Fic List: The Field Where I Died

One of the wonderful things about this fandom is the willingness to correct perceived wrongs.  The Field Where I Died is an episode that had one of those responses.  How could they possibly expect us to believe that Mulder and Scully’s souls haven’t been intimately joined since the beginning of time?

The good thing about this list is that despite there being around 100 stories, it’s a very fast easy list to do as the majority can be found on the four linked pages below.  

  • The Cutting Room Floor –  50+ stories
  • Beyond 44:52 – 7 Stories 
  • Gossamer Spoilers Page – 80+ Stories.  These may not all be post-eps, they’re just stories that reference TFWID as being referenced.  I don’t want to link to the actual story page due to the google indexing issue, so the link will take you to the post ep index.  Just go down and select The Field Where I Died (season 4 episode 5).
  • Archive of Our Own TFWID tag 

After all that, there’s only one fic that isn’t on any of those pages, so I won’t even bother with a table.  

  • Anne Haynes – Greater Meed, from her Sonnet Series, (can be read individually)
The banner image is inspired by The Field Where I Lied by Para8dice*.               *now with correct link  
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