MSR Fic List: Post Orison Feels

This is just a quick list of Orison post-eps I have tagged in the library.

a_steady_wishThe Nearness of You1247Her first night back in her own bed after the events of Orison, and Mulder is there to comfort and love her.E
AlannaRead in the Dark13987SUMMARY: Secrets and confessions in two worlds.
AllyinthekeyofXAffirmation14759A series of three parts exploring my take on the build up of Mulder and Scully's relationship. All
are post ep and are true to timeline.
Aloysia_VirgataAnother Dark Forest717Post-Orison sex
Amorfati32Don't Look Any Further [Untitled]2086Post Orison angst, Scully wants
to feel close to Mulder but he doesn't want their first time to be like that,
They start to dry hump until Scully cracks & then just cling.
AnjouIncorruptible2677A submission for an epistolary
challenge on the Scullyfic/E-muse list in January of 2000. Set mid-season 7,
immediately after the events of Orison, when Scully has been faced with
an evil from her past. Mytharc heavy.
AnnetteGisbyRelease2938SUMMARY: Can Mulder help Scully through her ordeal? 
DarwinCeremony10055SUMMARY: What'’s left when words
inkspl0tchesfluorescence and night on all sides3530He steps over a corpse to touch
IshieMortal Remains18027Summary: Scully is dealing with the ramifications of and has to deal with some very disturbing emotions.
For once, Mulder really can't help her. 
LauraShapiroRules of Heroism1507After Orison, Scully has some shit to deal with.T
LauraSprysAffirmation3357Summary: Takes place immediately after Orison.PG
LolabeegoodFirst Time: Orison2718The Orison fic in a series attempting to establish their first time... Entire series is at the linkM
MaryGretenIn Other Context - Not Just Another Review3179Summary: Scully faces Not Just Another Review
MishIntuitive Reasoning3915Summary: You can't fool *all* of the people, *all* of the time.T
PaigeCaldwellTo Kill A Mockingbird1488Summary: To kill malice, sometimes you have to mimic its intent.PG
PenumbraBlack Hole Season2237Mulder's POV after the events of
ScamBelieverWalking Away V: Repress, Restrain, Deny8078SUMMARY: “I won’t follow you anymore, Scully. I can't. Not in this.” - MulderPG
scullywolfOrison2615The aftermath of Pfaster's attack takes its toll in more ways than one.T
ShannonoMerciful15799Post Orison angst
sidespaceAfter Sense12649Post-Orison. Two stubborn loners, a lifetime of trauma, and the vagaries of physical attraction.
starkblastStay9391Both agents' thoughts during the final scene of Orison. Afterward, Scully struggles with her fears and Mulder dwells on almost having lost her. Together they recover from the ordeal, unavoidably evolving their partnership emotionally and physically.M
therealspmThe End of the World10470Takes place right after the end of Season 7 episode Orison. Scully is struggling with what she did and Mulder is trying to be supportive. They cuddle, they talk about the big questions, they fight, they make up….M

There are a lot more Orison post-eps out there.  For a starters you can try:

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