Full image: Mulder and Scully Undercover as Strippers

Here’s the full image from the header for the Undercover in the Adult Industry fic list.  I have a lot of fun doing these image manipulations and I get a laugh out of them even if nobody else does.  I decided to put both Stripper!Mulder and Stripper!Scully in this one, although I’m yet to stumble upon a story where they’re both stripping together.  However there is a fic that’s not on the undercover stripper list where their doppelgangers strip together.  It’s called What Happens in Vegas by spacexbetweenxstars:

Mulder and Scully find their doppelgangers at an Adult Club in Vegas, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they were repeat abductees. They go to investigate under the impression they would find it to be an over the top joke, but it seems so much more than that. God willing no one tells Frohike. NC-17 

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