Fic List: UK based fics

This was a quick list done from memory. This is just copied and pasted from Word, and seems to be working in html, so i may have discovered a much quicker way to get the list online… (until i want to add anything to it.)

As usual, if there’s a number after the name, the link will take you to Gossamer search where you can use it in the Author ID field.

The header image is inspired by Misty Blue by Crossedbeams, which i just realised I hadn’t put on the list.  It’s set post IWTB – they go to London instead of a tropical island.  It’s included now.


Author/s + Goss ID Title #words Comments Rating
AlasdairMcLean – 11998 Friendly Fire 6635 This is set shortly after the events in ‘Fire’. T
AlasdairMcLean – 11998 The Innocent 6479 Their vacation is cut short by a case involving Maggie Wall, the last witch burned in Scotland. T
Agent Rain Drugstore Jesus 24025 Mulder recalls the events of the most painful encounter of his life from a few months ago on the way towards possible salvation from it. M
Andrea In Amor Vis Vires 30834 While investigating a case Mulder is injured. Scully takes drastic measures to protect him from further harm. M
CrossedBeams Misty Blue 2651 What if Mulder and Scully had gone to London instead of a tropical island after IWTB? Written for txf-fic-chicks birthday prompt and this explores how our beloved agents might have tried to fight back the darkness together… M
Donna London Times 8926 When did they meet? Pre XF, maybe consent issues, I can’t quite remember.  First in a series. R
ElleThom No-One Is To Blame 94302 A what if with a twist.
AU beginning pre xf
frangipanidownunder Mulder and Scully Visit England – A Ficlet | The Continuing Adventures of M&S in England | Continuing Adventures of M&S in England Continued —– Mulder and Scully experience England.
Ginef The Field Where Max Fenig Arrived 33928 Summary: Mulder and Scully are asked to assist Scotland Yard on a case involving a series of murders and possible alien abductions in Southern England while struggling to cope with their changing relationship. R
Kate Bond – 15647 The Route Straight Through 2567 Summary: It’s the end of a long case in England and M/S are on a long coach journey to Heathrow Airport. Written from POV of a passenger. PG
misslucyjane & JennaTooms Truly Madly Deeply IV: Heaven & Earth 27858 This is the final part of the Truly Madly Deeply series.  You’d need to read the rest. M
SetMedic – 10520 A Tangled Web 22038 Mulder and Scully investigate the death of a young reporter and several high-profile bombings. T
Siobhan Gormley Past Secrets 20929 M & S go to England M
somekindofseizure London Calling 1772 In London. After FTF. T
Spider Human Affairs 62484 Mulder’s Oxford flat mate arrives unexpectedly with a compound mystery; modern dinosaur and human remains are found near a Loch in northern England. M
Zuffy Tipped Off 8875 Scully is suspicious of Diana’s loyalties and follows her to England to try to prove her duplicity. PG


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