Falling, an excerpt

This is Chapter 39 from Falling by EmmaD.  I’ve uploaded this chapter on its own for the office smutlist as it works as a one-shot.  The original fic is available at Gossamer.  It’s the third fic in the Quantum series which consists of:

  • Book One: Quantum (unavailable)
  • Book Two: The Road Less Traveled
  • Book Three: Falling

If anyone has a copy of Quantum, I’d be really grateful if you could forward it my way.

Author: EmmaD
E-mail: [email protected]

Distribution: Archive, just let me know!
Rating: R to NC-17
Setting: Probably 7th season-ish

Summary: Mulder knew why he was losing her. But to admit it would make it true. And he sure as hell wouldn’t do that.



Chapter 39

“Do you know how amazing you look in that skirt, Scully?

I mean, I haven’t gotten a damn thing done all day because of that skirt.” Mulder growled, the warmth of his body behind hers causing her to feel lightheaded momentarily.

She placed the file she was holding on her desk, leaning over ever so slightly so that her ass purposefully backed into Mulder’s hip, his fingers flexing against her hipbones.

She didn’t miss his sharp intake of breath at the contact.

“I didn’t realize this skirt was a bad decision.” Scully replied, turning her face slightly so that he was staring at her profile. “It matches the jacket.”

“That it does.” Mulder whispered. He slid his hands up her frozen arms and linked his long fingers in the shoulders of her blazer, sliding it off of her arms. The rustle of silk meeting cotton was the only sound in Scully’s ears besides the harsh rhythm of Mulder’s breathing.

Scully’s internal voice of reason was screaming at her, all sorts of clandestined alarms blaring in her head. It had been a short two weeks since their first kiss and their deep admission of mutual love that changed both of their lives completely. But, ripping each other’s clothes off in the middle of their office at 2pm on a Thursday was still forcefully pulling off the center of her moral compass.

She knew that the decision to “take things slow” and hold off on the physical part of their relationship had been a noble cause, but if Mulder sucked the salt off of one more goddamned sunflower seed, Scully was going to explode, leaving a neat, orderly pile of ash in her chair.

Mulder was slowly running his nose up the spanse of skin between her shoulder and the new, shorter margin of her hair, his hot breath whispering down the satin of her blouse. Despite said alarms, her body was starting to respond to Mulder’s close proximity.

And from the poking sensation in her hip, Mulder’s body was responding as well.

“Mulderrr…” she spoke slowly, warning, knowing if she turned to face him, she would be playing roulette with her reaction.

She would either shut him down, brush him off, and return to pulling receipts for their expense report or she would catch the swirl of gold in the hazel of his eyes and let him back her into her desk, wrapping a thigh-high clad leg around his hip and hearing ripped buttons bounce along the cement floor.

“You don’t know what you do to me sometimes, Scully.” Mulder whispered, his lips lightly gracing the shell of her left ear. “And now that I know that I can say these things to you… It’s a wonder I can even operate the elevator.”

Scully exhaled, not realizng she was holding her breath. She felt him nuzzle the place where his lips just vacated and his hands started to drift down her thighs, his fingers toying with the edge of her skirt. He began to slowly inch the J.Crew fabric up, the backs of his knuckles dragging along the nylon material of her hips.

And all she could do was just stand there and blush, shamelessly.

“I just want to see what you have on underneath this, Scully.

Okay? I feel like if I can at least see it in person, I may be able to continue our pact to take this slowly.”

Scully slid her hands down, covering Mulder’s as they continued their trek northward. He stilled, his breath holding, his chest rising and falling in shallow repetition.

He backed away from her a millimeter, the tension between them changing slightly.

“I’m sorry, Scully. You asked to take it slow and I am…” he started, pulling her skirt back down, but her hands forcefully stilled his.

“It’d be easier to pull it up if I faced you.” she purred, suddenly surprised at the wanton sex kitten that had taken up temporary residence in her head. She spun around, her ass sitting on the shelf of her desk and Mulder’s hands finding their way to her waist. She reached her hands down to the edge of her skirt and found her breath hitching in her throat.

Mulder’s eyes were glued to the hem sliding up her thighs, his full lower lip worried between his teeth and his eyes hooded, dangerous.

