MSR Fic List: Valentine’s Day

I thought I had a tag for Valentine’s Day but it seems I was wrong.  This is what I pulled up from a quick search through the library, I’m sure there are heaps more.

Again, gossamer links go to their search and the author ID is with the name to make them easier to find.

(Goss ID)
AnneHaynesThe Rosebud Conspiracy2359Valentine's Day--X-files style!T
audrey_cooperLike a Red Red Rose I-VI10287Scully, Mulder, a red rose, and Valentine's Day.N
BeduiniImpatient | Intent3271Sometimes you just can't wait.N
CherylCohen - 11523You Better Sit Down Now5823Mulder is being babysat by Maggie Scully after a work injury.  It's valentines day and he has a surprise for Scully.  But Scullly has a surprise of her own.PG
DeniseAgnewMy Deadly Valentine24178Summary: An anonymous Valentine card has decidedly strange, and dangerous implications for Mulder.M
DonnileeT is for Token19918Mulder gets jealous, gets drunk and The Gunmen decide to see if they can help fate along.M
DonnileeO is for Obfuscating16045Scully gets miffed over an anonymous Valentine gift and accidentally hurts her partner. Can she make it all better?M
InvisigothHeartBurn1791Summary: Foot rubs, chocolate, stuffed aliens, kisses… making do on Valentine’s Day.R
Jenna ToomsI Have Got a Heart-On For You51660Scully comes to Mulder with a wound only he can heal.
JessieHarrisLost In Oblivion2809Will Scully spend another Valentines Day alone? The Virgin Valentine.M
Jo-AnnLassiterJust Me and You6545When another agent keeps hitting on Scully, Mulder and Scully decide to take advantage of his inability to take "no" for an answer.T
JoriCalendar Girl III: Greenhouse Effect5357A continuation of my holiday smut series. Mulder and Scully break free from doing background checks to go ‘investigate' an exotic flower grower in Florida. Smut follows.
[Part of the Calendar Girl series but can be read on its own.]
LaraMeansConversation Hearts13161Mulder and Scully's first Valentine's Day together after the events of "Millennium".  I decided I liked this Mulder and Scully -- playful and romantic, but still carrying lots of emotional baggage -- and I wanted them to play some more in this little world I'd created for them.N
littlemisfit5290Valentines And Mondays19818"Flirty banter is acceptable between coworkers on Valentine’s Day. It’s in the employee handbook, Scully.”

“Even when said coworker has plans for Valentine’s Day?" she asks, swearing she sees the sparkle dim in his eyes.
LolabeegoodValentine's Day501"Nothing, nothings wrong," she sighed. "I'm just sitting in a cab in borrowed clothes with no underwear driving home after being decontaminated naked in front of my partner and it's Valentine's Day." [Lola decided to confuse me by writing two very different stories with the same title. I've linked the incorrect one previously.  Finally, the story that matches the synopsis!]PG
MTaylorHarrisonPerfect Menu For Success5041Summary: Mulder decides to treat Scully to a Valentine’s Day feastM
Nessy & Cirglas - 10840 The Kiss - a Valentines
8668Scully finds a Valentine's Card in Mulder's files...see what happens!PG
OKayValRamp I: The Right Angle14890A Valentine’s Day surprise for ScullyN
SallyBahnsenLove Bites5747Sometimes love just bites. T
SaraBValentines Solo2867Mulder and Scully are a couple and their first Valentine’s Day rolls around. Scully remembers - Mulder doesn’t. Worse, he ditches her, runs off and gets hit on by Marita. Scully spends the day alone, well, almost the whole day.M
SherylMartinV-Day3966Valentine's MushM
Shoshanna33All of Your Glances6479It's Valentine's Day and Mulder and Scully don't want to spend it alone, so they spend it together. Drunk Scully, Chinese Food, a bad movie and lots of Mulder/Scully romance. Just a fluffy piece of fic for the shippers like me.T
SusanProtoBarbecue 7: Can't Stand the Heat5935Mulder is invited to spend Valentine’s Day with Scully and Maggie, and the boss at the ADÂ’s favorite restaurant. Mulder’s first mistake? Saying yes. Second mistake? Saying even more. [Part of a series but I think it can be read on its own.]T
TeaGirl42Making Memories of Us6240It's Valentine's Day; so Scully has decided to surprise Mulder with a short walk down memory lane and a very important question. [supersweet fluff]M
TruthWeBothKnow1Enchanted Shores4590Valentines day.  A trip to the beach.PG
VickieMoseleyPuppy Love4570Not your usual Valentine's Day story. Here be werewolves. G
wtfmulderPoking the Bear1149Mulder isn't all that excited about Valentine's Day this year. Set pretty soon after One Son.T

Virtual Season X did a Valentine’s challenge for a few years.  These are all case file type fics with a maximum rating of PG-13/T.


The beautiful header image is a recreation of one i found on the internets a long time ago but I’ve enhanced it slightly and didn’t put the sparkles back.  I might even make a sparkly gif out of it as a tribute to whoever the original artist was.  There aren’t enough sparkly gifs around these days.

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