths as he buried himself within. Mulder loved the words; needed the words. Words which made her cheeks flame cherry red despite the fact that she loved to receive them… loved the way they made her feel. Special – cherished – adored –


Well, tonight he was going to get the words – regardless of how shy speaking them would render her – or how difficult it would be to find them. She was going to tell him everything she’d been storing up, over months of spectacular intimacy, incredible sex and treasured afterglow – she was going to tell him. She only hoped she could pull it off, make him believe. Because this was all for him. She licked her way up the back of one leg as she trailed her fingertips along the other, and listened to his breathing change; becoming erratic. Under her tongue she could feel his muscles clenching, tighter as she moved ever closer to her goal. And when her tongue brushed him, there between those tight cheeks of his… the sounds he huffed into his pillow just about did her in. That sound she loved… she did it again, a little longer – a bit harder. He sucked in a hissing breath and shuddered. Fighting to keep her own needs in check, Scully began to speak, each low syllable vibrating against his warm skin.

“You taste the way you smell, Mulder – like hot silk. I could kiss you for hours… everywhere. All over your back, just like this – up and down and across each rib…” She punctuated her words with a lingering demonstration, her mouth and tongue slipping with loving thoroughness along his body as her hand moved to cup and hold him. Mulder gasped and shuddered again, rocking himself against her palm; the feel of her fingers pressing around him while her mouth caressed his sensitive back was almost too much – and he knew she was only beginning. And he didn’t know how on earth he was going to last long enough to return the favor – but if it took a visualization of the grisliest, most horrible images in the world, to keep him from blowing it – he would dredge them up. Otherwise he’d never make it – for her words were affecting him like nothing he had ever imagined. He could feel her nudging at his knees, wanting them further apart. Mulder slowly complied, bracing himself on his forearms as he re-positioned his legs. Heard a rustling of sheets behind him – and found himself looking down, straight into Scully’s hot stare, as her head appeared below him, between his thighs. She grinned up at him.

“Oh, I like the view from down here, Mulder – I truly do. Is all of that for me?” That was threatening to poke her eyes out, but Scully just smiled again, and the tip of her tongue curled out and lapped at him with delicate precision; Mulder groaned and forced out a ragged, “Sculleee…” She sent a little chuckle into his overheated flesh, and her lips followed her tongue and both wrapped around him, taking him in. Into incredible heat.

Mulder found himself having to think of those grisly images, just to stay alive.

Up and down, over and around – mmmm, Scully thought to herself. Indulging in one of her favorite pastimes meant she couldn’t actually speak words; tell Mulder things. Things she had wanted to say to him for months – ever since the first time she’d leapt into his arms and he’d carried her over his shoulder in a careless fireman’s hold, through her living room and into her bedroom and down onto her plump down comforter; the softness of it engulfing them both as they hit the mattress in a tangle of arms and legs and aroused body parts. Mulder had surfaced first; had straddled her hips and just stared down at her, drinking it all in. She’d not been able to fathom what he found so mesmerizing; she just wanted him in; instantly inside where it ached and burned. Mulder would not be rushed along, however; he’d tugged at her clothes slowly, uncovering her inch by inch… paying verbal homage to each new wondrous part of her. It had been the most erotic thing anyone had ever done to her, even though she had flushed bright red and had mostly stayed in that condition throughout their first intimacy. But the words, how they drew her in – how they made her believe, at last – in her own power and validity as a sensual woman; a desirable and much-loved woman. Words were so powerful – sometimes more so than actions. Combined with those same actions, they were lethal… in the very best way. Time to combine, Scully decided, as she gave him one more deep stroke, and released him; keeping the stroking contact going with her hand as she looked up into his darkened eyes.

“There’s nothing I like better than to swallow you whole, Mulder… unless it’s the way you feel when you’re buried so far inside me that you can’t find your way back out…” She wiggled upon the slippery sheets, headed toward the mound of pillows; until she could tug on him and have him fall upon her, full-length; her aim unerring as his body covered her in perfect alignment, and he found himself sliding into her before he even knew it. So deep – and she was hot and slick as she closed around him; they both gasped. Mulder sent a shuddery groan into her ear, as he struggled to stay focused; to last long enough for her to make it as well. He took her gently at first, with long and tender thrusts; his mouth doing delicious things to her throat, feeling with his lips the words she murmured to him as he moved within her.

“So good, baby; always been my baby… from the first. God, you’re so deep… I want to keep you inside me forever, where you’re meant to be; never want you anywhere else, oh Mulder right there…” Her words were shredding his resolve, and he fought to keep his focus but it was so hard, so damn hard. Finally understanding why she came apart in his arms when he spoke to her during sex; he’d never known the effect of love words because no woman had ever said much to him, other than ordering him around. Telling him to kiss that or bite this – but never words of love… never like this. Broken, run-on phrases spoken in a low rasp of ScullyVoice, as her fingers alternately gripped, caressed and teased.

“…Love you, oh God don’t stop never stop – every time you’re inside me feels like heaven -” She was moaning the words down into his throat as they moved and delved against and through each others’ souls. Mulder wound his hands into her hair and hung on tightly, his open mouth fused to hers. And harder and faster the flurry of thrusts, until he couldn’t hold onto it any longer; Scully’s words becoming hoarse gasps of need which pushed him higher and higher until with a sob, she clenched around him – sending him over the cliff, both of them tumbling over each other until they hit the ground – the mattress – below them. Still joined tightly, crushing her; Mulder covering her like a hot, damp blanket of skin which smelled delicious. He began to move away, worried as always that he was too heavy for her – and Scully twined her legs around him and refused to let him leave. “No, stay, I love the way you feel afterwards; feels as if you’re sinking down into my bones and soaking into my blood… you’re not too heavy, you’re perfect.” More words to make him tremble; and he did – but he stopped trying to move away, and relaxed his muscles fully upon her, pressed his face into the pillow next to hers and simply gazed into her sleepy eyes. An inch away from breathing in her very breath, as she whispered to him, her hands softly rubbing against his smooth skin.

“By the way, Mulder – if I haven’t told you yet, how proud I am of you for licking that rotten smoking habit of yours…” He chuckled and finished the sentence, kissing her lips sweetly, still sheathed snugly within her and making a very comfortable home for himself.

“I’ll consider it told. Just keep talking, Scully – I find your words very, very inspiring…” As if to prove his words true, he pushed against her; letting her feel the re-awakening which was happening deep within her. Scully’s wide eyes stared up at him, marveling at the feel of him – sinking down into her bones just as she’d described. She whispered into his ear as he began to slip in and out once more.

“It’s officially twenty-five hours later, Mulder – you’re starting another day smoke-free. Guess I’ll have to start all over again, won’t I? Start with some more words, aimed right at you… This time maybe I’ll tell you all about the way your mouth feels when it’s buried against me and your tongue works such magic in complete and utter tandem with that gorgeous bottom lip of yours…”

And Mulder whimpered.


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A couple of these stories were removed from the interwebs by the authors. A copy of these fics can be provided on request on the understanding that they’re not to be reposted online without the original author’s permission.

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AllyinthekeyofXBlurring the lines9580'I'd agreed with him that the world hadn't ended. So why do I now wish it had?'  Scully needs more than she thinks Mulder is prepared to give. It's so hard to believe that this is Ally's first NC-17 smut!M
Amorfati32Don't Look Any Further [untitled]2086Post Orison angst, Scully wants to feel close to Mulder but he doesn't want their first time to be like that, They start to dry hump until Scully cracks & then just cling.M
coffee666Different Colors6400AU. Your entire life you only see black and white, until you receive the first touch from your soulmate and color blooms before your very eyes. The colors don't stay when you're alone, but when they're there by your side and you're touching? Everything is beautiful.This one may not be complete T
FatCat & DonnileeTruckin83457SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully go undercover as an over the road, married driving team to break up a hijacking ring. Also Truckin' IIN
icedteainthebagMulder Wears Levis963Frottage.E
Jacquie LaVaAwakening the Slumbering Beastie3199How long had it been since I'd inhaled that pure, male essence?
JamieTanquaryLittle Girl Lost28662Scully and Mulder investigate a murder while trying to deal with a certain turn of events in their relationship.N
Jess MThe Airport (?)10342Up, up and away! Killing time while their flight is delayed. Chili's FicN
KaseyMillerA Desert Cleansing17513Mulder and Scully assist the Las Vegas Crime Scene Investigators with a string of bizarre murders.  Existing relationship.  CSI xoverN
LeeLeeBehaving Badly22043Mulder is bound to behave badly if his freedom is curtailed.N
mellovesallFaith To Keep Looking5144My collection of X-Files/MSR Mulder & Scully drabbles and ficlets. They will range from T to M-rated.M
MountainphileMiraculous Manifestation10139Mulder and Scully, while in pursuit of a miracle, uncover the one that already exists between them.   Dry humping in water is still dry humping right?N
OneMillionandNineEl Quinto Sol22079An explanation of Mulder's sudden belief in miracles. Arthur C. Clarke's second law in action. A bit of Mytharc in the guise of a case file. But in the end it's all about sex. Then again, what isnt'? N
OnlyTheInevitableHeavy Petting4649Things get a little heated during one of their movie nights. MSR. Based off a prompt.E
OnlyTheInevitableBumpy Ride1800She knew she was going to be the one who would have to sit on someone's lap, it only made sense because she was the smallest and lightest, and realistically, she knew that someone was going to be Mulder. MSRM
peacenik0A Painful Path36256Mulder and Scully face many difficulties as they try to establish their relationship. Once their trusting bond is broken, Scully wonders if it can ever be restored. ( Formerly known as "Dicked too Hard") WIPE
PDazaHook, Line & Sinker7718A little alcohol goes a long, long way; and it's not exactly what you're thinkingR-N
PenumbraContact High16386  Scully drops by Mulder's apartment one evening and one thing sort of leads to another. Colonization metaphors abound. Mulder’s new bed has a cameo.N
PufferdeuxRiding the Whirlpool4112Mulder helps Scully do the laundry.N
rainbowpiranhaThe Perfect Partnership4944Smut with a submissive-but-feisty Mulder in handcuffs, a dominant Scully, and their usual banter.E
SaraFirst Person Perspective1735Scully really gets her ya yas out-and Mulder's not complainingN
scapegrace74Fuchsia1156A stakeout, dry humping.E
SoodohnimhTwo Steps Forward (?)3255Post Never Again with ILikeItRough!Scully.N
Spooky66Boyfriend1541Written for the Summer Heat challenge to fill the 'frottage' box on my bingo sheet! A post Pilot fic!E
starwalker42only one choice16209A big ol' dump of MSR smut. I don't even know at this point.E
storybycoreySpilled Wide Open3929It's Sunday late afternoon, and the state of her purse is a brutal reflection of her preceding week, so much so that one may even see a stray receipt peeking from a pocket, a gum wrapper falling from an open zipper. If she were more aware of such things, she would realize that her own emotions are slipping through the cracks as well, becoming more and more visible, despite her ever-so-carefully-constructed facade.E
SuzanneSchrammCircumnavigation6931Sometimes you don't know where you're going until you get there.N
thesexfilesCarol of the Narcissist and the Naysayer3496Silence is as common between them as conversation, as natural. She has watched him think, sleep, cry, eat, laugh. She has even caught him in his own version of a prayer, silently staring up at a moonless sky. She's a patient woman, even at a crossroads. It is one of her greatest strengths. It is, she worries, her hamartia.M
viceversaAgainst the Wall902After weeks of arguing, the tension between Mulder and Scully finally snaps.E
viXenScream Series9106A thunderstorm, a confession and a bet.R
Withdrawn by Author Blue Balls1216Mulder *almost* gets lucky in the woods with Scully, and learns a pivotal life lesson in the process.

