22 First Times by Trope: Jealous Mulder

Jealous!Mulder is usually an intense, brooding creature, making for some rather dramatic first times.

This is only a fraction of the Jealous!Mulder fics I’ve read. I have more to sort through tag-wise for this category so I’m hoping to combine this with a more general jealous Mulder list as well, a la the Jealous!Scully list. 🙂

Author/s -
Goss ID
AndreaUnder Heaven11172There is a time for every purpose under the heavens.M
BeduiniGoing Home13987Mulder and Scully encounter each other after two years apart and are forced to deal with their unresolved
CybillCreep8522Mulder spends some time evaluating himself and his relationship with his partner. He thinks heÂ’s lost
her to another man. Was he right? I think not
Dianora & MD1016Sal From 4C12244After a low dirty fight, Scully goes out to pick up and Mulder gets drunk and waits for her.M
DKSculderFor Better, For Worse13123Mulder accompanies Scully as a surprise wedding date.M
DonnaKey To Understanding3652Just a little misunderstanding …M
DonnileeAll or Nothing9241Jealous Mulder finally reaches the end of his rope and flips out on Scully.M
EBESo Long23617Tracking a serial killer brings an old acquaintance of MulderÂ’s into the picture, a friend whose attraction
toward Scully causes tensions to rise.
FatCatLeaning I
& II: The Seduction
46350Leaning I: - A series of misunderstandings step in to enlighten Mulder and Scully & Continues in Leaning II - The Seduction: The relationship that was exposed in Leaning I continues to develop, despite a non-X-File case and an outside threat to their commitment. M
GillianinChainsLove In
An Elevator
3033Mulder and Scully. A Freight Elevator. Hot Action. M
Kelly MorelandUncaged3263Scully is dating someone, and Mulder… Well, he’s being Mulder… M
Madeleine PartousFloaters22623Mulder and Scully investigate a case in Florida.  Season 3.M
mommieburgerMulder and
the Green-Eyed Monster
18471Mulder and Scully get sent to Calqueq, Alaska to hunt possible vampires. The duo find out that Scully is a target and no one is who they seem. Mulder, tired of waiting for Scully to
surrender to him decides to make a move only to be thwarted by an old flame.
Will Mulder succeed in turning Scully away from the darkside?
neednotOuroboros1807"Why were... why were you with him?"
The hurt in his voice is plain. Aching, and it just makes her angrier. She arches an eyebrow. "I thought you could figure that out, Mulder."
Rachel AntonVolition Unbound23375The return of a man from Scully’s past forces her to make some decisions. M
Leather Redheaded Siren I
& II
7343Black Leather Redheaded Siren I:
Scully gets an interesting offer from an old friend...and has to decide if she'll do it or not...all counting on Mulder's reaction of course...

Black Leather Redheaded Siren II: Scully decides to take up her friends
offer...will Mulder "handle" it well?
ScullystarEverything You Want6860Mulder has to deal when Scully becomes involved with an old lover.N
Spooky66Another Man2302"What’re you jealous or something? " - "They had their hands all over you, of course, IÂ’m
jealous. " 
Taffy NorthwoodLet No Star Shine50373As the bard said, the course of true love never did run smooth
TeslaAches and Pangs2899After convincing Scully to date someone else, he ends up sick and Scully looks after him.R
Trifan Clueless7498Mulder just can’t seem to figure out what Scully’s problem is.N
2298Scully is a vision in chantilly lace.E


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