Late Night Encounter by XxareogirliexX

A bit of mindless PWP which I can no longer locate online.

Note: After sharing this fic it came to my attention that the author was the subject to some controversy. I have no idea where I found this fic, so if this is your work and you would like it removed, please contact me.


Title: Late Night Encounter

Author: XxaerogirliexX

Rating: NC-17

Category: MSR, Smut

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Mulder is working late and Scully finds him doing something private. Hehe. 😉

Disclaimers: Don’t own em, just on loan out for a short period of time.

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Author’s Note:  The idea came to me very suddenly actually, I had just finished reading a few office fics in which the pair get down and dirty and decided that I wanted to try one for my own.  I hope you all enjoy!

FBI Headquarters
Washington DC
Basement Office

Special Agent Fox Mulder sat alone in his drafty office of the FBI Building.  The computer screen providing semi lighting next to the barely lit light fixture on the ceiling.  Papers sit askew all over the desk and dozens of reports are left untouched as Mulder sits there in a complete daze, staring at his bulletin board and `I Want to Believe’ poster.  Everybody had long since gone home and it had been a good five hours since Scully had left him with a soft, `See you in the morning, Mulder.’

So now he just sat, lost in his own little world, as his gaze to a stop on the picture of he and Scully that was thumb tacked to the board.  The one of he and her both standing behind his desk as they looked down at a report.

Groaning, Mulder leaned up in his chair and took the picture from the board and just stared at it.  He absently traced a finger along Scully’s figure in the picture and couldn’t help but stare.  Scully was such a beautiful woman, anyone red blooded male could tell that.

Before he knew what he was doing he allows his hand to fall to his thigh, with the picture hanging loosely from his grasp, as his other softly caressed himself through his slacks.  He bit back a moan, as he tipped his head back and closed his eyes, envisioning a certain little redhead in his mind as he slowly lowered his zipper.

Special Agent Dana Scully walks down the hall to the office she shares with her partner.  Dressed in a pair of comfortable slacks, cream colored sweater and soft soled shoes a look of concern was painted across her features.

She had been trying to get a hold of Mulder for the past two hours and when she didn’t find him at his apartment, she decided to come and check the Bureau.

The door to the office was slightly ajar and she caught a dim light coming from the room.  Quietly, she made her way to the threshold and saw her partner at his desk and she gasped as she took in his appearance.  His chair was pushed back and he sat limply, with his head tossed back as he held the picture of them in a hand and she saw his other hand going in a steady up and down motion.

“Scully. . .”He moaned and for a moment she thought he had seen her, but then she realized that he was fantasizing about her. Oh my God. Scully felt a flush creep up on her features as she watched him, unable to help herself, he was so beautiful.  She watches as he snakes his tongue out to wet his lips as he strokes came faster now, all the while clutching the picture of them.

Scully felt her nipples begin to harden under the bra she wore as heat spread through her body and all the way to her core.  Without a word, she quietly made her way to him and gasped as his hand on his cock came into view.  Mulder’s eyes immediately snapped open and he saw her standing there.

Before he could say a word, Scully was on her knees before him and had his cock in her small delicate hands.

“Scully,” He groaned as he involuntarily thrust into her grasp, “What are you doing?”

“I think I should be the one to ask that Mulder,” She replies calmly as she strokes his impressive member, “You were thinking about me?”

Mulder licks his lips again as he looked down at her through his hooded gaze, her fingers caressing over the tip of him.

“Yes,” He hissed out panting.

“That really turns me on Mulder,” She whispers as she leans down and nuzzles the side of her face against his straining erection, “the fact that you think of *me* when you pleasure yourself.  It gets me really hot Mulder.”

“Shit Scully. . .”He groans as he slouches in his chair to get more of her touch.

“You should know I think of you too,” She said as she pulls her face back and starts to gently caress his balls, his erection turning a slight blue with need.

“God Scully, please, oh God please!” He moans as his hips buck helplessly.

“Please what?” She said, her hot breath just inches from his cock.

“Suck on me, oh God please put your mouth on me. . .”

The following noise that permeates throughout the office is a loud wail of joy from Mulder as his partner’s hot little mouth encloses around his cock.  He bucks his hips, trying not to gag her, as he tangles his hands in the softness of her hair.  Scully’s hands slide up to the waist of his trousers and slide them further down his body as she continue to slide her mouth up and down his cock.

