MSR Fic List: Sex on the Beach

Mulder and Scully don’t seem to mind getting sand in uncomfortable places because there’s hardly a beach they won’t do the wild thing on.

Author/s Title Words Comments Rated
Abracadabra Reality 4358 Mulder wants Scully to try out a new virtual reality system. M
akaJake Zero Gravity 3361 Summary: One down-to-earth woman. One man with his head in the clouds. A romance made in heaven? Fate is in the stars.

M&S attend the wedding of Michelle & David from Space, and have their own cosmic experience on the way home.

Amy Alexander Encounter 4763 “Beyond Imagination virtual reality center. Relaxation or thrills, adventures or romance, whatever you envision is yours. Free Voyage with this pass.” M
Bexbel Sirens 20766  Summary: Greek mythology X file, sex and blood. A messy combination. M
Donna Beached  4633 You know that fantasy about being on a deserted island… M
Donnilee Hunt for the Werewolf 50878 An old college friend of Mulder’s is in danger and while working the case, they are made to see how much they are missing and where they’ll end up if they don’t give in to their love for one another. M
drfangirl Row Boats, Black Bikinis, and the Caribbean Sea 1286 All About the Row Boat and the Destination M
goodgriff 14 Days 9820 This takes place in the same world as  15 Minutes.  Mulder makes good on his promise.  It’s incomplete but the smut that’s there makes up for it. E
Heathers & Nickers Carpe Felis Mortuus 17287 Smutty MSR involving a frustrated Scully, a teasing Mulder, a beach, a rental car, and this line from Scully: “We’re going to wash this car like you’ve never washed one before in your life.”

How far would Mulder & Scully go for a little nookie?

icedteain thebag Sunrise 3604 Summary: Mulder and Scully experience the first sunrise of their honeymoon on the beach.

Notes:  My first fic. Date published unknown (Spring 1999, probably).

Irena A Friendly Hand 2592 SUMMARY: On a beach in Malibu, Mulder and Scully have an experience they will never forget M
Jacquie LaVa The Other Side of Eden 17746 SUMMARY: If you had your memories torn away from you
the very essence of what made you human what would you become? Mulder and Scully are about to find out
Jenna Atomic Love 7760 SUMMARY: Physics 101-taught Mulder-style. M
Kasey Miller & Aimee Moore Relative Anonymity 8017 SUMMARY: Requisite post-ep fic for Hollywood A.D. M
Katrinka Kaunistama 1318  Going undercover at a night club brings out hidden feelings for Mulder and Scully. M
LovesFox Sex on the Beach 12431 Summary: A night out for Mulder and Scully M
MoJo Hell or High Water 5713 Following “Milagro” Scully has a turning point in San Diego. M
MSRAfter Dark Bahamas  498  It was written by @msrafterdark, that’s all you should need to know. E
Para8dice Swirling Water 3097 Scully takes a vacation half way across the country, Mulder finds her, and does what we’ve all been waiting for. E
Para8dice In Nothingness 5131 Summary: Great shipper story after Emily. M
Perelandra Body Surfing 3002 SUMMARY: Free the mind, and the body will follow. M
Scullysfan Mileage 23756 Mulder takes Scully on vacation during a very stressful time. In addition to the ocean, there’s Pig, Kentucky. M
SisterSpooky April Fool’s Day 7827 Summary: Scully plays a joke that gets her more than she thought she could ever get.    Skinner is the ‘butt’ of her practical joke. M
somekindof seizure Black Tie Affair #5 3040 Mulder and Scully go to the South of France while on the job as international spies. M
Terma99 Atoll 6505 This vacation fic makes you want to chuck it all and go find yourself a deserted island — and a Mulder or Scully to share the fun. It’s inspired by the final installment in the fabulous “Scent of a Woman” series, which has Mulder/Scully UST and RST to die for. E
ThePimpernel Gourmet Groping II:  The Gorging Continues 10106 Summary: Gambling’s addictive, especially when the rewards are so delicious.  GG I is also at the link. M
WildwingSuz Into the Light 6137  What might have happened after they waved from the rowboat at the end of IWTB. E
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