Fic List: Mulder or Scully Cheating (or Fifty Infidelity Fics)

This list has been one I’ve wanted to post for a very long time but had a lot of trouble pulling it together for some reason.  On top of that, there was one really good fic that I read before I started downloading all my fics to read offline that I’ve never been able to find again, and I wanted it to be on the list, so that keept distracting me.  I’ll put the details of the lost fic at the bottom after the list in the hopes that someone recognises it and can point me to it.

I’ve agonised over this list quite a bit because some of them I’m not 100% sure about – although at some stage I’ve tagged them as cheatfics, I don’t remember that part of the story.  If you come across any that don’t fit, feel free to let me know, or you can just consider me cheating on you in the spirit of the list.  There are a few where they’re only believed to be cheating, but the belief still results in the associated angst so I’ve tossed them on and marked them with an *.  I imagine it must be really difficult to write a totally in character cheatfic, so there aren’t a lot of them, and I may have clutched at a few straws…

These stories are only ones involving Mulder or Scully cheating or being cheated on.

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AgentSx42What Is This Love? 5889After being made to go their separate ways, a married Mulder and a single Scully meet again after 3 years.N
AliciaKBlack Coffee In Bed Series10036Mulder & Scully had agreed to be completely honest with each other but he'd neglected to tell her something.T
Amorfati32This is how it ends? 1194Prompt: I never thought I would find myself watching you fall for another man. Why are you doing this to me?
Is this a female trick, a revenge even?
AnneRClaxon 3860A new take on the "It's the night before Dana Scully's wedding day; what's Fox Mulder to do?" theme.R
Come Down
5238Six years into her marriage to Daniel, Scully meets Fox Mulder at a bar one night, and they get talking and fucking over alcohol and self-pity.E
CharHall & MR Dance With Me 1-10 16140A series beginning with a chance meeting pre-XF. !DrunkConN
ConspiracyThe Way Things Are
Grey Sky Morning
No Getting Back
12935Eight years is a long time to
DanaKA Soft Place To Fall 9548What happens when Scully finds another man, after she and Mulder decided to be just friends?R
DashaKBlinded By White Light 50712Post colonisation, the population of the earth was decimated by a virus. Those who survived lost all memory of their past. N
DeMoNChiCRainstorm 7901Reflecting on the past and the present leads Scully to search out an alternative future.PG
DonnaSimple Choices 52423What would bring them together? PG
Eileen Whipple Forbidden Fruit 1157"I've always thought about her and now, she will haunt me."R
Eponine119Slinky and Sea Monkeys
I'm Too Slinky
3336What to buy Mulder for unnamed giftgiving occasion and why a Girlfriend has no hope of competing.T
FrangipanidownunderWalking the Tightrope7946Scully and Ethan are together. But for how long?M
FrangipanidownunderThe Shape of Shadows 11496This is basically a re-write of season two, assuming that M&S start a romantic relationship after they are separated as work partners.T
HaphazardMethodThe Mourning After 3583Two thousand miles is very far, but sometimes not far enough.  [This one isn't a terribly happy story, but we're reading cheatfic for the angst, aren't we?]R
HelleI'd Come For You*4482Scully and Mulder deal with the damage Diana Fowley caused to their relationship.