[Available by request only]
YonadaJust Pretending?8700Scully is going out to a club with some friends and needs a date for the evening.  Mulder helps her out by pretending to be her date.  They are just pretending aren't they?N
My memory is crap, and this wasn't a trope I tagged prior to the original fic list. The following fics came up under a search through my library as containing dry humping, but I coudln't either confirm or deny it easily. I dismissed any that were obviously not applicable, so these ones are the 'maybes'. I can guarantee that they're all worthwhile fics regardless.
agoodwomanMSR Moments (?)48751Drabbles and prompts; these are all in chronological order for the show.M
agoodwomanThe Great Outdoors (?)116509Picking up a few weeks after Planes Trains and Automobiles left off, Mulder and Scully have met the luckiest man alive and faced off with Pfaster again.  This story begins after Mulder and Scully decide to pack a bag and get out of her apartment. Except they don't spend another weekend in bed together - they deal with the demons from Pfaster and the wake of his turmoil in their lives. They also, of course, get sent on another assignment to The Great Outdoors.E
agoodwomanSnowcats and Sleeping Bags (?)14621How did they survive after the spaceship rose out of the ice and what happened before they made it back to DC? How did they survive in below zero temperatures?E
Jacquie LaVa & TessMorning Basement Frolic (?)8342He came in late and forgot the latte. Mulder's a doomed man. Or is he? Scully's dressed to impress, but wasn't counting on making that much of an impression.N
JennaBOpen Air (?)6744Stopping for the night on a long drive, Scully discovers the joys of sleeping in the great outdoors.N
Jori & MoJoDust Mites (?)16697A hot night. Adjoining rooms. A missing key. A rain storm. A leaky roof. One bed. Ahh... the simple pleasures of motel fic cliches.E
KelRecycled Virgins (?)23942The world of MSR fanfic has many wonderful stories about the first time. Here's one about the changes and adjustments that follow. Mulder and Scully suffer through their own insecurities as they take on the Consortium. Some jealousy for Mulder.N
LysandraUntil They Found Me (?)3100Mulders 'in the kitchen fixing lunch. Scully's sprawled out on his couch, channel surfing. Can it get any better than that? Well, yes, actually.T
MalibuSunsetBite Size Love (?)54880Season 7, my way. This is a prequel to my series, Terra Firma, but it's not necessary to read that too. This one stands alone. M
Mimic117Devil To Pay (?)6553When she gets her hands on him, there's going to be the devil to pay.N
ShannonKRisky Business (?)12085While at a boring pathology convention out of town, Scully receives a friendly hello from her partner. Things get friendlier...and friendlier.N
somekindofseizureSecond Desk (?)5134After Scully gets out of the hospital in "Never Again," Mulder gets to see Scully's tattoo, and Scully gets a desk.M
SoodohnimhMove The Body Over (?)2624An emotional reunion after another bomb scare at a chemical factory...M
StarLushHollywood Afterhours (?)5063Just what kind of trouble did our duo get into while out in Hollywood. MSR, Hollywood AD Spoilers, M rating for a particular spot. M

MSR Fic List: Jealous Scully

I love a jealous Scully (and a jealous Mulder for that matter – some of these stories have a bit of both).  Scully will be the last one to admit she’s acting jealous or territorial, but it can be difficult for her to hide it from other people.

This is a list of fics in my always-expanding fanfic library that I’ve tagged as Scully jealousy.  I’ve also made this a combined first-times list by marking stories where they get it on for the first time with a ¹.

Here you’ll find lots of Scullyangst, a bit of Drunk!Scully, some two-can-play-at-this-game!Scully, and a personal favourite, I’ve-had-enough-of-Mulder’s-bullshit!Scully.

Table last updated 2020-05-18 20:41:57 by i-dont-wanna-wrestle.

13starbuck42(In)Visible1978Prompt: Mulder discovers how jealous Scully is of Diana... he takes it upon himself to make sure she knows how important she is to him. T
AllyCarsonSweet Revenge6256Scully undergoes a transformation that surprises even Mulder when Phoebe Green comes back into their lives.PG
Angel LeeAnnConsequences12061Mulder's one-night stand brings with it consequences that will effect him for the rest of his life. Scully, of course, is willing to stand by him through it all.PG
Angel-Wings GaskinsAll I Can't Say1599Another woman takes Scully's place in Mulder's life and heart.PG
AngelaWSeduces Me¹8786A story about love and jealousy.N
Annakins02Chasing Fire¹8587She could stop this right now, and their partnership would remain beyond reproach. There would be a few awkward weeks, but they'd put this night in the box labeled 'Things Never to Talk About,' and they'd move on. Like they always do. Except, she'd die an old, lonely maid because there would never be another man who could set her soul on fire the way Mulder does. She'd always be chasing that fire.E
Annette GisbyLetting Go¹1884Relieving some tension.N
CarolineHurting¹9248The aftermath of Two Fathers, One Son. A jealous Scully goes out of control. N
CarolineDressed by Armani¹11841When Mulder poses for a GQ calendar, Scully realises how many women are after her man, and decides its time to take some action.N
Caroline OLure of the Fox¹43292Mulder and Scully pursue a serial killer who calls himself 'The Fox'. [There's a bit of jealousy from both of them in this one.]N
CarolineMcKennaBeer, Eveningwear and Vampires12344Mulder's ex-wife returns and is in immediate danger. Mulder is forced to make some choices between a life he used to have and the one he dreams of. Meanwhile, Scully deals with her own personal demons-jealousy and denial.PG
CerulianSweet Revenge¹3913Mulder is happy. He has a date. [But he's a bit of a slimeball IMHO.] Scully is not happy. She takes revenge.N
ChaneenWBlinded by Foul Play22160Finding Samantha has given Mulder the happily ever after he'd been searching for most of his life, but Scully can't help but wonder where she fits into it now.T
Chibiness87Heterochromia1703Mulder calls her to say the town is being attacked by a plague of killer cockroaches. Of course it is, she thinks. The day ends in 'Y'.T
ChristinaSimmonsMizpah6531Scully discovers the truth about Mulder and Diana Fowley's shared past.PG
ChristinaSimmonsThe Other Woman9634Having struggled to come to terms with Diana Fowley's presence in her partner's life in Mizpah, Scully is forced to confront more than a presence, and to determine where her own feelings are leading her.PG
DashaK & Plausible DeniabilityThe Professional¹56266A woman from Mulder's past returns, desperately needing his and Scully's help. N
DianaBattisCatalytic Converter¹14278Mulder plays Good Samaritan.N
DonnaOther Women3068That communication thingR
DonnileeJ is for Jealousy¹52675Scully is forced to admit her jealousy when she sees her nemesis kissing Mulder. They fight and then, well, they kiss and make up. A weird case provides time alone and they finally take the relationship to a new level. There's also a sequel, "Jealous Rival".E
DonnileeAll Mulder's Women¹11560Scully overhears Mulder making plans for a dinner date and has a bad reaction. Mrs. Scully convinces her to reveal her feelings before there aren't any more tomorrows.N
Eddie EdoraA Girl For Mulder8718Mulder starts dating someone, and it isn't Scully. She, in turn, decides that two can play the dating game.
Plenty of MSR and UST in this one. The shoe's on the other foot in
"A Guy for Scully" at the same link.
EmilySimRelationship Redux5334Scully's a bridesmaid at Charlies wedding. Written for the Haven flashback challenge.R
Elizabeth Ann FanficWhat A Tangled Web We Weave6442An unwelcome third party causes disruption in the agents' partnership.T
EmmyOld Secrets4033Jealousy, Alcohol and Honesty 
Eponine119The Ex3018Scully doesn't know why she's so upset after meeting Mulder's ex-wife. [Diana is Karen for some reason, and there's a rather humourous Tom Cruise reference.]PG
Eponine119Hey Jealousy6538Trouble leaving Comity.R
FatCatA Friend Like That¹23473A huge fight between Mulder and Scully helps them understand just what they mean to each other and who their true friends really are.N
FatCatYes I Am10302Mulder discovers a secret side of Scully he never dreamed existed.PG
fragilevixenXII¹270850A killer romanticizes each and every victim, leaving behind symbols of his "love"...but who is his intended target?M
Frangipani downunderThe Buck Hills Cave Incident¹4824A case based on a real newspaper report in the Bells Cove Coronet about the Buck Hills Cave in Virginia.E
Hurricane ScullyDrunk5146These are all mini separate stories about Scully being drunk. I love the idea of our in control agent being less than in control of herself 😉  [Jealous Scully is in chapter 2.]E
Invisigoth421The Only One I Trust3916After Fight The Future the truth about Diana Fowley emerges.T
JayThe Dare |The Test |The Challenge¹7502It begins as just another case but ends with a challenge. N
JessicaKurrSomebody To You¹19170Mulder and Scully end up stranded in a cabin during a snowstorm, forcing them to open up to each other about what they both have really been feeling all these years. Nothing like below freezing temperatures, miscommunication, and jealousy peeling back all the layers of anger to get to the raw truth of what's really going on deep down inside of them.M
JMoonriseThrough the Window4232Scully doesn't appreciate how
Dakota Whitney tried to touch her man.
Kate GayleNever Say Never Again4553Scully catches Mulder in a compromising position. Later, when he is injured, they have to sort out their feelings for each other. PG
Katherine BentonWhat Doesn't Kill Us Series90531Mulder and Scully struggle with issues of trust and betrayal during and after the events after Fight the Future. PG
Katie PhilipsI Was Thinking About You10900This story stays true to The X-Files series up through Mulder and Scully's disagreement over Diana Fowley. At that point, I take our two heroes on a different journey... PG
LarkAnger And Jealousy2851When Scully ponders the events in One Son, she comes to some realizations. T
Leyla HarrisonEyes Open2516Scully, feeling left out and a little bitter, wishes that she could take back what she's seen.T
LiliBlueTogether Apart12834Mulder and Scully slowly drift apart. A painful event reunites them after three years.M
LisaA Case of You1765Jealousy gets the best of Scully.PG
MacSpookyLeaving Comity2024What happened after Mulder and Scully left the wonderful town of Comity. R
Madeleine PartousFloaters¹22623Mulder and Scully investigate a case in Florida. Season 3.M
Maiden JediTwo Truths1514Mulder contemplates two truths.PG
MezzosopranoDon't It Make My Blue Eyes Green¹7922A childhood friend helps Scully in her battle with the green-eyed monster.N
Michelle KieferMarginal3703Diana was a friend.... comfortable.... It would be so much easier if he loved her back, but he didn't.R
Michelle Kiefer & KelBone Of Contention41949When an investigation in the middle of nowhere opens old wounds, 2000 miles away becomes too close to home. Can Mulder and Scully unravel the puzzle before they fall apart?R
Missy PenningtonHardball19750There's competition for Mulder.T
MoJoGirl 77¹5867Resolving sexual tension - summer smutN
MonaLisaAshlyn¹20011The course of true love never did run smoothN
Monika FileFanConsorting¹6771A small collection of instances where Mulder and Scully consort with one another in their hotel rooms. See chapter 3: Ask for early MSR jealousy smut, and you shall receive. A twist on a scene in the episode Fire where Scully pays Mulder a visit in his room.E
Monika FileFanFeeding The Rumor Mill6034Mulder gets angry after overhearing a conversation about himself. Takes place during Season 5.T
Monika FileFan & WildwingSuzGreen-Eyed5035What caused that switch to be flicked for Scully to see Mulder the way she discusses in The Rain King's bathroom conversation? Scully becomes jealous while assigned to the bullpen with Mulder.T
Monika FileFanMishaps and Mistletoe5386Two days before Christmas, Scully overhears a phone call that could potentially put a freeze on her and Mulder's slow burning relationship.T
MsAMYou Hurt Me¹2481Learning to forgive and to healR
NaridaLawUnscrupulous2668Mulder's haircut is, quite simply, the result of one woman's possessive nature.PG
NicoleMasonGrief & Consequences9204It's not a good time, post Paper Clip.N
NikkiLeFFifteen Minute Window¹6737A New Year's Eve party provides some Scully/Mulder angst, and a way for our two fave agents to get naughty.N
nowwhat einsteinNow That You're Around Me3452Warning: This story contains the following tropes: FBI Ball! Diana Fowley-as-Satan! Jealous Scully! First Kiss! And more! If you're looking for well-worn tropes, you've come to the right place. Enjoy!G
odamaebrownHow to ruin your love life2429Scully is jealous, angry and bored.G
Pam GambleEnough¹7247Scully attempts to deal with her jealousy of the other woman in Mulder's life - and it's not who you might think. Fifth season, before The End.N
PDThe Woman in the Mirror Series¹ 18806Gin and tonic is a lovely drink. Don't you agree? But it should  be enjoyed in the sunlight among friends. Scully is in a dark place.
Sadly, PD has finally removed her website. If you'd like a copy of this story, please use the contact form & I can email it to you, or you can be sneaky and grab the zip file from the wayback machine.
Piper SargassoAll The Pretty Flowers¹9543I know heartbreak.N
RussianWolf7Playing with Fire7076Phoebe Green comes back. Of course, Scully gets really jealous, especially when things get serious between Mulder and Green.PG
ScottMillerAmong the Moonbeams3160There's a party going on upstairs, and what are you doing? Sitting in a stuffy basement office reading?T
ScullyLoves QueequegConfession¹6811Scully begins to question her place in Mulder's life when she discovers that Mulder has another friend he's been travelling to New York to see.E
Shawen A GreerImage¹10844A new case brings Mulder face to face with a mysterious stranger who forces him to deal with his secret desires as well as revealing some of Scully’s as well.M
SpacesoufflesWhat's Left of Us2680Post and during One Son. Dana reconsiders her position in both the FBI and in Agent Mulder's life. Is she really needed to stick around and watch him fawn over 'Special Agent' Diana Fowley. The reconsideration leads to some revelations that may push the very existence of their friendship and relationship. [WIP - possibly abandoned.]M
SpockThe Unattainable?5412Scully thinks Mulder is in love with someone else, angst ensues. PG
Spooky66Untouched¹4384Scully relaxes after a day of being pissed at MulderM
StarCannonA Couple Of Rebels1729Scully comes back from vacation to learn that Mulder has made an unfortunate drunken decision.G
StefDaviesWar: Fallout3031War of the Coprophages post-ep.PG
SummerMSecrets3590It involves the Diana shenanigans. T
TaylorThe Colombian Exchange¹32064It's a story about coffee, terrorism, love, sex, and families, though not necessarily in that order. What happens when a third agent is assigned to the X-Files - a female agent? What happens when Mulder starts dating that agent? What happens when Scully requests a transfer? Cancer rears its ugly head, as does Bill Scully, Jr.N
TBishopBest Friends Series¹40407Scully's feelings for her partner are forced out into the open when another woman comes into the picture.N
TrixieTerritorial¹6810Basically it's some angst & fluff cleverly disguised so an excuse exists to let Moose & Squirrel have some fun, post Alpha 🙂N
tryceeThe Jealousy of A Goddess¹9232What if Scully wasn't so accepting of Karen Berquist at the end of Alpha. And what if Mulder confronted her about it? Would she admit her feelings?T
TumnUnrequited? Think Again4809Scully gets jealous of Mulder's new chick-a-dee, but it turns out to be as real wake-up call for Mulder, with the help of a dark alley, some Bryan Adams, and a shower. R
wickedshadowscryBitch¹2975Scully is JealousN
WildwingSuzAssumptions¹7323Mulder dating a suspect from an earlier case finally makes Scully see what she has at hand.M
Writergal2000Put To Rest7022On a snowy night, Mulder contemplates the meaning of his dream sequences during his brain surgery.  What he comes to realize is shocking not only to his partner, but to himself.  And he not only tells the truth, but also hears some truth from the only person who really matters to him.  T
wtfmulderThe Condom Story (aka Pocket Guts)2833Set during s6. Mulder and Scully have a lot to work in their relationship -- before it even gets to happen. Prompt: how would Scully react if Mulder dropped an open condom wrapper in front of her?M
XAngel (Emily Sim)Cabinets & Desks & Chairs, Oh My!¹6965Scully is sick of watching Mulder lap up the attention given to him by other women.N
XenoprobeUntil Theres Nothing Left To Say¹10180After Mulder rejects Scully's findings on Agt. Fowley's possible duplicity, Scully nurses her emotional wounds with some bourbon.R
XphilaJealousy Is Fear3551Scully is Jealous of Diana Fowley.T