“Oh Scully,” Mulder whimpers with pleasure tipping his head back to rest against his chair, as he continues to comb his fingers through her hair while her little tongue slides to the tip of him before engulfing him again.  She scrapes her teeth along his length and brings her hands up to caress his balls as she shifts to get a better position.  Mulder’s all but moaning and crying out her name by now and she knows that he is close.  Her pace quickens on his cock as her hands slides give his sac a playful squeeze and then he was gone.

“Oh God, oh my God yes!  Oh God Scully. . .” He comes in a flash of light, almost knocking her backwards as he thrusts uncontrollability into her little mouth, shooting his essence deep within her.

Scully’s hands grip the insides of this thighs as she sucks with all her might, taking all of his sticky semen down her eager little throat.  Mulder groans as he slumps back into his chair as he feels Scully’s mouth leave his now sated member.  She rests her head against his leg as he languidly strokes his fingers through her hair.  As Scully becomes aware of their situation, she takes his cock into her hands and slips it back into his pants and zips him back up.

She lets out a small groan as she stands, on her shaky knees and knows that it is now time to go home and take care of herself, knowing that this little encounter was for Mulder and she expected nothing in return.  She looks into his sexually hazed eyes and reaches out to touch his cheek, “I’ll see you in the morning Mulder.”

Before she has a chance to pull away, he grabs her wrist and pulls it to his mouth kissing all the way up her arm to the bend of her elbow.  Scully shudders at the feeling of his lips on her skin and her knees just about do her in.

“Mulder,” She whispers breathlessly, “What are you doing?”

He suddenly grabs her by the waist and pulls her back to stand in front of him, between his legs as he loops his arms loosely around her waist, “You didn’t honestly think I was going to let you leave without returning the favor, did you?”

Her breath catches in her throat as she feels herself flushing with deep arousal, “Mulder you don’t have too. . .”

“Shh,” He traces a finger along the curve of her breasts and down to her hips through the sweater she wears and Scully holds back a tiny whimper.  He then slides his arm more fully around her and she gasps as he pulls her down with him onto his chair and leans in close, “you said that it really turns you on that I think about you Scully, it makes you really hot.  Well let me see just how hot you really are Agent Scully.”

“Oh God Mulder,” She whimpers as he slips a hand underneath her sweater and cups her right breast through her bra.  Her chest feels heavy with each breath she takes and she feels Mulder hands slide behind her back and moments later her bra is unclasped.

“Take off your sweater Scully,” He whispers huskily into her ear, “I want to see you.”

In her induced state of arousal, he leaves her with no choice but to comply.  Crossing her arms in front of her torso, she deftly lifts her creamy sweater over her head, causing her bra to fall away by the movements of her arms.

She can’t believe she is actually sitting here on Mulder’s lap, in their basement office no doubt, naked from the waist up. The thought makes her grown even wetter with desire for her partner.

“Oh my sweet Scully,” Mulder murmurs appreciatively as he slides his hands across the small of her back to pull her tighter against him.  He bends his head down and slowly sucks on rosy nipple past his pouty lower lip and gives it a generous pop.  Scully cries out as she grips his shoulder, as her head falls back limply on her own shoulders.

He continues to lap and suck at her nipples, alternating between its twin every few minutes as his hands slide up to cup and caress her soft mounds.  Scully’s hands find their way to his soft hair, holding his mouth to her as his mouth works its wonders.  Her nails rake along his scalp and he moans softly with his mouth full of breast, before he starts a trail of kisses up her body to her neck and then gently sucks her earlobe into his mouth.

“I have to taste you. . .” He whispers breathlessly as his hands travel to the snap of her slacks, but pulls back looking at her for permission.

Scully covers her hands with his and gives him a breathtaking smile and then together they unbutton and slide her slacks down her creamy thighs.  Mulder feels himself getting hard again, but just the sight of her.  He grasps her by the hips and lifts her onto the edge of her desk as he slides the black, lacy panties from her body leaving her completely revealed to him.  He gently places her slender legs apart and places them onto her shoulders, revealing to him just how turned on she really is.

He chances a look up at her and notices that she is not reclining back on the desk, her chest heaving as she takes deep breaths.  She eyes are glazed with passion and sweat trickles down her neck and along the valley and swell of her breasts.  `How can anyone look so beautiful?’ He thought silently as he bent his head down and began to place butterfly kisses along her inner thigh.

