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I have made it my latest life mission to collect X-Files MSR fan fiction.  To do this I import everything I want to read into a wonderful free ebook management program called Calibre.  From Calibre I can generate lists of all fics under a certain tag… as long as I have a tag for a particular trope.  Unfortuately I only began adding tags in late 2016, and some are only added when I get a request in, so a lot have been added retrospectively from memory.  With my poor memory being the reason I started a database of fics to begin with, this means I’ll miss a few and get a few wrong now and again, so I apologise for any errors.

By generating these lists I’m making it more interesting for myself to go through and find all stories I can on a particular subject rather than plodding through over 6000 fics one after the other.  I only started to add URLs to the database in late 2017, which is a mammoth task in itself, and I’m finding that there are some stories that I just can’t find ever again.  Every year we lose more wonderful archives, and there are some fantastic stories which disappear with them.  I am hosting the occasional lost fic here, but I’ve actually started a couple of other projects now to archive fan fiction, so my time is divided between them all.  In addition to my personal reading library, I’ve been downloading bulk sites from the wayback machine and the web, and have accumulated hundreds of old sites for archiving back where people can find them.  X-trash.com has become more of a playground for my silliness, while other people’s work and preservation-worthy stuff is most likely at one of the other sites I’ve set up, which include:

  • xhumingpotatoes.com – old fanfic sites restored and reanimated.  Quite a bit of effort goes into these restorations as missing images are replaced and missing stories re-added, and consequently each resurrection takes a bit of time.  These ones are often done with the permission of original site owners/authors.
  • xf-redux.com – this site came about because the full restorations are really time consuming and I just wanted to get more content up.  This site is akin to the former geocities.ws & reocities.com etc mirror sites that kept archived versions of geocities.com websites long after the original sites were closed.  This is more an “as is” archive site of original author or artist pages, usually from any of the free web hosts, like tripod, angelfire and geocities.   I try to fix links and replace missing pages if I can, but for the most part it’s a matter of quantity over quality, and it’s a bit of an archaeological dig of goodies for you to stumble through that gets more long lost fic back on the web.
  • x-sites.org – This is where you’ll find a mix of old and new stuff.  It’s still a work in progress, but there are plans to make it a bit of a hub linking all existing X-Files fansites that are still on the web.  I’ve also set up space for special fanfic projects and challenges so they’ll have a central home.  It’s also going to be the home of the epub/covers library, showcasing cover art made for stories over the decades, and linking the dustjacket to the original story.  I’ll be archiving some fic there as well, trying to make series and longer stories easier to access rather than searching out one chapter at a time across various archives.  I’m a little stuck at the moment with getting the page/post format the way I want it, but I’m hoping to release the first stories in the library in early 2019.

As with x-trash.com, I have a policy at all these sites not to not ‘out’ authors who have written fics up to 25 years ago under what appear to be real names which are unusual enough to make the original author identifiable to unsuspecting family and friends.  A few different methods are used to protect the privacy of original authors that will hopefully still be recognisable if you’re seeking out a specific story and know the original author name, but won’t shock an author’s underage grandchild when they’re searching gran’s name for a project at school.

Thanks for visiting and allowing me to indulge in my sickness passion.

 — i-dont-wanna-wrestle
aka Badmin

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