MSR Fic List: On the Road – Dangerous Driving

This one’s just a quick one.  In the “On the Verge” fic list I mentioned that there were also fics where Mulder and Scully didn’t pull off to the side of the road before they just had to go at it… Well these are those stories.

Admittedly, I’m pretty sure they pull over at some stage in a few, but generally, this is stuff that happens in the car while someone’s trying to drive…

As usual, these just happen to be fics I’ve tagged in my library.  I’m sure there are more out there so please let me know of any I’ve missed, or mis-tagged. I’m pretty sure that there’s at least one I remember reading that isn’t here.

And please don’t try this at home. Or in the car. Mulder and Scully are FBI agents, remember, and they’re trained to drive under challenging conditions. 😉

Author/s Title Words Summary Rated
AllThingsX Midnight Sinderella Series 16635 Not everything turns into a
pumpkin at midnight! Pure fluff-not big on plot, but smut abounds!!!!!!!
[The car part is in part III, but they’re all worth reading].
Bohoartist Drive Faster 587 Dana Scully had always been
proud of her ability to give one hell of a hand job.
Bugs Even Doves Have Pride I & II 13332 In the three whirlwind months
since Mulder and Scully have become involved, you’d think they would be entwined in a congenial union. Perhaps, but suddenly things are moving too quickly for Scully.
JenMcL Hard Driving 745 A long, tedious drive. N
JenMcL Road Trip Distractions 876 Mulder’s uncomfortable and
Scully has a distracting solution.
Jeri Beltway Musings 1078 Stuck on the Beltway, late to
work. What’s a couple of horny FBI agents to do?
Jori & MoJo Drive Away 7146 After sitting through a ‘guy
flick,’ a slightly drunken Scully grants Mulder three wishes and fun ensues.
Leyenn On The Road 2209 You’re beside me on the seat / Got your hand between my knees / And you control how fast we go by just how hard you wanna squeeze E
msrafterdark Overtaken 1067 My sweatpants are calling to
ScullyGolightly That’s What She Said 4006 A not so idle car ride. E

Fic List: Mulder or Scully Cheating (or Fifty Infidelity Fics)

This list has been one I’ve wanted to post for a very long time but had a lot of trouble pulling it together for some reason.  On top of that, there was one really good fic that I read before I started downloading all my fics to read offline that I’ve never been able to find again, and I wanted it to be on the list, so that keept distracting me.  I’ll put the details of the lost fic at the bottom after the list in the hopes that someone recognises it and can point me to it.

I’ve agonised over this list quite a bit because some of them I’m not 100% sure about – although at some stage I’ve tagged them as cheatfics, I don’t remember that part of the story.  If you come across any that don’t fit, feel free to let me know, or you can just consider me cheating on you in the spirit of the list.  There are a few where they’re only believed to be cheating, but the belief still results in the associated angst so I’ve tossed them on and marked them with an *.  I imagine it must be really difficult to write a totally in character cheatfic, so there aren’t a lot of them, and I may have clutched at a few straws…

These stories are only ones involving Mulder or Scully cheating or being cheated on.

Table last updated 2019-02-04 18:14:40 by i-dont-wanna-wrestle.

AgentSx42What Is This Love? 5889After being made to go their separate ways, a married Mulder and a single Scully meet again after 3 years.N
AliciaKBlack Coffee In Bed Series10036Mulder & Scully had agreed to be completely honest with each other but he'd neglected to tell her something.T
Amorfati32This is how it ends? 1194Prompt: I never thought I would find myself watching you fall for another man. Why are you doing this to me?
Is this a female trick, a revenge even?
AnneRClaxon 3860A new take on the "It's the night before Dana Scully's wedding day; what's Fox Mulder to do?" theme.R
Come Down
5238Six years into her marriage to Daniel, Scully meets Fox Mulder at a bar one night, and they get talking and fucking over alcohol and self-pity.E
CharHall & MR Dance With Me 1-10 16140A series beginning with a chance meeting pre-XF. !DrunkConN
ConspiracyThe Way Things Are
Grey Sky Morning
No Getting Back
12935Eight years is a long time to
DanaKA Soft Place To Fall 9548What happens when Scully finds another man, after she and Mulder decided to be just friends?R
DashaKBlinded By White Light 50712Post colonisation, the population of the earth was decimated by a virus. Those who survived lost all memory of their past. N
DeMoNChiCRainstorm 7901Reflecting on the past and the present leads Scully to search out an alternative future.PG
DonnaSimple Choices 52423What would bring them together? PG
Eileen Whipple Forbidden Fruit 1157"I've always thought about her and now, she will haunt me."R
Eponine119Slinky and Sea Monkeys
I'm Too Slinky
3336What to buy Mulder for unnamed giftgiving occasion and why a Girlfriend has no hope of competing.T
FrangipanidownunderWalking the Tightrope7946Scully and Ethan are together. But for how long?M
FrangipanidownunderThe Shape of Shadows 11496This is basically a re-write of season two, assuming that M&S start a romantic relationship after they are separated as work partners.T
HaphazardMethodThe Mourning After 3583Two thousand miles is very far, but sometimes not far enough.  [This one isn't a terribly happy story, but we're reading cheatfic for the angst, aren't we?]R
HelleI'd Come For You*4482Scully and Mulder deal with the damage Diana Fowley caused to their relationship.

