A scrapbook of MSR smut R/NC-17

Manipulated images of Mulder and Scully doing each other, the  naked pretzel, the wild thing, and any number of other Kama Sutra positions.  My weird sense of humour is often on display in these, and I amuse myself by exaggerating features in the way a lot of fanfic does 😉

NOTE: I consider these images to be a form of fan art for The X-Files, and present them as such. No offense or disrespect to the wonderful actors whose characters are depicted is intended, it’s a credit to their acting talents that their characters have inspired these images. **If you would like to share any of these pictures you must do so without altering them in any way to remove, hide, or disguise the watermark stating that the work is a manipulation.** CC0 images are used where possible, but if I’ve used an image in error that belongs to you, please let me know straight away. See the About the Image Manipulations page for further information.

I’m still trying out different galleries to display the images. I quite like this one, but it’s still not exactly what I’m after.  I have more important  things to do though, so it will have to suffice for now.

The G/PG gallery can be found in the Scrapyard.  (I’m still trying to come up with a good name.)

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