A Fourth Fifty Favourite First Times List

I thought since I haven’t been around much that I’d better leave you another of the big lists.  Although this is the fourth list, it still contains some of my all time favourite first time fics.

As usual, these stories are a mix of various things.  The fact that it’s a favourite could be for reasons other than the smut factor.  I’ve tried to pick 50 fics that haven’t appeared on any lists before, and limit to one story per author this time.  You might notice that there aren’t any really new fics… that’s not an indictment on current fics, that’s an indictment on the updating of tags in my library.

These stories have also been added to the Fascicle of First Time Fics with the others, but I thought they deserved their own post for a while.  I’ve also tidied up and found replacement URLs where necessary for the first 100 recs, and it’s now in table form rather than a pdf.

A reminder that where I can only find a fic on Gossamer, the link will go to their search page.  The author ID number for those ones is included in the name column so you can find them easily, as I do abbreviate some names for privacy reasons.  Otherwise you can search by title.

Due to time constraints, there are leftover Âs etc from the conversion from excel to HTML that i normally try to edit out.  Sorry but you’ll have to try to ignore them and read around them this time.  They’re a real PITA to fix, but I’ll try to get to them at some stage.

+ GossID
AbracadabraMaybe I'm Amazed14098New Year’s Eve redux. A 14,000 word PWP.M
AmySmarkuskyAn Alternate Ending To Ice4267As the title suggests....
[Checking each other for the parasite gets out of hand.]
anonstarbuckSweat & Margaritas6710It wasn't an x file, so he's getting them drinks.   E
AnubisKV5 - 16201Fox
Mulder's Big Blues
7788Sometimes, it was a real bitch
to be an F.B.I. agent. Or Fox Mulder, for that matter. Actually, when he
thought about it, Fox Mulder decided it was a bitch to be Fox Mulder pretty
much all of the time. In fact, most of the time it just downright sucked. Big
time. Post ep for Quagmire.
CheriGoodmanBeginning From The Beginning6137ScullyÂ’s not too happy after the
office scene, and starts to leave again. Can Mulder change her mind?
ConspiracyWe Meet Again4390Mulder visits Scully two years
after she's left the FBI and moved away.
CybillRespecting The Journey [VSS1]4100Sometimes a journey leads
to more places than one. ItÂ’s Season One smut! What more could you ask
DFantumAloha, Puttytat2464Mulder, Scully and a wild
Halloween party.
14278Mulder plays Good Samaritan.M
DiehardAbsolute Beginners42706Our heroes finally decide to do
the dirty deed. Sex, love, all the rest. What might have occurred before the
last two thirds of Season 7. Continues in