There's a non-smut version with author Mrs.Scarlettbutler on ff.net if you're so inclined.
1238it still hurts me too.M
in luv
& svu & sg1
The Affair 11461"What are we doing here, Scully? I mean if you're so set on saving your failing marriage why do you keep coming back here?" She looked up at Mulder knowing he was right "I love you, Scully, and I always will, but if you really want to save your marriage we can't keep sleeping together." I know it may seem OOC for Scully to have an affair but she has her reasons.M
JennaToomsNotorious 19639Say Scully is asked to play a dangerous game. Say the game is more dangerous than anyone imagined. Say there's no way out.N
Jess MBirthday 9158On the day of his 38th birthday, Mulder decides to reveal the truth to Scully and see where it gets him
(where do you think?) This is pre-this whole season, written during the hiatus. Diana isn't dead, in other words.
JesseBlue on Black 6912Mulder vanishes with no trace; Scully discovers the pain of "not-knowing" and having too much time to think. Major Scully angst. [I enjoyed this perspective of S5]R
kateyes224Center Mass 12393In the wake of their first case together, Mulder and Scully make a concerted effort to get to know one another...and end up uncovering more than they bargained for in the process. [I think this might be an almost cheatfic.]M
KatieHarris Fox's Book of Martyrs: Crucifying Scully 22775Your end is your beginning is your end. N
Kris SDana and Fox 24201[This one didn't come with a summary. It's MSR, there's a beach and there's a fight and they go their seperate ways..... I'm including this story despite not being a fan of it myself. I realise I can be very picky at times and it could just be me. It could even have been the name of the fic that put me offside.]N
KRochThe Spell Series 78991Ok, this story is about Mulder and Scully confronting their attraction to each other. It has its origins in my desire for Mulder to someday see Scully completely decked out instead of the usual standard FBI suits he usually sees her in. [please don't share under author's original name]N
KRochThe Offspring*82135Pure subjective character exploration. [please don't share under author's original name]R
KyselyeaJust Before 8076Mulder becomes desperate when Scully marries another man. [This fic starts off really promising, but I have issues when Scully is a medical doctor and lacks basic understanding of things you don't even need to be a doctor to know. Issues like that can really ruin a story for me, but maybe if you're forewarned you can set your expectations accordingly and enjoy it more. ] N
LauraHAll At Once
Anything is Possible
Believe in Me
16382Scully starts dating Skinner's doctor.PG
LaurieSWho Let In The Rain? 5762This is post Memento Mori, but in another realm of reality. Mulder and Scully consummate their relationship, but is it for the wrong reasons?R
Lil_GustyTrefoil Series 174025A dark, torturous series
featuring Ethan Minette, Scully's boyfriend who didn't ever make it to screen. After a chance meeting reunites them, Ethan makes Scully an offer she can't refuse, a chance for something that Mulder knows he can't give her.
LolabeegoodSeven Years In Denver 42977Scully finds amnesiac Mulder but he's married to someone else. [Warning: this one doesn't end in MSR, which might make you sad. It made me sad.]R
MacSpookyStranded For Christmas 15173Mulder and Scully end up stranded in a mountain cabin during a severe snowstorm. [I think it's part one in a series.]R
msrafterdark Fucking Married (my title) 1081Prompt: Scully goes back to see mulder in their home but there is a women and gets jealous and ask Mulder who she is? [Note, there are 2 parts to this fic, and I only have a link to the first part. I'm trying to track down the second part and will add it when I can get it. Puritanical tumblr really pisses me off.]M
MuldersLadyThe Price Of Deceit 5146After Five years of marriage, Mulder does something that may destroy it all. [bisexual mulder. My notes say
"M seems allergic to foreplay"... I can't remember much about the
fic, but that made me chuckle.]
peacenik0How They Met 3117Prompt: A story/an au. Mulder and scully met at her fbi academy graduation party. They talked and flirted, and has a couple of drinks together.M
Prufrock's LovePromises to Keep 36688What happens to a marriage of convenience when it becomes inconvenient? A seriously fractured, quasi-Jewish
fairytale. [Anyone who knows me knows I don't like Skinner being sexual - it's like thinking about my parents having sex. eww. But it does end in
MSR, and there's some hot reunion sex.]
Prufrock's LoveDr Scully's School For Exceptional Boys 72073More than a decade had passed. Mulder had no reason to hole up in his apartment alone, wearing a Three Dog Night T-shirt with dried mustard on the hem and blue jeans that had seen better days. He wasn't "saving himself" for anyone. Especially not Her. Though she remained epically, beautifully, brilliantly kick-A-S-S.N
puzzlingpieceTwo Weeks, Too Cold
Four Weeks, Forgive
6262Pre season 10 breakup angst.M
RocketManRift102106MSR, heavy angst, Alternate reality. [I usually love Rocketman, but I got a bit bogged down in this fic (kidfic really isn't my bag) and never finished reading it. I have it tagged as cheating but I can't quite remember the details.]T
Samantha LinFrost I & II 5669Alright, you know Fox Mulder?  Yeah, well, his legs don't work anymore.  And you know that red
haired partner of his?  Yeah, well, she sort of married him. And you
know that little girl they have?  No?  Well, you'll find out. [Although the end of the second fic says there's more to come, I haven't located anything. You might need to change the 1 at the end to 2 for the second story.]
SavyConvenient 533He sleeps with her but calls out Scully's name....N
Spooky66Boyfriend 1541Written for the Summer Heat challenge to fill the 'frottage' box on my bingo sheet! A post Pilot fic!E
SwikstrHomicidal Tendencies 174672Crossover. What begins as a typical ritual murder case with supernatural overtones for Mulder and Scully in Baltimore becomes something else as the two are forced to interact with some of the unique personalities on Charm City's murder squad. Ultimately,
Scully’s developing connection with a Baltimore homicide detective has
far-reaching consequences in the evolution of her relationship with Mulder.
Syntax6Universal Invariants 82292This is an AU story in which I play fast and loose with the first season. While I'm just as glad that Ethan got eliminated from the actual show (I don't think he would have added much on the screen) I thought it would be fun to play out the relationship here as Scully gets dragged deeper and deeper into the X-Files.N
Syntax6Original Sin 53128It's post *Fight the Future*, and Scully has moved to Utah. Unfortunately for her, the X-Files followed her there. She must not have noticed that the state emblem is a big old beehive.  Poor Scully. When will she learn? M/O, S/O, MSR.N
& Jacquie LaVa
Dead Ringer*38637Mulder's and Scully's professional and personal relationship is challenged in a most unusual and dangerous wayN
& Jacquie LaVa
To Love Somebody 65752In the midst of attempting to have a normal romance, Mulder's escalating feelings for Scully, and her deteriorating health due to her advancing cancer, make it impossible for him to commit.N
Secrets and Heartaches 13596Mulder and Scully are finally
together and about to be married when Diana Fowley stops the wedding,
claiming that the young boy she has with her, is her and Mulders Son... Plus
Scully has a secret of own... [If you can overlook how wildly out of character
they are in places, it has some great angst.]
YvonneRThe Unspoken Truth 16745When Mulder's marriage doesn't work out, guess who he runs to? But when he's accused of murdering his wife and Scully's testimony would save him, he wont let her give it. !spousal rape of Mulder [This one they don't get as far as doing the wild thing, but it's still a good angstfest.]N


I’m searching for a fic where Scully has left and married a doctor in another state. Another person searching for the fic said it was Georgia but I’m not sure.  Mulder drops in to see her when he goes there for a case, and i think he can tell everything isn’t “fine”. There is a lot of angst, and Scully is subjected to domestic abuse, and cheats with Mulder.  I think Maggie tries to encourage her to stay with her husband but doesn’t know the full story.  I’m not sure, I just remember phone calls with Maggie.  This is a bit vague, but my memory isn’t great. All I can think of is that it was probably posted to ff.net and removed by the author as I’ve never been able to find it again.

Fic List: Creepy Stalker Daniel

These are a few selected stories in which a creepy Daniel Waterston appears.

In each of these stories he’s definitely creepy, but to avoid this list being one giant spoiler, he may not be a/the stalker – I’ve thrown one or two fics with the same kind of theme in to keep you guessing.

This is a nice short one. 🙂   Because it’s so short I didn’t do the Excel step I usually do and it put itself in a random order, but you can click at the top of the table to sort it by column.

Table last updated 2019-01-17 14:55:29 by i-dont-wanna-wrestle.

Anne HaynesAcross the Rubicon5023Once you cross the line, where do you go from there? T
ElleThomNo-One Is To Blame94302A what if with a twistM
DonnaSomeone's Wife13851What if she’d married someone before she met him?N
DLynnAll Things Bright And Beautiful39102“Scully, have you ever asked yourself what kind of man would quit his job, leave his family, follow you across the country, and never contact you the entire time he was here. Never once, in ten years, did he call you, or write you, or contact you in any way. What kind of man is that, Scully?” R
StormRipper42201A month after 'all things' a case is on Scully's mind, and she's on Daniel's. !nonconN
DonnaTrust Issues12764A long time ago she needed his helpPG
Jo-Ann LConsequenses of our Actions18271Is someone out to get Mulder? T
FatCatTo Tame the Wild Fox 62857How would Mulder survive without Scully? How would Scully survive without her memories? N
RowanDarkstarWater's Edge172598Believing Mulder dead, Scully slowly moves on to a new life (or an old one). But perhaps the adventure has not yet ended...N
MyrissAnamnesis11711Memories of a soul.T

MSR Fic List: Ethan Fics

I’m quite happy that Scully’s boyfriend from the pilot, Ethan Minette, remained on the cutting room floor, but he makes for some interesting fanfic.  If you haven’t seen the deleted scenes from the pilot episode, I’m sure they’re on youtube.  A nicer person would give you a link, but I’m a barely functioning person, nice is too much of a stretch.

This is a list of all the Ethan fics I have tagged in my library.  I try to only tag fics where Ethan gets more than a passing mention, but in some he’s more in the background.  There are quite a few series, which I’ve combined in the list, but Ethan may not be present in all stories in each series, you’ll have to work that out for yourself if it’s that important to you. 😛

Table last updated 2019-01-13 19:02:03 by i-dont-wanna-wrestle.