Mulder slid down in front of her, crouching on the balls of his feet, his eyes level with her waist. As she continued to inch the fabric up, Mulder took one of her calves in his hand and placed his lips on the inside of her leg, kissing his way upwards. He turned his eyes upward, meeting hers as his tongue snuck out to lick the cream nylon at the inside of her knees. Scully found her self completely mesmerized, her eyes locked on his, her hot breath puffing in front of her lips, popping a strand of dark red hair back and forth from her lips.

Her skirt finally reached her upper thigh, revealing the lacey top of her stockings and a small sliver of white skin between the hem of her skirt and the elastic.

Mulder sucked in a huge gulp of breath, his mouth frozen against the spot above her knee.

“Scullyyy…” he whispered in bewilderment, skipping a good 6 inches of nylon covered skin and stuck his searing tongue in between the elastic of the lace stocking and the inside of her thigh. The fingers of Scully’s right hand found themselves wound up in Mulder’s dark, spikey hair, his lips making smacking sounds against her wet skin. In a sudden flash of humility, Scully used her left hand to push her skirt between her legs, hiding the junction of her thighs and the scrap of material between them.

Mulder, his mouth still working her right inner thigh, grabbed her left hand and planted it firmly on the desk that she sat on, further bunching the skirt up and laying her almost completely exposed before him. He inhaled deeply, making a show of appreciation and looked up at her, his eyes an even darker green than before, the pupil almost taking over the entire color in its dialation.

Scully couldn’t stifle the moan that filtered from her lips at his stare, her body completely under his spell. As cliche as that was, she wasn’t able to remember where they were, what they had been doing… her body was thrumming, calling, pulsing… She was only reacting.

At the animalistic sound coming from her lips, Mulder stood quickly, yanking at his tie to loosen it from his neck and reached for her in one quick motion, his long arm wrapping around her back and scooting her to the very edge of the desk. Her chest was heaving shamelessly, her nipples erect to the point of near pain. She knew her skin was flushed and felt the familiar rush of wetness settle between her legs. She arched against the support of his arm, thrusting her chest into his, both of their breathing ragged and quick.

Then, Mulder ran two fingers down the front of her lips, pulling her bottom one down in the process, in a decidedly erotic gesture, his hand gripping her jawline and closing the gap between them.

Their lips met in a fury, hard and crushing.

“I’m not going to be able to stop, Scully.” Mulder mumbled against her mouth, his hands gripping her rib cage. Scully’s answer was another crushing kiss, tasting salt and coffee comingled around his lips.

Scully felt Mulder fully step in between her legs, his protruding erection now poking her inner thigh, exactly where she was practically to the point of begging for it to be. Mulder slid both of his hands underneath her, bunching her skirt high on her hips and her ass coming in contact with the ice cold shalack of the desk. She opened her legs wider, giving Mulder more room to get closer to her.

His long fingers were lightly tracing their way up her inner thing, finally finding purchase with the elastic of her panties, his nail scratching its way inside of the material, causing Scully to break the kiss, begging for air as she arched against Mulder again, grunting in response to his merciless tease.

<Knock knock>

Mulder and Scully both froze, his finger lingering in the humidity of her thighs and her fingers slipping buttons from buttonholes.

“Agent Scully. You received a package that requires a signature.

It’s from the morgue.” a muffled female voice floated into the room, the smell of sex and want lingering suspiciously around them.

“Shit.” Scully mumbled, sliding off of the desk into Mulder’s outstretched arm, helping her steady herself as she tugged her skirt down and he adjusted himself through his trousers.

Scully glanced up, catching Mulder’s downcast eyes as she hastily tucked in her blouse. A small smile found its way to her mouth, mirroring the one that had found its way to his.

She reached out and lightly grazed his fingers as she walked towards the door, but he caught her by surprise and brought her fingertips to his lips, her arm completely outstretched as her other hand rested on the office doorknob.

“You were definitley worth the wait.” he whispered, his eyes shining and his voice honey over gravel. With that, he dropped her hand and went to his desk, using the guise of paper work to help hide the erection that was refusing to disappear.

Scully placed her fingertips to her lips in quiet reveire as she turned the knob to answer the door and sign for the random test result she had ordered.


That was so cruel to interrupt them like that, but that’s the end of that scene, and to continue the chapter would give actual plot away, so if you’re curious you’ll need to read the whole story at Gossamer. 

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