22 First Times: Office Edition

Welcome to the new domain.  The plan is to update the existing lists and and repost them on tumblr, but real life keeps inserting itself into my fun time, so a quick First Time list will have to do for now.

I didn’t notice until I compiled this list how often they fight in the office before their first sexual encounter, so expect a little rough stuff.

I’ve decided to try a new system with the Gossamer links.  I’ve gone back to linking to the author page, and I’ve added a directive that should stop the spiderbots from following the links. I’m just doing it with obvious pen names for now  while I see how it goes. OK, on with the smut.

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alwaysforyouscullyHot and Humid3082Set after Dreamland. AU since this takes place in the basement instead of the bullpen. Since this would have been awkward in the bullpen, for sure.M
AndreaBaggage2404Scully is dating a widower.N
AndreaWords Of Advice2848Mulder asks Scully's advice on
women and things progress.
Moment of Embarassment to a Moment of Passion
4641Scully cant miss that bulge.M
ClaudiaSNoticing7625Scully notices Mulder and Mulder notices Scully noticing.E
3695Mulder has an addiction, the
temptation of which he is unable to resist
DonnileeH is
for Hot Blooded
15320Scully babbles during a daydream prompted by a friend, and Mulder responds.E
FalconerSynthesis3841Scully finally can't ignore her loneliness and forces Mulder to recognize his own and their mutual need.R
Foxhunt2blueCandy Coating2214M&Ms and seduction, need I say more?R
GenieVBKick Ass6164If Scully and Mulder got into a fight, a real fight, with some actual physical contact, who would win? M
HayleyMcBeyBail2077Scully gets a 3am call to bail Mulder out of jail.N
JamieTFair is Fair3032The air conditioner in the office is broken.N
lilbexiBreathless4798Scully decides to turn the
tables on Mulder and see how he reacts to sexual innuendo. His reaction is oh
so much better than she expects.  
MoniNothing To Do In A Basement???2147Scully finds something
interesting to do in the basement
neednotOuroboros1807"Why were... why were you
with him?" The hurt in his voice is plain. Aching, and it just makes her angrier. She arches an eyebrow. "I thought you could figure that out, Mulder."
A Wolf Dog Moon 
2007“Don’t underestimate a woman.” Scenes and post-ep for Alpha.N
Para8diceSkin Against Skin1735Post Never Again, Scully gives Mulder a piece of her mind and he has to grow up a little and do what we’ve
all been waiting for.
ScapegraceDesk1366Mulder and Scully have a dirty fight in the office. It gets dirtier.M
And Always
5161After the events of 'Never Again' Agent Scully decides she really needs to get a life. M
and Always Again
1060The elevator door slides open, and just as I'm about to step inside, I hear him.M
(Emily Sim)
Cabinets & Desks & Chairs, Oh My!6965Scully is sick of watching Mulder lap up the attention given to him by other women.N
YonadaPenny For Your Thoughts2755After Tunguska/Terma, Scully tells Mulder her fear that he wouldn't come back.N
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