30xfPilot1077Scully talks to Ethan on the phone late at night.T
30xfConduit1164No summaryPG
AlannaRead in the Dark13987Secrets and confessions in two worlds.N
Amorfati32This is How it Ends?1194"In case you are taking prompts: I never thought I would find myself watching you fall for another man. Why are you doing this to me? Is this a female trick, a revenge even?"T
AtheneIn Corpore Sano11019"Scully?" His voice was serious. "I guess I'm confused. You ask me to confide in you, tell you details about me and my health, but you're closed-off about sharing any issues you have. I'm not
a doctor, but I did study psychology, and I can spot a double standard."
BrandyThatcherPartners, Their Pasts, And The Long Push Forward16434Between these two crap cases, getting bitched at by Kersh, being on the verge of losing his job and dragging Scully down with him, and the appearance of this psycho Ethan guy, this could have been one of the worst weeks of his entire life. So how was it then that when everything was going so wrong in his life, he could be so completely happy?R
Caroline OIt's A Mulderful Life3114"You've an over developed sense of melodrama and a scorching case of food poisoning." - Mulder finds out from his Guardian Angel what life would be like without him.
This is a sequel of sorts to "Clarity", where Mulder meets his Guardian Angel.  It's not necessary to read the first part (but I don't mind if you do!). Apologies to Frank Capra! They're both at the link for you. 🙂
CatheyScullyComplications4431When she was partnered with Spooky Mulder, the last thing Scully had intended to do was to fall in love with him.PG
Charleyne & MRDance With Me 1-1016140*Author's note: This is totally unrealistic, and yes, I *know* it couldn't have happened given the X-Files chronology that Carter has created, but I had to write it. I hope you do enjoy it. It's a romance and it's also an alternate universe story. !DrunkConN
ColebaltBlueVariations on a Theme21104Dr Dana Scully is a medical examiner for the city and county of San Francisco when she is assigned the Jane Doe #19292. In Washington, D.C. behavioral sciences unit FBI agent Fox Mulder becomes interested in Jane Doe #19292 and heads out to San Francisco to investigate. The rest, they say, is history.T
CrossedBeamsIt's A Mulderful Life1543Please can you write something about scully meeting Ethan again, revival time.. MSR of course...G
26320Pre XF, M & S are set up on a joke blind date and hit it
off.  Things go well until Maggie interferes...  and
Scully leaves the FBI.
DonnaBeyond Ethan & Beyond Venus7225Beyond Ethan: When did she and Ethan break up? 
Beyond Venus:  Sequel to Beyond Ethan
52423What would bring them together? PG
14750What if it had been different?T
Something New I - IV
21906Mulder meets the new agent from Quantico T
DryadCountry of the Crepescule23522Country of the Crepescule: Local Boy (G) - Can you ever really go home again?
Country Of The Crepescule: Mothers Milk (T) -  Could you resist the temption to eavesdrop on your child? 
Country of the Crepescule: Do You Like Our Owl? (T) - Meet the kinder, gentler Bill Scully
Country of the Crepescule: Catch a Falling Star (NC-17) - The horror, the fascination, the nausea, the envy, the guilt
All of the stories in this series are standalones, and take place throughout the show, ranging from PG to NC17.  Read in any order ya like.
DryadPoints of View - Three1137Three points of view during the pilotR
DyannZAs It Might Have Been (I - III)34575
What if Ethan was never edited from the Pilot episode? What actually happened between the scenes we saw? Tune in and find the true smutty story.  Follows through the first three seasons.N
Eponine119Slinky and Sea Monkeys | I'm Too Slinky3336Slinky and Sea Monkeys: What to buy Mulder for unnamed giftgiving occasion and why a Girlfriend has no hope of competing.

Ethan appears in the sequel,
I'm Too Slinky

FatCatAn Alternate Reality3985How many truths are there out there? Which one will be Scully's future?PG
Fran58Late Night at the Hoover I & II: Lunch1594Early in the series.  A late night encounter.

Sequel: Late Night at the Hoover II: Lunch
Fran58Avoidance2545A simple family dinner could be a turning point for Scully. Author's Note: Yes, I know the time line is not correct. But what the
heck. Doesn't seem to bother 1013.
FrangipanidownunderWalking the Tightrope7946Scully and Ethan are together. But for how long?M
Government PatsySomething Else15832A 'what-if-Ethan-wasn't-cut-out-of-the-show' kinda story. M
IrenaCharade5458Scully enlists Mulder's help in making an old boyfriend think she actually does have a life.N
JBFlight 912 Row 19 I & II1954A chance meeting in an airport reunites Scully with a friend from the past, as told from his POV. 
Sequel: Any Other Way
kateyes224Center Mass12393In the wake of their first case together, Mulder and Scully make a concerted effort to get to know one another...and end up uncovering more than they bargained for in the process.M
KsharNight's Reflections On Night6645Alternate history story, the main tenet being that Mulder never regained his memories of the night Samantha was abducted (so he never found the X Files, Scully was never assigned...you get the idea).R
KudraEve Of Understanding3252 Scully debates leaving the X-Files after the events of
"Eve", while Mulder gives her a few reasons to reconsider.
Lara MeansSara Mulder series41600A series of 5 stories set after Requiem.PG-R
leiascullyHalloween1223Four Halloweens with four different men.G
Lil_GustyTrefoil Series174025After a chance meeting reunites them, Ethan makes Scully an offer she can't refuse, a chance for something that Mulder knows he can't give her.N
Malibu SunsetSix Miles High8609Remember Ethan?T
M EndresThe Last Temptation Of Scully1495Temptation can sometimes appear as a wise choice. PG
MichelleKieferTilt1140It was as if the planet had tilted, and the ground had dropped out from under her feet. PG
o6666666Ethan -Headcanon Prompt1000They don’t get along. I mean—they try. Or, Mulder tries. But it doesn’t work.PG
Prufrock'sLoveFlesh & Blood14558An assignment to profile a killer targeting underage girls in the porn industry takes a dark turn and tests the trust between still-new partners.N
Prufrock'sLoveBelphegor's Prime33107When someone wrote *Time Travel for Dummies*, the guidebook should include a chapter titled "Love as a Form of
Self-flagellation. " Or "She's Your Touchstone, You're a Stranger." Mulder's old files documented time
travel, parallel universes, and wormholes. Back in the day, he'd been a regular G-man with a hot partner, a hazy job description, and a plan to
thwart an alien invasion. Then the world ended. Scully vanished. And none of his X-files offered any guidance on romance in a time of pleated pants and
shoulder pads.
Rachel WilderBus Number Thirty Weekdays1240Scully prepares for her first day of work on the X-Files.PG
RaEnrightTemper, Temper7968Baby Mulder is defending Baby Scully's honour. Ethan is kind
of incidental to the fic.
RFrankeThe Temptation Of Dana Scully4378Why was Scully assigned to the X-Files? PG
Sam I AmHow It Happened: The Pilot2421How it Happened. Really, that's all!  3rd Person point of
view from 3 little-considered characters during the Pilot.
ShawntawOther Plans2068"Life is what happens when you're busy making other
plans" - John Lennon. 
Spooky66Boyfriend1541Written for the Summer Heat challenge to fill the 'frottage'
box on my bingo sheet! A post Pilot fic!
sunflowerseedsandscienceEarly On Series27001The biggest clue, Scully thinks, as she lights one of the thick pillar candles on the dresser and begins to prepare for a bath, lies in
her reaction to Ethan's proposal. When he'd dropped to his knee, her initial reaction had not been one of joy, or even a thought that she might be ready for this one day, maybe soon, even if she
wasn't quite there yet. No, her mental reaction had been a complete and unequivocal *Oh, shit.* A series
of 10 stories set early on...
Syntax6Universal Invariants82292This is an AU story in which I play fast and loose with the first season. While I'm just as glad that Ethan got eliminated from the actual show (I don't think he would have added much on the screen) I thought it would be fun to play out the relationship here as Scully gets dragged deeper and deeper into the X-Files.N
Syntax6Laws Of Motion74159Sequel to "Universal Invariants," it picks up in season five with Redux II. Scully barely has time to unpack before a ghost from the past sends her and Mulder down a murderous rabbit hole.N
TreeHappen At Once918She wonders what Mulder tastes like.M
tryceeThe Unbroken Circle9386Set before Scully's father's death, this is the last time the entire family is together for a holiday and there is tension between them, as are with most families.PG
tryceeThe Dead Will Follow You13237Mulder and Scully investigate a ghost of a little girl that kills but Scully runs into Ethan.T
Vickie MoseleyClearing The Decks4876Dana Scully, newly assigned agent to the X Files Division, deals with the dilemma of having two men in her life. PG
Winter BabyLeast Resistance1762This is hardly considered effortless.PG
Xtreme UnctionIgnominy2033MSR, but with a twist. Readers who are uncomfortable with jealousy expressed with raw honesty from the male POV may want to skip this one. Hell hath no fury and all that jazz.R

I’ve managed to add two fics shortly after posting this… as always, please let me know of any I’ve missed.  I know I can’t have found all of them, and my tagging can be hit or miss, so I appreciate learning of others.  Message me at  i-dont-wanna-wrestle.tumblr.com.

MSR Fic List: 6.18 Milagro

Milagro is a beloved ep. I’ll never forget the shock of seeing Scully openly display that vulnerability at the end for the first time, and what a big step that was after the ups and downs of Season 6.

So, without further waffling, I give you a list of the stories from my personal library that have been tagged as Milagro.  And please let me know of any other good ones I need to read.

Table last updated 2020-06-19 13:04:44 by i-dont-wanna-wrestle.

6hoursgirlAlma3986Post-ep for Milagro; the aftermath. T
AgentDianaFowleyCrush22150Mulder confronts Scully after the events in Milagro. This causes their relationship to change drastically.R
3492What was Mulder thinking when he read Phillip Padgett's novel? R
Aloysia_VirgataLacuna20035Scully explores her feelings after Milagro while investigating a murder. This ends in an RST place despite evidence to the contrary.M
Aloysia_VirgataReclamation2844Five Times Dana Scully Said NoG
ArtemisX5Don't Look Up4089It was done.  I had no more secrets.  R
BeduiniIan9316After Milagro, before The Unnatural It often takes a third party to point out the obvious to those who are too close to the situation. Or, Mulder finds his cojones. R
DianaBattisI Believe3830Scully's near death experience causes her to rethink her beliefs.N
DonnaMilagro Thoughts1140The rest of the episodeR
FatCatWhat Might Have Been61367Milagro events force our heroes to relive past relationshipsN
Fran HartmanFaith13957Prompted by Padgett's insight into Scully's character, Mulder tries to move the relationship between the partners forward, only to be thrust into a struggle for his sanity, his heart, and his life; discovering that the only way to move on is to break the cycle.

