Fic List: Decontamination Shower Fics

This is a repost of an old list, converted to table format to make it easier for mobile phones. Just a reminder that as with all my lists it’s generated from the fanfic I’ve saved in a library on my computer, and will only contain fics I love to read ie fics involving Mulder and/or Scully.

Gossamer links all go to the Goss search page – make sure you remember to copy the 5 digit author ID after the name to find their story page easily. Stories rated M are unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Author + Goss IDTitleWordsCommentsRated
ChrisC -
One Hour4778 Smut and Soap! Well, a “pre-post-ep”. I know there’s a shower scene coming up in one of the next few episodes, but I’m not sure which one.
(One Son - decon shower smut)
- 10272
Glances1192Summary: A reflection over the events of One Son, from Mulder’s point of view.G
DonnaShower Time841Summary - Thinking about that shower (One Son)T
informantxgirlNaked1019A significant moment in One Son
is assessed from Mulder's side of the glass.
Lisa -
Uncomfortable882 Summary: Scully’s thoughts as she takes the shower.  (One Son)PG
- 10028
Valentine's Day501"Nothing, nothings
wrong," she sighed. "I'm just sitting in a cab in borrowed clothes with no underwear driving home after being decontaminated naked in front of my partner and it's Valentine's Day." (One Son)
MSRafterdarkDecontamination Shower584Scully appreciation - first time - season 7M
PebblesShower887They are making us shower together, the bastards, claiming contamination from close contact with Cassandra Spender at Mulder’s apartment. Led by the queen bitch of them all, they have fabricated a new lie to cover up their sins. (One Son)T
1355Summary: Scully thinks of Mulder... in a sexual way. (One Son)M
3553Admiration and unspoken gazing sex in the decontamination showers (One Son)M
Wildafox155 Words: Shower
275While in the decontamination shower, Mulder gazes at Scully.  (One Son)PG
WildafoxAfter The Shower3801Summary: a sequel to my vignette Shower Gazing. (One Son)M
XgirlCrossing Lines15263Summary: Our favorite long suffering couple deal with their continuing and changing relationship after the "events in the hallway" and finally acknowledge the existence of the "L" word. Along the way, they establish closure on some important issues of the past year, including Mulder's unresolved guilt over Scully's illness. PG
XgirlReparation6481SUMMARY: After being a big-time jerk to Scully, Mulder must make amends. Sequel to Crossing Lines. (One Son)T
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