Fic List: Creepy Stalker Daniel

These are a few selected stories in which a creepy Daniel Waterston appears.

In each of these stories he’s definitely creepy, but to avoid this list being one giant spoiler, he may not be a/the stalker – I’ve thrown one or two fics with the same kind of theme in to keep you guessing.

This is a nice short one. 🙂   Because it’s so short I didn’t do the Excel step I usually do and it put itself in a random order, but you can click at the top of the table to sort it by column.

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Anne HaynesAcross the Rubicon5023Once you cross the line, where do you go from there? T
ElleThomNo-One Is To Blame94302A what if with a twistM
DonnaSomeone's Wife13851What if she’d married someone before she met him?N
DLynnAll Things Bright And Beautiful39102“Scully, have you ever asked yourself what kind of man would quit his job, leave his family, follow you across the country, and never contact you the entire time he was here. Never once, in ten years, did he call you, or write you, or contact you in any way. What kind of man is that, Scully?” R
StormRipper42201A month after 'all things' a case is on Scully's mind, and she's on Daniel's. !nonconN
DonnaTrust Issues12764A long time ago she needed his helpPG
Jo-Ann LConsequenses of our Actions18271Is someone out to get Mulder? T
FatCatTo Tame the Wild Fox 62857How would Mulder survive without Scully? How would Scully survive without her memories? N
RowanDarkstarWater's Edge172598Believing Mulder dead, Scully slowly moves on to a new life (or an old one). But perhaps the adventure has not yet ended...N
MyrissAnamnesis11711Memories of a soul.T
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