Welcome to my trash.  Unless you’re Chris Carter.  Chris Carter is only welcome to visit this page.

Fanfic by Category contains links to the lists of fics.  I’m gradually changing them from their original PDF format into tables to make them easier to navigate on portable devices, but longer ones will probably remain as PDFs if I can get mobile links working.  I’m still reading fanfic and if I can decipher the notes I take in the dark I should be able to update each list with some new fics.

Select Digital manipulations to visit the G-PG-13 rated manip gallery, and from there you can get to the R – NC-17 gallery. The perfect name for each gallery is yet to come to me, so names could change at any time.

The majority of pages on this site are adults only.  A pop-up should only appear on the first adults only item you look at.  This might play up from time to time and be over-eager to show itself, but it annoys me when it does that too so I’ll try to fix it.  Much of the content is suitable for mature audiences 15+, but please take note of individual page/story ratings.

There’s a contact page you can use to contact me, or you can find me at i-dont-wanna-wrestle.tumblr.com.  If I don’t get back to you straight away it’s nothing personal, just a touch of social phobia. If I get brave enough I’ll open posts up for comments so you can add your own list suggestions etc one day…

Please enjoy your visit, and watch out for the occasional dumpster fire.

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22/11/18: There’s been a bit of stagnation while I’ve been without my laptop and otherwise occupied moving house. My head has been elsewhere, so now I finally have Fluffy (my laptop) back, I’ve forgotten where everything is.  I decided it was time to regroup and tidy things up, so I figured it was time to get a proper URL and do some virtual housework.  The plan is to update all the existing lists and re-release each one with the new URL.  Unfortunately, to facilitate that I have to update my fic database with all the tags for the fics I’ve read this year, which I scribble down in the dark as my e-reader reads the story to me, so deciphering what I’ve written could take some time… I’m also still suffering from post MS4 trauma but I’m trying really hard to push through it and find the love again.  If I’ve made it through everything else that’s gone on this year, I can get over the insane delusions of a madman. 🙂


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