26320Pre XF, M & S are set up on
a joke blind date and hit it off.  things go well until maggie
DonnileeChange Of Venue10543Scully and Mulder finally
confront their feelings after a harrowing case is resolved.
EmilySimTilt and Dream5678Boggs may be dead and gone but
Scully is still experiencing problems related to the case and her
father's untimely death. Her solution to solve her sleep problem
is a little unorthodox. 
Eponine119One Shameless Night3304The party was really boring her.
It was the annual fancy dress ball given by the FBI. Scully didnÂ’t know why
they had such a thing or what purpose it was supposed to serve, any more than
the office Christmas party or Halloween bash, but on it went, every year.
EvieLouiseTootsie Pop I, II & III42775After returning from an
assignment where Mulder inadvertantly caught sight of Scully in her
underwear, a cliched evening of boring paperwork was made more interesting by
Mulder seeing even more of Scully. Continues in Tootsie Pop II & III.
FlynnMore Than A River Complete69148What would it take for Scully to
admit some things to herself?  How would Mulder take the news? 
GerryHillTremors And Aftershocks19417Scully and Mulder not only face
a monster of a killer, but, even more horrible, must confront their own
GillianinChainsLove In An Elevator3033Mulder and Scully. A Freight
Elevator. Hot Action. 
JamieTanquaryLittle Girl Lost28662Scully and Mulder investigate a
murder while trying to deal with a certain turn of events in their
Jess MSpoken5604Mulder and Scully have friends!
No, really. They go bowling. They witness a break-up. Soul-searching ensues
(of course). 
KarenRaschJustification5954Mulder and Scully at last
consummate their relationship. The catalyst is nothing any of us had ever
KatieHarrisFeeding The Beast2060An amative revision of the
highly anticipated, much speculated, first time coadunation of bodies meeting
in importunate thrust-- or -- Mulder and Scully have sex for the first time.
KelsoA Helping Hand14795Ice Queen? Check. Gratuitous
mention of bees? Check. Puppy face? Check. Celine Dion? Check [don't let that
put you off]Â….   Response to a challenge (elements at end). 
K BerglundSecond Skin Satin14133[Seductive Scully Smut. S invites Mulder to meet her at a club. They barely make it back to Mulder's place before it's on. ]M
LauraShapiroBeatitudes4195The Great Mystery is solved.
What will become of Scully and Mulder?
LokisgameEnjoy The Silence9403The horizon paled on the other
side of the house, they fell asleep again, waiting for words to come back.
MishNo Quarter Given I: Abstinence7648 She wants to feel alive.
Serious angst ahead. This is not a pretty one, folks.  [Post Never Again
but not on that list]
MoJoTarnished Halo3397Mulder delves into ScullyÂ’s
religious morals.  *This link will download a word doc.  If you
prefer to read it on Goss, the author ID is 13205*
NicoleEnough I & II5583Post Gethsemane angry sex and
the aftermath. 
NicoletteYin and Yang6483A long weekend gives Mulder and
Scully a chance to ponder their complex relationship. 
OneMillionandNinePremature Ejaculation1667An exercise in possibilities;
exactly what has kept M and S apart all these years?
PenumbraParabiosis46667Science and Mysticism conjoin. 
A detailed look at season 7.
am I forgiven?
1130This is a PWP, written from Mulder's POV. M
ScullyGolightlyRunning2388What if Mulder and Scully fucked in the pilot episode? (version 2). [I'm sure the others will make it onto
another listÂ…]
ShandaWeeks - 14615Batting
Practice II
2990This is a companion piece to
“Batting Practice” by Cassie. It's not necessary to read that first, the
frist story really just follows canon for the baseball lesson and this one
picks up after that.
ShannonKA Stiff One10326Summary: ItÂ’s my first crack at
a first time story! *cue scary music*
Sheryl Nantus (Martin)Air3614 After a hard case, Scully
and Mulder decide to forget about it by drowning themselves in each other.
SpearmntXPHide And Seek146906Scully's departure causes Mulder
to make some hard decisions.  A
novel-lenth mytharc story with lots of twists and turns.
Spooky66Getting Familiar853Mulder and Scully go out to get to know each other season one.E
storybycoreyJust Shut the Hell Up1901She hums in response, realizing with sudden clarity this is it.  
IT.  This is the rest of her
life right here, smelling his sweat in a rented Ford Taurus, listening to him
talk instead of shutting him up. 
Perpetually tired, perpetually horny. 
Eating Doritos and Twinkies then going to bed after, coming
frantically against motel sheets while trying her hardest not to think.
TeaGirl42Just Fine63031When Scully's world is derailed
without warning she is the only person in her life who is surprised by
Mulder's reaction. 
The G Women - 11201Work
7962Summary: Scully and Mulder go to
the gym late one night to work out their frustrations.
Twilight - 16261A
Moment Of Passion
4650A lot can happen in a moment.
Set around the second season.
VivAfter Aubrey [VSS2]4127Scenes and post-ep for Aubrey
Written for FandomoniumÂ’s “A Virtual Season of Smut - Season Two” 
WillaBroken5964Scully decides she canÂ’t forgive
Mulder for his actions in TF/OS, but her decision leaves her feeling bruised
and battered.
writing2savelivesWhat She Needs4906He'll be anything, do anything she needs, but what she asks is almost too easy for him to give. Almost.E
XenithRaining Sleeping Bags3808Mulder and Scully take shelter
in a snow storm and discover–each other.  Smut.
Xenoprobe - 10125Until
Theres Nothing Left To Say
10180After Mulder rejects Scully's
findings on Agt. Fowley's possible duplicity, Scully nurses her emotional
wounds with some bourbon.
XPhanCaptive9583Mulder and Scully are held
captive together with an amusing twist courtesy of their good buddy the
one-armed man.
XRaePeaks of Insanity15429Deeply affected while profiling
a difficult case, Mulder reaches the limit of his mental endurance. How far
is Scully willing to go to bring him back from the edge?
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