Fic List: Hollywood AD

This is just a really quick list without the summaries and without being prettied up to allow me to post it tonight.

The request was for post HAD fics that weren’t on Goss or AO3, but this is just a list of what I have tagged.  I’d have more untagged, but my tagging is about 3 months behind and i fear i’ll never catch up.

Other places you can try are

Goss IDs are in a separate column.  You’ll notice when a hyperlink goes nowhere that it’s for Goss, i haven’t added the search like i normally do.  i might fix it later if i’m inclined. 

a_january_girlHollywood Sunset6176E
AgentSpookyElevator Ride735M15161
Baroness_BlixenA Night Out1016T
BeduiniA Complicated Fable14766M
BugsYour Tax Dollars At Work5954PG
CovertOpsMore than Happy1504M
FoxMuldersBitchA Moment Of Closeness5650M
hallwaypersonLike This3587E
icedteainthebagThe Durability-Tested Bathroom
Stall of the Darryl Zanuck Theater
KaseyMiller & AimeeMooreRelative Anonymity8017M15206
KhyberThe Waterskiers12731M
KristelOxleyJohnsHollywood Nights11285E11559
leiascullyNo Reservations980G
scullywolfHollywood A.D.2191T
ssullivan87Night Out2229M
StarLushHollywood Afterhours5063M
SueBeeSo Right4909M
WildwingSuzIn the End919T
WildwingSuzCalifornia Here We Come579T

PS, the banner is from my cover for Hollywood Sunset by a_january_girl.  If you thought the photoshop jobs I usually post are bad, close your eyes.  This is actually quite good for the ones that aren’t meant to see the light of day outside my library.  I’ll fix it up when i find the original photoshop version and have time to play.


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