Scully lets out a soft moan as her hands fall into his hair, not tugging, but simply caressing as his lips work their way higher. He traces the outside of her vaginal lips, then moves to the inside and runs first his fingers then his lips and finally his tongue up and down both sides as she moans more loudly this time and moves her head from side to side.

He places a soft kiss to her bundle of nerves and carefully sucks her folds into his mouth. He takes her clit into his mouth and begins to suck on it moving his mouth up and down; he flicks his tongue across it and gently bites down on it causing her to scream. He chuckles softly as he slips a finger into her moving it in and out rapidly while still sucking her. They both groan at the contact as he pushes a finger deeper into her, then circles it around her bundle and back up inside her again.

And then Scully sees stars.  Her delicate fingers have a death hold on his soft brown locks and she bucks up into his face as her orgasm rips through her petite body.  Mulder slides his hands to grip her hips, to keep her from knocking him over as his tongue continues to lap earnestly at her, licking up all of her sweet, nectar that is so uniquely Scully.  Sweat covers Scully’s body and she has to force herself to pry her eyes open and when she does she is greeted with the site of her partner resting his head against the flatness of her stomach, struggling to breathe.

She reaches down to touch his cheek, “My God Mulder. . .that was incredible.”

He chuckles against her flesh and places a delicate kiss on her navel before he covers her body with his.  He is still in his dress shirt, but he has already lost his pants and she can feel him hard against her thigh.  She gives him a warm smile, “Wow, I’m impressed Agent Mulder?” She teases.

Her hands slide down his back and push his boxers down his hips and they both moan as his cock comes into contact with her wet center, he leans down to nibble on her ear before mumbling, “You have yet to see me make a lasting impression Agent Scully,” He thrusts slowly against her playfully, the tip of him sliding in, “May I?”

Scully hums in the back of her throat and he feels her hips arch invitingly to her.  He gently parts her folds again and slides slowly all the way inside her. He groans as he feels her slick walls hug him, caressing him tightly.  He wants to go slow, he tries to go slow but it feels too good and it has been too long. He touches her cheek briefly then holds her hips in place while he thrusts in to her harder and harder, loving the moans and whimpers that are tearing from her throat with each thrust.

“Oh Mulder, God yes, you feel so good in me!” She was groaning non stop as she brought her hands to his hips for balance.  He was so amazed that the harder his thrusts came the more she seemed to enjoy it.  `Who would have thought that Scully liked it rough?’ He thought silently as he continued to push in and out of her at a furious rate.

He could tell she was close and he was not far behind.  He brought one hand down between their bodies and started to stroke her clit at a furious rate, all the while thrusting.

Scully cries out as she squeezes his hips and slides her hands to his ass, as her head tosses back and she allows her orgasm to flow through her body.  Her inner walls clench around his cock, milking him as her juices slides down her thighs.  As she came from her high, she realized that he had not yet come and was still hot and hard inside her.  She looks up at him and say breathlessly, “Wow I am impressed.”

She lets out a groan and suddenly he pulls himself out of her and she is about to ask what he is doing, when he suddenly stands them up and takes them to the side of his desk and bends her over the edge of it.  Scully whimpers as she feels her bare chest come into contact with the chilled wood.

“We’re not quite done yet,” He whispers as he runs his large hands over the curve of her hips and down her ass and nudges her legs apart.  Scully rests her cheek on her arms as she feels Mulder raise her ass ever so slightly before he enters her from behind. This time he didn’t give her any time before he began thrusting deep inside her. As he thrusts harder and deeper, as she buries her hand into the crook of her arms moaning his name over and over.

He grips her hips tightly as he continues to fuck her, the sounds of their wet skin slapping up against each other as Mulder feels his balls begin to tighten.  He moves from leaning over her and stands up straight, speeding up his thrusts so that he is now all but pounding in and out of her small body.  This time they come together, flashes of white light momentarily blinding their vision as Mulder’s thrust become more erratic.  As she feels him shoot himself into her body, she lets a strangled cry and pushes back against his thrusting pelvis.

Sweat drips from his neck onto her back as he collapses upon her body, the sweat on their skin glistening from the dimly lit room.  Mulder tries to control his breathing as he feels himself slip from her soft body and Scully softly moans.  He then pulls away and moves them to sit in this chair, taking her in his arms.

“So?” He said with a gleam in his eye, “Are you impressed?”

Scully lets out a small laugh as she buries her face into his neck, “I should say so Mulder, come on let’s get out of here.”




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