One in Five Billion by TexxasRose

This one is a bit of fun smut, a missing scene from Folie a Deux.


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Just for fun…actually it’s not new. It’s old. Very old. I think I wrote it in 1998. I’ve changed a couple of the words, but that’s all.

Extreme thanks to Deirdre, who helped me locate this totally obscure fic again!


This story is what my Mama would call “pure-dee trash”, and it is definitely NC-17. So if you are under 18, leave NOW, or your monitor will explode in your face while you’re reading it.

SPOILERS: Oh yeah, all over the place. This is a missing scene from Folie A Deux, the one the Fox censors wouldn’t let CC show us, but take it from me, this is what REALLY happened.

DISCLAIMER: yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they don’t really belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter and Fox Broadcasting and 1013 and all those other lucky entities, but if they were mine I’d let them have this kind of fun all the time. You know they want to!

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THANKS to Julie for reading all my stories and helping me make sense of them.


“Scully, you have to believe me.” His voice was tinged with desperation. “Nobody else on this whole damned planet does or ever will. You’re my…one in five billion,” he continued, holding her gaze.

For a moment Dana Scully couldn’t believe her ears. She had been so very much in love with this man for such a long time, and in the five years they had known each other this was as close as he had ever come to admitting that he loved her in return. Deep in her heart she had known that he did, but her own insecurities kept her from bringing her feelings out in the open. She knew Mulder’s capacity to bury and deny his emotions. She also knew if she declared her love for him and he rejected her, that it would be the end of their partnership, their friendship, the end of her.

What they needed, she decided, was a catalyst. Something to get them started. And Scully knew that would be her job, because Mulder would never risk possible rejection by making the first move.

Suddenly, the reality of the situation hit Scully. They were alone in his hospital room, he wasn’t due for another dose of his medication for an hour and a half, and the nurse had just left them alone, so she wasn’t likely to come back any time soon. Here in front of her lay Fox Mulder, the object of all her dreams and desires, strapped to a bed, completely at her mercy, and he was awake, alert and uninjured. It doesn’t get any better than this, Dana, she told herself. It’s now or never.

Turning abruptly away, Scully walked over and closed the door which was slightly ajar. Then, just for good measure, she pulled the chair beside his bed over and shoved it up against the door. It wouldn’t keep anyone out who really wanted in, but it would give her a few precious seconds to restore things to rights should they be interrupted. She turned back to the bed to find Mulder watching her, a puzzled look on his gorgeous face. Dana almost laughed out loud.

Mulder, you have no idea what you are in for! she thought delightedly.

“What are you doing, Scully?” he asked, obviously confused but suspecting nothing.

“I’m taking the situation in hand, Mulder. It’s clear you’re never going to,” she growled at him.

“Wha–what situation?” For a brief moment, fear gripped him as he wondered if Pincus had gotten to his partner, but then he rejected that idea. She was acting too normal, at least she had been up until a few minutes ago. He stared at her, wide-eyed, as she pulled the sheet covering him down to his knees. He was embarrassed for a moment, realizing that he was only covered by a thin hospital gown, but comforted himself with the knowledge that Scully had certainly seen him in this position on more than one occasion.

When she reached for the bottom of the gown, however, he began to grow more than a little concerned. “Scully, what are you doing?” he demanded again, his hands pulling futilely at the straps that bound his wrists to the bed rails.

She merely grinned at him as she raised his hospital gown above his waist. He blushed a deep crimson, which Scully found particularly endearing.

“Stop that, Scully! Cover me up, someone could walk in here! Have you lost your mind?” he hissed at her.

Instead, Scully put her left hand between his legs and began to caress his slowly hardening penis. His eyes got even wider, and she was amazed to discover that they had turned a dark green. His eyes had always fascinated her. He called their color hazel, but she found that they were constantly changing color with his emotions. She saw that he was about to speak again. “Be quiet and enjoy it, Mulder,” she said, before effectively shutting him up by covering his mouth with her own.

He struggled for maybe half a second, but the strap across his chest kept him pinned to the bed, and her mouth was so sweet on his that he quickly lost his desire to fight her. She put her right hand behind his neck and pulled him slightly toward her as she deepened the kiss, her left hand never pausing in what it was doing to other parts of his body. He was fully erect now, and Scully was impressed with what she felt under her hand. Inwardly she smiled. There were some things about Mulder that she still didn’t know, she reflected. But she had every intention of finding out all about them, and soon!

Her tongue traced that beautiful bottom lip that she had lusted after for so long, then suddenly plunged into his mouth to claim him completely. His tongue met hers, and five years of pent-up passion attempted to emerge all in one kiss. Scully had always felt that kissing was somewhat overrated, but she found herself quickly changing her mind. I could just do this for the rest of my life and die happy, she thought, but then remembered other things she wanted to do to him.

Time was limited, and she was not about to stop now that she had started!

Slowly she pulled her mouth away from his, and he gave a quiet moan of frustration. “Shh,” she said. “Trust me.” He nodded slightly, his eyes closed, enjoying the sensations her hand was causing on his body.

Mulder had quickly given up trying to make sense out of her actions, and decided to just revel in them. Maybe I am crazy after all, he thought, lightheaded. Maybe I’ll wake up later and find this was just a drug-induced dream. Whatever.

One of her small hands was caressing his balls, and the index finger of the other was lazily tracing circles around his navel. Occasionally her tongue would dip into it, and the sensation was driving him mad.

He was desperate to have her hands, her mouth, anything, on his penis, but she was teasing, torturing him. He could feel her hot breath waft over it and again pulled at his bindings, wanting to force her head down there, but unable to move more than a few inches. Finally he couldn’t stand it any more. “Scully, please…” he moaned.

“What do you want, Mulder?” she asked impishly, looking up at his face.

His eyes opened and he stared at her groggily. He couldn’t believe she would really make him beg for it! She had never humiliated him before in the entire time they had been together.

Scully saw his eyes open and then he did it. He gave her the puppy-dog face. The one she could never resist. The one no woman on earth with a beating heart could resist. Instantly, Scully decided that she had tormented him enough. After all, she didn’t want to dominate him, she just wanted to jump-start what she was determined was going to be the next phase of their relationship. Relenting, she slipped his cock inside her mouth.

He breathed a deep sigh of relief as he felt her warm, wet mouth close over him. Her tongue swirled circles around him and he thought he would come up off the bed with the intensity of it. He would have, too, had it not been for those damned restraints. Finally accepting the fact that he could do nothing else, he simply lay back and let her pleasure him.

And pleasure she did. For long minutes she teased his cock and balls with her tongue, causing him to writhe with ecstasy beneath her. Then she switched to a steady rhythm–up his shaft, circle the head with her tongue, then plunge him all the way back into her mouth, her left hand still caressing his balls. After a couple of minutes she felt them tighten in her hand and knew that he was about to come.

He exploded into her with the most mind-shattering orgasm he could ever remember. Nothing, he thought, barely coherent, nothing in his life could ever touch this. Finished, he lay there, quietly shuddering with the after effects of passion. Scully cleaned him off and pulled his gown down, covering him again with the sheet. He opened his eyes and she smiled at him.

Mulder wanted to say a million different things, but somehow couldn’t seem to form a sentence. Scully seemed to understand his problem. She gently kissed him again and turned to go. Moved the chair away from the door and replaced it at his bedside without saying a word, and then thought of the perfect thing to say. The thing that would mean more to him than all the declarations of love she could offer.

“Mulder,” she said, just before slipping out the door, “as crazy as it sounds…I do believe you.”



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