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For agents who work in the X-Files division, Mulder and Scully get to go undercover in the adult entertainment business quite a bit.  This is a list of fics I’ve read where they’ve had to go undercover as strippers, prostitutes/escorts and phone sex operators.  Naturally a lot of smut results.

I’ve marked this as an Adults only list despite there being one PG-13 (T) story.  Pick and choose your ratings according to your age and preference.  There are a couple of stories that aren’t straight MSR so read descriptions if that bothers you.

If you see a 5-digit number after the author’s name, memorise it before you click on the link to Gossamer to search, it can make the fic easier to find.

- GossID
Andrea - 10189An Eyeful15780Scully agrees to act as a decoy prostitute to catch a serial killer. M
anonstarbuckFavourite Things11610Five times Mulder and Scully shared a favourite something with the other for the first time. [Chapter 3 of 3 because it's incomplete, but they're 3 complete stories.]E
Ary GHRuby33187Mulder and Scully have to face the friendly neighbourhood psycopath... be warned, plenty of adult material in here.M
CrossedBeamsVice7354A weekend assignment gets out of control with Mulder undercover. Things come to a head, dragging Scully into the picture with unexpected consequences.E
Cybill - 16023Call Girl9437Mulder and Scully act as bait to a serial killer who preys on redheaded call girls.N
DonnaTrust6089Can he trust her when she wants
to grow her own way? Important men are being murdered. Scully goes undercover as a high-priced escort to find out.
DonnileeScene of the Crime6484SUMMARY: Mulder reacts to a Scully outfit and starts an emotional avalanche.M
Donnilee & FatCatSomething Wicked88205Once again Mulder’s hidden talents get them an undercover assignment. They are assigned to expose a serial killer after several drug land-style executions. But, are things really as they seem? Mulder and Scully hope to figure it out before it’s too late. !trigger warnings: read header.M
Donnilee & XRaeCachot Desirer52000Mulder and Scully go undercover in a bizarre murder case at the request of their old friend, Senator
Matheson, and nothing is as it seems. BDSM and D/s themes, along with FemDom themes and male penetration.
ESimmeringDouble Post Punishment1129PWP. He wondered how long it was going to be before he lost control.M
Guera MexicanaFoxy2930Our three favorite characters find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation.T
Jay - 16273The Dare |The
Test |The Challenge
7502It begins as just another case but ends with a challenge. N
JOeyTricky Business6943On a normal assignment, Scully is called upon to go undercover. [complete despite in-progress status on]
KooG-String Diva4040Several murders of patrons at a strip club in DC put Mulder into the most...ahem...interesting uncover
assignment he has ever had.
LovesFoxBad & Bad II: Reprisal23016Scully works undercover without Mulder, but he has to show up. Smut ensues.M
Mimic117Devil To Pay6553When she gets her hands on him, there's going to be the devil to pay.M
MocomabDepravity8452Scully goes undercover. [Scully/Krycek/Mulder - Some slash.]M
mommieburgerTotal Smut Biscuit - Volume 2 - Deep Red11745Scully goes undercover as a stripper, but keeps Mulder in the dark. Mulder's new temporary partner finds out and the hunt is on. Skinner gets a little touch/feely with Stripper!Scully and Mulder may have to confront his boss and several other men over the delectable Agent. Who knows how this will end? Only time will tell.M
OnlyTheInevitableWords of Love 66457The FBI handbook has rules against relationships between partners, so they would just have to get creative in showing their love to each other. A compilation of Mulder and Scully's love through romantic one-word prompts. MSR [Undercover as Prostitute story is chapter 2 - Breathtaking. This is a WIP but it's ok to read if you're WIP-shy because it's a compilation of stories rather than a series.]T
Pete - 12431Scully Becomes A Stripper6700Due to a special assignment, Scully turns to stripping. Humor.T
PywacketRisqué3615An undercover stint as a working girl really turns Scully on.  PWPM
Red ValerianThe Caveat Emporium14771For reasons of her own, Scully insists on going undercover at a telephone sex establishment. In the process, she drives the surveillance team to distraction - said 'team' consisting of her partner and a certain Assistant Director. She also manages to exorcise some ghosts and to catch a serial killer at the same time. All with one hand tied behind her back. [MSR + S/Sk. Although I personally can't stomach Skinner/anyone and consequently this story gives me nightmares, it's here if you want it.]N
SkylarkingShimmy3558Skinner sends Mulder undercover, though not very much of it… M
somekindofseizureBlack Tie Affair - No.22628Mulder and Scully get dressed up once again and play spies as they try to catch some elusive bad guys.  This time Scully acts as a paid escort, and Mulder wants to make sure she's safe. [This is number 2, but the series is a lot of fun and you can access it from the link.
spookie-foxWhisper Softly Sweet, Dana65811After an undercover operation goes terribly wrong, a serial killer nearly rapes and murders Scully. Mulder shows up in the nick of time and rescues her. But what he doesn’t realize is that death is not the end for evil. [Abandoned WIP and I can't remember how complete the stroy is.]M
storybycoreyWe're Just Partners8363He’s grinding himself against you, right there, right where he knows you like it best. You grind right back, there's no way you can’t, and your eyes close as you fall against his chest. "Just partners,” you gasp, your lips sliding down his neck to suck at his clavicle, "Remember we’re just partners…"E
virtue_flutteringNot/Think Series7034Scully receives an unexpected and long overdue call while working undercover a racy phone line.M
WendiaeBehind the Looking Glass48003After returning from Philadelphia Scully is unsure of her reaction to Mulder's anger and takes an assignment away from him unintentionally placing herself in grave danger. [only vaguely relevant to the theme but a good story]M
WildwingSuzTiny Dancer6337Withheld at author’s request. [but the category might give it away a little.]E
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