There's a non-smut version with author Mrs.Scarlettbutler on if you're so inclined.
1238it still hurts me too.M
in luv
& svu & sg1
The Affair 11461"What are we doing here, Scully? I mean if you're so set on saving your failing marriage why do you keep coming back here?" She looked up at Mulder knowing he was right "I love you, Scully, and I always will, but if you really want to save your marriage we can't keep sleeping together." I know it may seem OOC for Scully to have an affair but she has her reasons.M
JennaToomsNotorious 19639Say Scully is asked to play a dangerous game. Say the game is more dangerous than anyone imagined. Say there's no way out.N
Jess MBirthday 9158On the day of his 38th birthday, Mulder decides to reveal the truth to Scully and see where it gets him
(where do you think?) This is pre-this whole season, written during the hiatus. Diana isn't dead, in other words.
JesseBlue on Black 6912Mulder vanishes with no trace; Scully discovers the pain of "not-knowing" and having too much time to think. Major Scully angst. [I enjoyed this perspective of S5]R
kateyes224Center Mass 12393In the wake of their first case together, Mulder and Scully make a concerted effort to get to know one another...and end up uncovering more than they bargained for in the process. [I think this might be an almost cheatfic.]M
KatieHarris Fox's Book of Martyrs: Crucifying Scully 22775Your end is your beginning is your end. N
Kris SDana and Fox 24201[This one didn't come with a summary. It's MSR, there's a beach and there's a fight and they go their seperate ways..... I'm including this story despite not being a fan of it myself. I realise I can be very picky at times and it could just be me. It could even have been the name of the fic that put me offside.]N
KRochThe Spell Series 78991Ok, this story is about Mulder and Scully confronting their attraction to each other. It has its origins in my desire for Mulder to someday see Scully completely decked out instead of the usual standard FBI suits he usually sees her in. [please don't share under author's original name]N
KRochThe Offspring*82135Pure subjective character exploration. [please don't share under author's original name]R
KyselyeaJust Before 8076Mulder becomes desperate when Scully marries another man. [This fic starts off really promising, but I have issues when Scully is a medical doctor and lacks basic understanding of things you don't even need to be a doctor to know. Issues like that can really ruin a story for me, but maybe if you're forewarned you can set your expectations accordingly and enjoy it more. ] N
LauraHAll At Once
Anything is Possible
Believe in Me
16382Scully starts dating Skinner's doctor.PG
LaurieSWho Let In The Rain? 5762This is post Memento Mori, but in another realm of reality. Mulder and Scully consummate their relationship, but is it for the wrong reasons?R
Lil_GustyTrefoil Series 174025A dark, torturous series
featuring Ethan Minette, Scully's boyfriend who didn't ever make it to screen. After a chance meeting reunites them, Ethan makes Scully an offer she can't refuse, a chance for something that Mulder knows he can't give her.
LolabeegoodSeven Years In Denver 42977Scully finds amnesiac Mulder but he's married to someone else. [Warning: this one doesn't end in MSR, which might make you sad. It made me sad.]R
MacSpookyStranded For Christmas 15173Mulder and Scully end up stranded in a mountain cabin during a severe snowstorm. [I think it's part one in a series.]R
msrafterdark Fucking Married (my title) 1081Prompt: Scully goes back to see mulder in their home but there is a women and gets jealous and ask Mulder who she is? [Note, there are 2 parts to this fic, and I only have a link to the first part. I'm trying to track down the second part and will add it when I can get it. Puritanical tumblr really pisses me off.]M
MuldersLadyThe Price Of Deceit 5146After Five years of marriage, Mulder does something that may destroy it all. [bisexual mulder. My notes say
"M seems allergic to foreplay"... I can't remember much about the
fic, but that made me chuckle.]
peacenik0How They Met 3117Prompt: A story/an au. Mulder and scully met at her fbi academy graduation party. They talked and flirted, and has a couple of drinks together.M
Prufrock's LovePromises to Keep 36688What happens to a marriage of convenience when it becomes inconvenient? A seriously fractured, quasi-Jewish
fairytale. [Anyone who knows me knows I don't like Skinner being sexual - it's like thinking about my parents having sex. eww. But it does end in
MSR, and there's some hot reunion sex.]
Prufrock's LoveDr Scully's School For Exceptional Boys 72073More than a decade had passed. Mulder had no reason to hole up in his apartment alone, wearing a Three Dog Night T-shirt with dried mustard on the hem and blue jeans that had seen better days. He wasn't "saving himself" for anyone. Especially not Her. Though she remained epically, beautifully, brilliantly kick-A-S-S.N
puzzlingpieceTwo Weeks, Too Cold
Four Weeks, Forgive
6262Pre season 10 breakup angst.M
RocketManRift102106MSR, heavy angst, Alternate reality. [I usually love Rocketman, but I got a bit bogged down in this fic (kidfic really isn't my bag) and never finished reading it. I have it tagged as cheating but I can't quite remember the details.]T
Samantha LinFrost I & II 5669Alright, you know Fox Mulder?  Yeah, well, his legs don't work anymore.  And you know that red
haired partner of his?  Yeah, well, she sort of married him. And you
know that little girl they have?  No?  Well, you'll find out. [Although the end of the second fic says there's more to come, I haven't located anything. You might need to change the 1 at the end to 2 for the second story.]
SavyConvenient 533He sleeps with her but calls out Scully's name....N
Spooky66Boyfriend 1541Written for the Summer Heat challenge to fill the 'frottage' box on my bingo sheet! A post Pilot fic!E
SwikstrHomicidal Tendencies 174672Crossover. What begins as a typical ritual murder case with supernatural overtones for Mulder and Scully in Baltimore becomes something else as the two are forced to interact with some of the unique personalities on Charm City's murder squad. Ultimately,
Scully’s developing connection with a Baltimore homicide detective has
far-reaching consequences in the evolution of her relationship with Mulder.
Syntax6Universal Invariants 82292This is an AU story in which I play fast and loose with the first season. While I'm just as glad that Ethan got eliminated from the actual show (I don't think he would have added much on the screen) I thought it would be fun to play out the relationship here as Scully gets dragged deeper and deeper into the X-Files.N
Syntax6Original Sin 53128It's post *Fight the Future*, and Scully has moved to Utah. Unfortunately for her, the X-Files followed her there. She must not have noticed that the state emblem is a big old beehive.  Poor Scully. When will she learn? M/O, S/O, MSR.N
& Jacquie LaVa
Dead Ringer*38637Mulder's and Scully's professional and personal relationship is challenged in a most unusual and dangerous wayN
& Jacquie LaVa
To Love Somebody 65752In the midst of attempting to have a normal romance, Mulder's escalating feelings for Scully, and her deteriorating health due to her advancing cancer, make it impossible for him to commit.N
Secrets and Heartaches 13596Mulder and Scully are finally
together and about to be married when Diana Fowley stops the wedding,
claiming that the young boy she has with her, is her and Mulders Son... Plus
Scully has a secret of own... [If you can overlook how wildly out of character
they are in places, it has some great angst.]
YvonneRThe Unspoken Truth 16745When Mulder's marriage doesn't work out, guess who he runs to? But when he's accused of murdering his wife and Scully's testimony would save him, he wont let her give it. !spousal rape of Mulder [This one they don't get as far as doing the wild thing, but it's still a good angstfest.]N

I’m searching for a fic where Scully has left and married a doctor in another state. Another person searching for the fic said it was Georgia but I’m not sure.  Mulder drops in to see her when he goes there for a case, and i think he can tell everything isn’t “fine”. There is a lot of angst, and Scully is subjected to domestic abuse, and cheats with Mulder.  I think Maggie tries to encourage her to stay with her husband but doesn’t know the full story.  I’m not sure, I just remember phone calls with Maggie.  This is a bit vague, but my memory isn’t great. All I can think of is that it was probably posted to and removed by the author as I’ve never been able to find it again.

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