! suicide attempt, child sexual abuse
h0ldthiscatLa Madrugada2663What she sees in his eyes as she turns to face him is shocking. It's adoration, completely, purely, simply. How many times has she seen that look and written it off as something else? How many times has she certainly thrown him that glance, hoping he noticed, praying he didn't? How many times are they going to stare at each other before it's too late?E
humancredentialsHer Divine Heart1959He's never heard her cry like this.T
Jacquie LaVaOverloved2450˜It should never end, this amazing night"N
JediShipperOne Night1460Fowley visits Mulder the morning after Milagro.G
Jilly ShenoaApril Weekend8812Scully's decision to leave the X-Files spins Mulder into an intense weekend. PG
JoriCalendar Girl: Broken Sound9444Mulder and Scully fight time and the elements to find a missing boy.N
JoylynnWingLa Verdad Del Milagro32459A time for healing, of body and soul.N
KBrownRed1845True feelings come outT
LolabeegoodFirst Time: Milagro4115A series attempting to establish their first time.R
MangokiwitropicalswirlStealing First4685Post ep Unnatural, MilagroM
MelCAcquiescence1578This idea came to me following the airing of "Milagro" and I finally got the guts to share it. PG
MishSo Let It Be Written | So Let it Be
Done | Exodus
27720In a world of extreme possibilities, might we not turn to the implausible? God, I hate to write summaries..PG
mldrgrlIntimacies With Strangers7407Set during and post-Milagro, Scully and Mulder come to terms with the past and the present due to Padgett's supposed insights into Scully's psyche.E
MLPSea Change2250All the best stuff took place between the episodes. This scene takes place immediately after Milagro to explain how our heroes got from the cold professionalism of that episode to the giddy can't-keep-their-hands-off-each-other of the next ep, The Unnatural.PG
MoJoHell or High Water5713Following "Milagro" Scully has a turning point in San Diego.N
MsAMMilagro: The Long Walk series4413A possible trip inside Mulders psyche.N
NicoletteYin and Yang6483A long weekend gives Mulder and Scully a chance to ponder their complex relationship. N
RoseThornhillMiracle2996Set immediately following "Milagro," Mulder cares for a scared and injured Scully. ATTHSE
ScamBelieverWalking Away III: Unexpected Visitor4041Scully gives in at the wrong time. PG
ShannonoLessons Learned (Complete Series)18454Post-ep, from the moment Scully's eyes open in the final scene. Scully first person, with a sort of stream of consciousness feel. PG
storybycoreyHe's Never Said Her Name2149Inspired by the prompt "Post Milagro- Mulder masturbating to Scully smut."E
TahliaPaper Walls3407Voyeurism isn't always good for characterization.R
TB's LMCAnd She Cried2244Every now and then an ep will inspire me to do a sort of "finish-the-scene" thing, which is what I did with this episode "Milagro." Written the night the ep
originally aired, April 18, 1999 .
TB's LMCAnything for You, Scully5502This is the sequel to And She Cried...what happens when Scully and Mulder wake up.M
TrixieDetails and Logistics3935Hate summaries, hate summaries, hate summaries . . . Post-Ep Milagro Fic. Moose & Squirrel . . . deal.T
UberBitchTwo Hearts Beat As One - UberBitch2165There is no plot. It is smut. Oh, and it takes place a few days after the events of "Milagro".N
viceversaStay Here Tonight499Mulder asks Scully to stay after what happened with NaciamentoT
virtue_flutteringHeart Of Darkness2917How did M & S get up from the floor?PG
WitchBabyAffirmation1012Picks up where Milagro leaves off…R
wtfmulderSupplicant1904Post-Milagro. Mulder takes Scully back to her apartment after her attack.E
Xfilesforever252Beating Heart1274Post Milagro! One of my favorite episodes ever and got a request to do a post ep!M

Obviously this is nowhere near all the fics written for this episode. If you’d like to seek out more, you can try:

The Ultimate MSR Office Smut List

Close to 250 fics that I’ve tagged as office smut in my library.

***Now containing summaries, but still few links to related fics.***

This is a list of fics only, without specific recommendations.  Some stories are better than others. Some things may not be as they appear (dreams etc),  and occasionally the smut is disappointingly of the ATTHS variety or is interrupted just when things are going well, but to tell you which are which would be a massive spoiler, so just read them all. 😀

Table last updated 2019-01-14 19:08:41 by i-dont-wanna-wrestle.

2momsmakearightThe Delicacy
of Scully
817Mulder's thoughts while he
consumes Scully... in the best way possible.
admiraltyFirst Time
For Everything
120186Mulder and Scully experience
some "firsts" in their ever evolving relationship. This story
begins in their late S7 just-started-fucking days and continues throughout
the course of the series. Not gonna lie, it’s mostly sex, but I love MSR
angst so there’s a fair amount here. Canon-compliant.

This is definitely the smuttiest stuff I've ever written. First time for
everything, indeed. You've been warned 😉

