20 First Times by Trope – Inappropriate Locations Edition

When the UST gets out of control, smut happens.  And sometimes it happens in rather inappropriate places.

This list contains 20 fics selected from the less-than-ideal places Mulder and Scully chose to do the wild thing for the first time.

This is an adults only list.  As usual, to protect the identity of the innocent and not risk removal of the stories, author’s real names on this list might differ slightly and it’s important that you use the Gossamer ID number given after the name (or story name) in the Gossamer search page that’s linked to the story, as even linking to the author’s page can cause issues.

+ Goss ID
AKNolan -
Aquatic Dreams4499Speedos, tankinis, andprimordial ooze.[FBI Pool]M
AnnK -
Three's a Crowd4384"But, hell. The whole damn week had been foreplay. Their entire professional relationship had only been a preamble to this very moment." [charity function.]M
CaroBertaudRecipe for
Bitching out Bill at a Get-Fucking-Well Party
11184Trapping Scully into a get-well-soon party — a surprise get-well-soon party, ’cause, hell yeah, let’s make things even worse than they would already be — was such a bad idea. He hated to be a part of the plot. [At a party at Maggie's...]M
- 14895
A Blue Wedding4806Scully’s feeling blue at a family wedding. Mulder finds a way to cheer her up. [outside the church at Scully's mother's wedding.]M
CrossedBeamsVice7375A weekend assignment gets out of control with Mulder undercover. Things come to a head, dragging Scully into the picture with unexpected consequences. [Risky undercover situation]E
DesFull Circle To The Truth50695Special Agent Diana Fowley. Special Agent Dana Scully. What do they mean to Fox Mulder? Does he know? If not, how far do you have to go to find the truth? I thought it was time to find out. [against a car in the street outside the Hoover Building]M
DKSculderMiracle47759Scully finds out there's one more vial of ova, her real last chance. The problem is, she took the transfer and moved to Salt Lake City after the x-files was shut down. Will she tell Mulder? [Open house]M
DonnileeD is for Dangerous20215Mulder reacts to the comments of some less than friendly police once he gets Scully alone while investigating a case. [During a raid on a warehouse.]M
ErinMBlairMidnight Love1961SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully enjoy a midnight swim in the Quantico Pool during the episode "Duane Barry". [FBI Pool]M
Exley_61Beyond the Invisible3639Surveillance at a nightclub [a storeroom at the club.]M
JenniferLyonResolution3999This is my version of what*might* take place after the end of the episode “Paper Clip.” [Melissa's empty hospital bed]M
KyselyeaBad Blood2216Missing scene from Bad Blood [in the cemetery]M
MD1016The Rarity of The Human Connection and Several Months Missed34347Dark, angsty angst. Scully in jeopardy, Mulder in mourning, and their connection. “You fucked your partner, Mulder! In front of fifteen witnesses! In front of a goddamn post office, for crying out loud!" [sidewalk - dodgy consent]M
Ms AM -
Working The Ticket Counter1364Mulder and Scully are undercover in costume at the Phantom Menace premiere. Darth Vader is quite impressed with Leia's Slave costume. [A back room at the cinema on duty]M
N Mason
- 10391
Nebraska1037They were in the sheriff'’s office, arguing over something, when he finally did ~it~. [Sheriff's office]M
SoodohnimhMove The Body Over2624An emotional reunion after another bomb scare at a chemical factory... [Skinner tells them to take it somewhere else as they're making a scene, so they head off to the restroom]M
sunflowerseedsandscienceJailhouse Rock3754Summary: Another trip to Texas, another opportunity for Mulder to end up accidentally drugged and make a complete idiot of himself. Written in response to an anonymous prompt:
M/S having sex in a jail cell. Any era or time period.” Enjoy!
& Keleka
In the Heat of the Night6354Scully is caught speeding and doesnt endear herself to hicksville cops, with Mulder trying to defend her...
they're both locked up for the night.Scully gets hot, and bored. [Jail]
T HorneFramed Emotions I & II:
Don't Take Off Your Glasses &
What a Spectacle
2475Don't Take Off Your Glasses: After a moment of watching Mulder working while wearing those glasses of his,
Scully decides that itÂ’s time to take their relationship a bit further.
What a Spectacle: Picking up where “Don’t Take Off Your Glasses” left off, Mulder and Scully manage to get down to the parking garage before… well, let’s just say some glasses are fogging up, and theyÂ’re not mine ;D
YonadaNot The Call They Were Waiting For3086SUMMARY: Two agents, a small
room and phone sex. Wire tap duty gets interesting. [Wire tap room]
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