The Requiem Spooning Scene – Extended

This isn’t a very big list, but it’s for an anon request. 

I’ve discovered that it’s a PITA looking for Requiem fics because half the hits are for comments like “Requiem never happened”.  I’ve done all my patience allows me to do tonight.  Still, none of these is the one that I remember reading.

Here are the fics.  All bar two are on Gossamer, and Goss IDs are provided for ease of searching on the linked Gossamer search page.  In case you don’t want to read almost a million words of Master/Captain, I’ve pointed you to the relevant chapter.

13 March:  * indicates new stories added. I also fixed Master/Captain’s comment and changed the link to the actual chapter.

Author -
Goss ID
* Agent Diana Fowley - 10190Journal6500Summary: Scully keeps a journal to give to Mulder
when he is returned
Callicott - 14350The Path
to All Things
9600Follows the MSR from all thingsN
* Carrie Smith - 13499Fade to Black3300A reflection on Requiem.R
* Cookies KeeperAgain15600Red Shoe Diaries Xover: Scully's diary entries leading up to her
partner's disappearance.
Eliza Cruz - 16070Whatever Happens2000Summary: Continuing the scene from Requiem, Mulder takes care of Scully after she comes to his hotel room.
[Sorry no smut, this one goes in a different direction.]
LariR - 14271Almost
Mulder wanted so much for her. He wanted Scully to
experience the joy of motherhood, he wanted to see her swollen with his child
with a radiant glow on her face. He wanted to see a dark haired infant with
her blue eyes and his full lips nursing contentedly at her breast.
ScullyLikesScienceHe is the Master of His Fate, She is the Captain of Her Soul999K+Follows the Mulder/Scully relationship from season 7 on. Requiem is in Chapter 75.M
Virtie - 15047Raspberry
and Lace
38800Summary: Two different women. Two different lives. Both learn to survive with the help of one man. [The bed
scene is in part 6 at the start of the second file]
The X-Pig - 10598Slow and Easy1460Summary: What happened after the
lights went out in that motel room?
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