As a side-note, this story runs in tandem with my stories
and [This Woman's
Work](https://archiveofourown.org/works/15619893/chapters/36268020). I'll
link to the chapters relevant in each chapter here, but reading these is
beneficial to completing the story. Feedback is always welcomed, thanks for
AdrienneClick Here5040Office sex!N
agoodwomanIn The
1821Inspired by one of
@msrafterdark's drawings
Trains and Automobiles
67101Getting home proves to be
challenging for our favourite agents. Set during Season 7, after
agoodwomanThe Basement1498I got a prompt for first time in
the office sex
89017Christmas 1998, set Season 6, our beloved agents are working under AD Kersh. Mulder and Scully get into the holiday spirit.E
akaJakeOink Oink3025Mulder gets what Mulder
akaJake/CindyETEncore8815There are dozens of fanfic
stories about Mulder and Scully's first time. Haven't you ever wondered what happens during the all-important second encounter? Sequel to Acquitted
AKBowermanScreensaver656Mulder (lovingly) seduces Scully at work one day.N
on the Job
2846Mulder's caught taking a quick nap.N
2567Poor Skinner keeps finding his golden pair in compromising positions, and it's getting a little out of hand.M
4799Mulder goes to check on his partner who has been spending many hours at the lab trying to discover
answers about the virus she was exposed to.
AllThingsXMidnight Sinderella Series16635Not everything turns into a
pumpkin at midnight! Pure fluff-not big on plot, but smut abounds!!!!!!!
alwaysforyouscullyHot and
3082Set after Dreamland. AU since this takes place in the basement instead of the bullpen. Since this would
have been awkward in the bullpen, for sure.
amanda.jane.graceAfter Tonight2987Scully surprises Mulder late at night in the office, in more ways than one. The fic is incomplete,
but the important part is there.
Amorfati32Desk Job3137Mulder and Scully are back in
the basement office. (Revival)
Amorfati32Desk Bound781Dana Scully is going to hell.E
& Livengoo
Colors28008Round robin craziness - Scully wants Mulder but they keep getting
interrupted and Mulder keeps getting hurt
1709Our lovable agents get a little carried away in their basement office, and face an untimely interruption.E
AnarchyX-PhileOffice Work5072Scully and Mulder are back in their office tying up loose ends from the Jersey Devil Case. Scully has some
weaknesses when it comes to Mulder and she's finally decided to do something
about it.
AndreaAgent Scully's Miracle Cure3042Fine, if you can't loosen my back, you have to give me a blowjob. E
AndreaBaggage2404Scully is dating a widower.N
AndreaWords Of Advice2848Mulder asks Scully's advice on
Day in the Life
6436An interactive choose your own story story, so you only get office smut if you choose it 😉N
Letting Go1884Relieving some tension.N
Distracted905Mulder livens up a boring meeting. N
anonymouslyme8A Much Needed
2461Scully is finishing up a report for Skinner, but after staring at it for hours she needed a break. Mulder needs it too.M
Accidental Spy
2569You know, they NEVER make these stalls completely private and there was a gap in the corner joint, so I could
see. I’m not a voyeur by nature. *I* don’t like to be watched, but,
I admit I was intrigued.
2704Being close friends for over 6
years doesn't seem enough.
5712Scully receives an anonymous
email that heats up the office for her and Mulder.
BasementboyAlone Time1193They finally get some alone
time, even if it is in the office.
bluebunny100A Moment of
Embarassment to a Moment of Passion
4641Scully cant miss that
1279Mulder/Scully battle over who
will look away first.
& Mulder
9109When Mulder has another failed attempt at trying to find Samantha, he turns to Scully for comfort and they
realise their love for eachother. Smut/ fluff
C SousaPersuasionTechniques4069How exactly did Mulder convince Scully to drop everything and get on the first plane to Los Angeles?
 (The Amazing Maleeni)
C SousaNoticing7625Scully notices Mulder and Mulder notices Scully noticing.N
CatwomanRecovering The Satellites3901It's way past Mulder and
Scully's bedtimes... 
3913Mulder is happy. He has a date. [But he's a slimeball.] Scully is not happy. She takes revenge.N
ChaosticVentilationSplinterwood3034Scully gets a splinter.N
3855 A desk is a terrible thing
to waste! 
1808Scully and Mulder's plans for
birthday sex go awry. 
cmonlauraweremarriednowX-Rayted944For @wtfmulder? @perplexistan
and @frangipanidownunder? who so kindly encouraged me to emerge from lurking
in the shadows and write this based on my 1 AM anon response to @wtfmulder?‘s
ask prompt: where do Mulder and Scully get it on?
1678Mulder and Scully get spooky in
the basement during Sleepless, but they're not alone.
coldheartscoldersongsMoment of
868Scully refuses to let her cancer
get to her. When it does, Mulder is there to help her through it.
9221Scully catches Mulder taking
matters into his own hands.
CrossedBeamsClose9967Sometimes it takes a little
while to get the ending you want... Inspired by a fellow writer who pointed
out how Dana Scully is queen of speedy orgasms I decided to write something
to shake that up a bit! Post Millenium, NSFW. Utter smut but with a poetic
CultureisDarkBeerRooted in Friendship354596This follows MSR beginning with
"The End" in season five until life leads me in another direction.
I will attempt to be canon compliant. The continuity in the storylines always
bothered me and I always thought MSR deserved more than for it to become an
x-file. This is a result of that nagging, my first attempt at fanfic, and a
labor of love. [There are office tidbits here and there, but I've linked to
Chapter 31 for your enjoyment.]
& Xfilesopus
27584 Mulder and Scully are
always filled with tension … this story deals with it.
3695Mulder has an addiction, the
temptation of which he is unable to resist
danascullliesMake Me1772Mulder kisses Scully out of
& Gwendolyn
In The
5230What? You mean we need to have a
plot? Oh, crud. A closet, some smut, a surly man and a morning meeting. Kind
of a sequel to Gwen’s “Crawl Space.” 
DavidSThe Painting7592“Mulder,” she said softly,
caressing the syllables, “If you buy that painting, you will not get any for
one month.” “Is this a challenge?” he said, a smile forming.
Deana PThe
9958Scully wants to experience a
normal family life before she dies.
Scully's Bored
2172Mulder & Scully are called
to a meeting in Kersh’s office — PRONTO! Scully gets bored & a bored
Scully can be trouble! 
the Cage
49293A strange sequence of events are
put into play after a heated argument between Mulder and Scully. 
DeiaTerritorial4515With much more confidence, Mulder walked out of his office with every intention of showing Queequeg his place.N
DesFull Circle To The Truth50695Special Agent Diana Fowley. Special Agent Dana Scully. What do they mean to Fox Mulder? Does he know? If
not, how far do you have to go to find the truth? I thought it was time to
find out.
Devout2DavidOops1634Mulder and Scully get carried
away in the office.... and find they have an audience.
& IsaHunter
You Still Love Me? III: From This Moment On
20509How far are you willing to go, and how much will you have to sacrifice, just to learn the truth?Ssequel to
“Will You Still Love Me?” and “Never Tear Us Apart,” and it is necessary to
have read those stories first. [They'll be at the link]
Complete Series
28474Different alcoholic beverages
have different effects. [Have a sip of Wine III for office smut.]
DKSculderTime62109Scully moves to Salt Lake City following their trip back from Antarctica. Something tragic happens and Mulder comes back into her life, but is she ready for him?M
dkscully0223Bad Mood2265Mulder is in a bad mood. In a very bad mood. And takes it out on Scully, in more way than one. WARNING:
contains initially non-consensual sex
2824Mulder buys Scully a new gift
that leaves her completely under his control
14811Mulder, as usual, screws things up for him and Scully. But will she forgive him once he realizes what he's done? Does he need to feel sorry in the first place? And why does he act like such a crybaby anyway?N
DonnileeH is for Hot
15320Scully babbles during a daydream prompted by a friend, and Mulder responds.E
DonnileeF is for Foreplay13648 Scully gets hit on by a
rude fellow pathologist and spills the beans to Mulder, prompting him to try
to make it all better.
DonnileeForeplay With
14076Scully's take on the events of
"F is for Foreplay"
DonnileeYule Vibrations7631Scully get a remote control toy for xmasN
DrAmbuguousIsosceles8633Mulder puts on his shining
armor, but his plans are upset when he finds out about what happened in the elevator [in Triangle]!
14622Does an Apple a day really keep the doctor away? Mulder hopes not.E
DreamshaperClaimed3263This is the hardest part of
writing—summarizing. Suffice it to say that there’s fluff, sex, and expense
reports 😉
2416Scully's got great gams.M
EleanoreCatalyst3834Scully has a date, and takes
advantage of the situation to shake Mulder out of their static relationship.
An Exerpt (Ch 39)
1736This is part of a chapter from a longer fic on Goss, but I thought this scene worked well as a standalone. You can find the full fic and its predecessor on Goss.N
Eponine119Locale1389I wrote this one mainly as a
response to Sarah Stegall’s suggestion that the romance stories could use some fresh locals. So enjoy, people - and remember it’s supposed to be amusing. It is also appropriate for all readers.
EvieLouiseTootsie Pop I, II & III42775After returning from an
assignment where Mulder inadvertantly caught sight of Scully in her underwear, a cliched evening of boring paperwork was made more interesting by Mulder seeing even more of Scully.
FalconerSynthesis3841Scully finally can't ignore her loneliness and forces Mulder to recognize his own and their mutual need.R
Urge To Merge
15308The relationship that culminated in marriage in Scully's Pride is remembered by Dana Scully-Mulder. N
Post Facto
7783[No summary - just the warning:
FlywomanMute Persuasion3623A little springtime MSR
interlude set just before “Patient X.” What’s the catch, you ask?
ForteJust Desserts3950When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. N
and Dust
3261A late night at the office and Mulder's usual apathetic behavior forces he and Scully to confront their
demons of anger in a *physical* way, where a violent release escalates into
something more...  
2214M&Ms and seduction, need I say more?R
the Tightrope
7946Scully and Ethan are together.
But for how long?
FrangipanidownunderOpen Door399Prompt: Diana walks in on Mulder going down on Scully E
6164If Scully and Mulder got into a fight, a real fight, with some actual physical contact, who would win? (Based on an idea found during a random X-Files 'Net surf). sex-comedyM
GeorgiaThe Dice3645I should stay out of Mulder's
desk drawer
3390Events that happen over a set
period of time in which M&S have slips of morality 
GillianinChainsFlirting6244Scully is angry about some
slides, and a fight turns physical.   [This might be missing the start].
GilliansDavidIn Flagrante Delicto1155Mulder and Scully are early for a meeting with Skinner and pass the time in his office until he gets there.M
gillovnyafIt's been
a long week
5907Thinking of having a little fun with Mulder at work, Scully decides to use the gift she got from Monica.M
Story They Won't Be Telling Their Grandkids
2905“How could this happen. How could something like this happen to me! What if this gets back to the bureau.
Oh, how embarrassing!” Dana Scully stepped from her shower for the third time
today. “Shit this stuff is never gonna come off. I swear I’m going to kill
h0ldthiscatChristening1113"Why haven't we ever had sex at work?"E
Will you look at me?
1517Angry angst with a hint of
HayleyMcBBail2077Scully gets a 3am call to bail
Mulder out of jail. 
HaywardeEros759MSR smut prompts from Tumblr. [sorry i haven't marked the appropriate chapter]M
8279On their way home Mulder and Scully have a rather unexpected encounter that changes their relationship
HipsBeforeHands1987Office Days
of Yore
628I have this head canon that our favorite agents did the deed once in the office during the season of secret
sex. Scully, being ever so professional, swore Mulder to never speak of it.
Mulder does not obey. 
icedteainthebagA Little
1576He's so glad her office door
icedteainthebagReflection1508There was no turning back.E
IfMulderCouldSeeMeNowBack in the
918Scully checks on Mulder after he doesn't come home.E
i-gaze-at-scullyIkke Uten Deg745Unsexy Files - dod kalmE
IrenaThe Untold Story2527Jose Chung - what happened the night they ended up in the room together.N
IsaHunterSo Cruel | So Cruel: To Be So Kind7125Scully gets some long-awaited revenge.N
Broom Closet5350They had a rule: no sex in the *office*N
Foot to Johnson Ratio I
8655 A bathroom, gossiping
women and a 'need-to-know'
LaVa & TBishop
One-Upmanship44341To keep a great relationship
going requires imagination and creativity - and our erstwhile FBI agents
become a little too successful for their own good
LaVa & Tess
Basement Frolic
8342He came in late and forgot the latte Mulder's a doomed man. Or is he?N
1386PWP office smutN
Payback's a Redhead748Sequel to “Work For It.” Smut.N
JadeBlueAfterglowHeatwave2072Mulder and Scully and Ice cream need I say more 😛N
is Fair
3032The air conditioner in the
office is broken.
JennaI Need
4517Who knew Mulder liked the music of Paula Abdul?N
Jess MMutual
2: Son of Mutual
4291Back by popular demand, Mulder and Scully continue to prove to each other that the feeling is... you got it,
JGCaught in the Act | So Busted1138Mulder and Scully get a talking to about ...well you'll see.T
JHallmarkThis Is Heaven8338After working on a case similar
to the Kindred, Mulder finds Scully taking sexual advantage of him everywhere
he turns. He gives in, they get it on, and then the sexual stimulant wears
off. They deal with the feelings and situations that have arisen.
JohnieExpiation3472Mulder demands a confession from Scully after Never Again.N
Joke An
Alien Reindeer
M & S Have Wild Passionate Intercourse562Mulder and Scully Have Wild
Passionate Intercourse. Badfic.
& MoJo
Drive Away7146After sitting through a 'guy
flick,' a slightly drunken Scully grants Mulder three wishes and fun ensues.
 Post episode for Je Souhaite 
Love Muscle
1012Post FPS therapeutic massageN
K RaschWords to Live By19508The Smoker and his buddies are on to our heroes' relationship.  In order to save Mulder, Scully must
leave him. But will she be strong enough to do either? Part of the Words series.
Katherinexx1Office4429Just an ordinary day at the
& Gssphantom
5631Mulder and Scully go away for a company get together. Mulder walks out, and Scully later follows. Things then
get very intresting from there.
K RochRight Now2028Office smut [You might notice some obvious disguising of this author's name. This is because they don't want their original name shared]
1378Anger, passion, and grief are
related, remember that.
