MSR Fic List: Morgue Sex

This is one of those lists you never realised you needed until now.

A number of these stories were inspired by this candid shot of Mulder and Scully that Frohike must have leaked to US Magazine. 

The existence of this photo is enough evidence to prove to me that morgue sex is canon, so it really needs a better representation in fic.  I only have nine fics in the library, and have searched far and wide, so please let me know of any more that I’ve missed. 

agoodwomanNecessary Roughness39942Set during the cancer arc, Scully gets what she needs to feel better.
AmyCEviction Saga12318Summary: Two unfortunate landlords share their plight with their peers… 

[It starts with a humourous meeting of the DC area landlords and the silliness continues from there.  Maggie is trying to get them together and with neither of them having anywhere to live they get caught in a few compromising positions before they finally finish what they kept trying to start.]
DianaAlexanderPicture Of A Dream2808Summary: In response to a long-dead challenge concerning a certain picture in US magazine, a case finds our agents alone late one Friday night/early Saturday morning and they give in to a long denied feeling.

DuckyPost Mortem3901SUMMARY: The autopsy is over, but there remains much to be done.
idellaThe Part Where You Let Go779They argue over Fowleys corpse after her autopsy. then they get in on on the autopsy table. 

[warning: this one is a humourous release for fowley haters but is rather
sick and twisted with disturbing imagery, unless you hate Fowley that much I suppose.]
KirstenKerkhoffAutopsy Fun

Autopsy Fun Continued

Autopsy Fun For Real

Autopsy Fun Aftermath
3459Mulder and Scully have fun in the Autopsy bay.  [The real fun begins in Autopsy Fun For Real.]M
MihosayuriBegging/Clothing Fetish1170Prompt responses.
ViXenAffirmation4552Summary: Mulder is called in to identify the body of Dana Scully.
WildafoxAutopsy Bay828Summary: Just some pure fluff.
Notes: Written for Fandomonium's Virtual Season of Smut Challenge Season 3
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