1177At that exact moment, Mulder
Park Aftermath
2208Post X-Cops - Scully gets ticked at the way Mulder acted in Willow Park.N
KirstenKAutopsy Fun Aftermath2599Time to pay the piper N
Agent Phillips
4701Another federal agent just can’t
seem to stop harassing Mulder.
leiascullyIn flagrante960They were fucking in the back section of the office when Skinner knocked on the door.M
And A Beer
3889Mulder and Scully decide to find out if there’s any chemistry between them.N
Recovery3339Post-Memento Mori, Scully
suffers some serious angst over her diagnosis.  A
little conversation between her and Mulder in the office leads to much
lilbexiBreathless4798Scully decides to turn the
tables on Mulder and see how he reacts to sexual innuendo. His reaction is oh
so much better than she expects.
LilithFlavors Series8535Scully receives a series of
disturbing birthday surprises.
Lilith84Release2427Post-Millennium one shot. Mulder can't stop thinking about the New Year's kiss and decides to do something
about it. Shameless PWP.
liveonthesunUnexpected929It isn't exactly what he is
expecting to see when he walks into the office, but that doesn't make it any
less wonderful. There she is, Dana Scully, lounging back in his chair with
her feet propped up on his desk, wearing nothing but a black lace bra, black
lace panties, black lace thigh highs, and black four-inch stilettos. Her hair
is curly, mussed around her face.
liveonthesunJust Another
One of Those Days
666There are days when Scully walks into the office and immediately knows she isn't going to be able to
concentrate on anything. Today is one of those days.
LizziWarehamBirthday Treat3043It's Scully's birthday, and what
Scully wants, Scully gets!!
To Paula Graves' "Sleep is Sweeter"
3074Forget Jose Chung, fake alien autopsies and sweet potato pie. The real X-File? What actually happened in
the motel room that night…
MichaelaHurry2191it was the name of the game. Find a situation where time was of the essence, then go at it like a couple of sailors on shore leave before the time ran out. Extending it as long as
possible. If there was any danger of getting caught, so much the better.
Mimic117Process of
Elimination: Desk Jockey
3643Mulder shows Scully a thing or two about being adventurous.E
Mimic117Play Back4715Maybe it just takes something
going wrong at the crucial moment to set the cosmic video recorder on rewind.
  A couple of scenes we didn’t see toward the end of Monday. Written for
the Fandomonium Virtual Season of Smut, Season 6
Years Coming
777Things heat up in the officeN
mldrgrlLet Bygones
Be Bygones
2530Post En Ami/Chimera smut. Mulder's still just a wee bit mad about
Scully running off and Scully's just angry that he can't let it go.
3397Mulder delves into Scully’s
religious morals.  Post Field Trip.
To Do In A Basement???
2147Scully finds something
interesting to do in the basement
Eleventh Hour
11747Mulder and Scully are stuck in an elevator together with a possible threat looming in the Hoover Building.E
MonikaFileFanSeed Of
Burning Obsession
3034Scully's secret obsession
finally manifests itself.
msrafterdarkOffice Bliss [from Ficlets (Tumblr Prompt)]11259Miscellaneous ficlets I have
written from prompts I have been sent on Tumblr. Link will go to Chapter
18-19: Office Bliss: Prompt: Can you do a fic about Scully going down on Mulder in the office while he's on an important work-related phone call?
Day At The Office
1110You take me to the top, I'm
ready for Whatever it takes 'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins -
"Whatever It Takes", Imagine Dragons
didn't knock.
526Scully's latest clash with
Deputy Director Kersh is immediately forgotten as she walks in on Mulder
being, well...Mulder.
Baby (A Collaboration for Char)
17599A birthday gift for Char, a
group of fics by various authors which all include Mulder calling Scully
'Baby.' [The office is in part 14]
MyOwnSuperintendentSix Ways To
Warm Up A Cold Basement
4563It's February, and the heat in the X Files office is broken. Mulder and Scully try to find ways to deal with
the problem.
Worth Breaking90727Mulder and Scully embark on a relationship neither is able to handle, and the question of what is or isn’t
worth breaking must be answered.
neednotOuroboros1807"Why were... why were you
with him?" The hurt in his voice is plain. Aching, and it just makes her angrier. She arches an eyebrow. "I thought you could figure that out, Mulder."
NicholeDirty Woman2545Written in Mulder’s POV. Mulder is inspired to fantasize about his partner while listening to a song. -That
is until his fantasies finally come true
NicoleEnough I
& II
5583Post Gethsemane angry sex and the aftermath.N
NikkiCBugs888Eavesdropping on someone else’s fun.R
NYShippersUnderstand2323Mulder and Scully deal with the trust and Fowley issues that arose in The Beginning in their own special way.
Picks up where the episode ended. (Yes, it's mind candy.)
4740PWP, Scully has an accident in
the office
IV: From Every Angle
5381Mulder can't wait, as usual.
Fourth story in the "Ramp" series.
OKayValThe Joy of Spam2050How to liven up a slow morning at the FBI N
OKayValInner Light4234 "A nice trip to the
forest, my ass." Scenes and post-ep for Darkness Falls
OKayValUnder A Wolf Dog Moon2007Don't underestimate a woman.” Scenes and post-ep for Alpha.N
OneMillionandNinePrestidigitation1786The missing scene from Per
Manum, where Scully asks Mulder THE BIG QUESTION
account formerly known as markwatneyandensemble
Fucking in
Skinners Office
1014[spoiler alert] They fuck in
skinners office.
Para8diceSkin Against Skin1735Post Never Again, Scully gives Mulder a piece of her mind and he has to grow up a little and do what we've all been waiting for.N
PDRed Bulb Diaries
(or My Kingdom For A Photomat)
2668Scully gets really, really - no, mean really mad. Mulder gets a facelift, manually. Walter Skinner gets an
eye-full. And somewhere, a Photomat attendant is in a fetal position in the
corner of his booth.
peacenik0Oral Exam
in the Office
1686Prompt: Can you please write something sweet and soft about mulder eating Scully out. Some oral sex in the office, that's pretty much it.E
PhilePhreakCaught in the Act3735Mulder and Scully are going to
get caught in the act in various places and positions. Definitely MSR and
NC-17. These are all vignettes that are intended to be humorous, therefore
each chapter can stand alone yet some are continuous.
PiecesOfScullyNot Today1698Scully doesn't want to do the
PiecesOfScullyManual Labor2489It's Season 7 smut. That's it.E
3220Mulder fantasizes, with
apologies to James Thurber.
1790Rated P for very porny
indeed. A cupid leaves them videos.
Without Reason3496Post-Kitsunegari angst-o-rama which descends pretty quickly into pure mind candy.N
Happy Birthday Baby2400Scully helps Mulder celebrate
the birthday he missed.
randomshoes42So, am I
1130This is my first foray into the world of fan fiction, so please be gentle with me! This is a PWP, written
from Mulder's POV. It doesn't fit anywhere in the storyline really.
RedValerianPick Any
4184Scully is about to discover what Mulder has been hiding on his hard-drive.E
SassSexandSmutTwo Spooky
Agents Get It On Over Some Redwood
2679It's a normal day in the office and Scully wants him now... Mulder and Scully get it on in the office.E
SatinaOutfoxed14653Scully has a new boyfriend.
Mulder doesn’t like him. Not all is what it seems. Smut ensues.
SatinaIf I Were Him653Man I can tell you what I'd do
if I were Mulder.
SatinaIf I Were Her962Mmmm...I can tell you what I'd do if I were Scully.E
SatinaNot Everything is About You3982You know, this is unacceptable.
If he’s going to treat me like I’m his slave, he’s gonna learn to do it
scapegrace74Desk1366Mulder and Scully have a dirty fight in the office. It gets dirtier.M
A Penny
For Your Thoughts
3278One partner is thinking impure thoughts about the other.E
scully-eats-sushiComing Out of It1064 xfpb prompt no.78: Hurt/comfort, nipple sucking, breast worship, the officeM
ScullyGolightlyThat's What
He Said
4642Some not so idle chit chat in
the office.
ShannonK107742Skinner has a bad week but is rewarded in ways he could not even have hoped for.N
ShannonKJust Fine4392In the aftermath of the big
first time, Mulder and Scully figure out that it’s really okay.
ShannonoFirst Day Back1566Season 8 MSR, humor of sorts, reunionfic of sorts, but mostly just your standard PWPN
9378Mulder accidentally hits record on the office answering machine.  scully punishes him. A sequel,
Scully's Response, is available at the same Gossamer link.
Boring Day at the Office
981Oops...Scully inserted the wrong videocasette. Mulder walks in on Scully enjoying herself to one of his videos
he left out.
6748Mulder and Scully in their
office - Season 7 vs. Season 10.
somekindofseizureSecond Desk5134After Scully gets out of the
hospital in "Never Again," Mulder gets to see Scully's tattoo, and Scully gets a desk.
SoodohnimhTwo Steps
3255Post Never Again with
SoodohnimhSlow Drag3523SmutE
soulgyrlOne Night In
The Basement
7392Mulder and Scully have been back at it for about three months, working, once again, out of their beautiful,
basement office. The couple get stuck there for a night due to a freak,
late-winter snow storm. Silliness and hormones eventually take over...okay
helped along by a little hootch.
Spooky66Late Night
at the Lab
1865Mulder and Scully have been sleeping together for a little less than a week when Mulder reveals a fantasy
he has always had about her.
Spooky66Prompt 24/28425“It’s your first day back,
you’re in remission, and we need to celebrate.” 
Spooky66Punishment1533SO! I threw around the idea that Mulder likes to be spanked and was asked to write it! E
StarLushShortcomings2258Scully is tired of Mulder's
insults. This and the next two stories are part of the same fic series but
each link goes to the relevant chapter.
StarLushTruth or Dare2292A bored Mulder talks Scully into a game of Truth or Dare in the office.
StarLushCaught1893Skinner sets up a 7:30 meeting. Mulder and Scully arrive early and make good use of their time…M
TarynCLove, Hollywood Style2523This is in response to a spoiler from Hollywood A.D. I haven't seen the episode, obviously, but it's LOOSELY
based on the premise of that episode.
Thy En Ami
3391It takes place before, during
and after En Ami.  
TBishopTouch Me Again2392Sequel to ‘One Touch’. It’s all about sex boys and girls.N
Storm Has Broken
2670Smut circa all things.N
& Jacquie LaVa
4638It was the cashmere sweater that
did it.  I've always had a thing for cashmere, so soft and warm and
inviting - kind of like Scully.
TeaGirl42Life Begins26829Scully is fed up and irritable
because her life doesn't seem to be going anywhere... Mulder is just waiting
for a hint... 
TeaGirl42Melting the
Ice Queen
15116Overheard conversations, tipsy confessions, an office liaison, plastics mistletoe AND Happily Ever Afters!
It's time for some fluffy festive fun…
Emotions I & II
2475Don't Take Off Your Glasses: After a moment of watching Mulder working while wearing those glasses of his, Scully decides that it's time to take their relationship a bit further.
What a Spectacle: Picking up where “Don’t Take Off Your Glasses” left off,
Mulder and Scully manage to get down to the parking garage before… well,
let’s just say some glasses are fogging up, and they’re not mine ;D
TexxasRoseLoose Ends5414Scully is dying, but before she goes, she’s going to tie up some loose ends in Mulder’s life, !character
2140Suddenly he was standing right next to her, towering over the smaller FBI agent. His hands pressed to the
back of his chair, arms now resting on either side of her head. “What are you
doing, Scully?” He asked quietly, a pointless question considering he knew
exactly what she was doing.
1079Work, love and voyeurism in the basement.N
tryceeOffice Sex2530One Saturday morning, Mulder can't resist.M
TwilightWaltersForever And
5161After the events of ‘Never
Again’ Agent Scully decides she really needs to get a life. 
and Always Again
1060The elevator door slides open, and just as I'm about to step inside, I hear him.M
veredgfA Brief of
Fresh Air…
1310Avoiding Friday debriefing
meetings was a mission.
VivAfter Aubrey4127Scenes and post-ep for Aubrey.N
The Iron Curtain
5040In this story, Scully and Mulder receive a little help breaking down the barriers from a friend they didn't
know they had, which means, yes, they do have sex in this story.
WickdzootThe Sweet Smell of X-Cess48737[There's no summary but this should give you an idea: RATED NC-17 for bad language, explicit and unusual
sexual situations, and general subversiveness and depravity.]
WinkBlack Boxers & Strawberry Hair1314Parody. A little on the
silly side.
of an FBI Elevator
3979Third person point of view of
Mulder and Scully.
WitchBabyStakeout Series3943Mulder gets some eye candy while on a stakeout. R
writer_tempWake Up1877K, um, this is just 100% pure smuttage. Frisky Scully? Puh-leese. Don’t even bother looking for a plot. If
you find one, see a shrink
wtfmulderOver the
Knee and Back With You
1598Tumblr prompt: Office sex.
Scully wants to help Mulder fight ennui.
wtfmulderfile it
under x 1-20 + extras
13220NSFW prompts & drabbles. I swore to myself I'd never do the whole "xxx" pun but I did.
 For office smut, try chapters 1, 17 and 19.
wtfmulderThe Grunt Work1589Scully's on a mission to kill
Mulder's ennui. 
wtfmuldertrapped in
the closet
2994Scully and Mulder are trapped in Kersh's closet -- how do they pass the time?E
thesis on ontology
1978Mulder escapes the office party to appreciate his partner.E
crowded in the basement
1353Mulder and Scully spend another
Saturday in the office. Prompts: Diana walks in on Mulder going down on
Scully, Scully nervous during first time oral.
(Emily Sim)
Cabinets & Desks & Chairs, Oh My!6965Scully is sick of watching
Mulder lap up the attention given to him by other women.
XTeaserAmong Papers4308Mulder realizes one of his
fantasies by taking Scully to a secret place.
XxareogirliexXLate Night Encounter2969Mulder is working late and
Scully finds him doing something private. Hehe. 😉 
The Call They Were Waiting For
3086Two agents, a small room and
phone sex. Wire tap duty gets interesting.
For Your Thoughts
2755After Tunguska/Terma, Scully
tells Mulder her fear that he wouldn't come back.
YvonneRichardsThrough Your Eyes15167Mulder begins to see a little
more clearly than before. 

I hope they all fit the bill. I discovered when I was trying to add tags from my scrawlings I jot down in the dark that my shorthand might need some revision. At the moment I have three very similar circular tags: O = office, 0 = Diana Fowley, and ○ = wedding, so if you find any mistagged fics please let me know.

MS Office is a PITA. I might need to try a different spreadsheet program. Even after I bulk edit a lot of the superfluous html, it still adds stupid line breaks and I get really tired of removing them manually, so you’ll have to overlook a lot of those in this list.