A special page just for Chris Carter

Oh, Mr Carter, how I loved your creations.  Mulder and Scully have been such important characters to me.  The X-Files was never about aliens and conspiracies to me, it was about two weird people who complemented each other and loved each other unconditionally, while faced with incredible challenges.  They kept battling when it seemed that the entire world was against them.  As someone who’s on the weird side myself, I saw them achieve the impossible, and when life got to hard they were there to cheer me on and show me strength.  When I wanted to give up, they showed me resilience.  They showed me it was OK to be a total nerd, that by staying true to yourself you can conquer (or save) the world.

Mulder is the poster boy for adults with ADHD like myself. He is me in so many ways. I understand his motivations. I see what other people think of as self-interest as one of the most common traits of ADHD, and understand that he doesn’t intentionally try to hurt people.  He’s completely fucked up, yet at the same time he’s the most caring, accepting person.  I relate to Scully in my lack of belief in the implausible, so I’m a combination of them both.  They are such beautiful, complex characters, and you have my undying thanks for creating them.

But that doesn’t mean I forgive you for assassinating them.

I understand that actors want to move on to other projects,. so changes have to be made.  Unfortunately it felt like you went with the first thing that popped into your head rather than thinking of more weird misfit characters who could continue the fight.  Having new characters who were the opposite of Mulder and Scully meant that I had to watch characters I coudn’t relate to, and spent my whole life being pitted against.  Mulder and Scully became unrecognisable, the humour was gone, and there was nothing left for me. Then with the end of the original series you had the opportunity to finally give them a happy ending, give tem the life they wanted, but instead you chose to put them on the toughest path you could find, and I felt so sad for them.

I really wish you’d used the second movie to fix that, but it made it worse.  You gave me more unrecognisable Mulder and Scully where they were at odds with each other, and it was such a waste of the characters on what was essentially a really bad lifetime movie.  I would have loved to have seen another action movie, with them being the only ones who could rescue their son from the clutches of the consortium or something, but instead you made me feel worse because the path you set them on in The Truth turned out to be as bad as I’d thought.  I wish I’d never seen that movie.  I wish the series had ended with Requiem.

It still bugs me that I can’t figure out why you kept bringing them back to destroy them more.  They changed from being something positive to aim for to failures who have an even shittier life than me.  How could you destroy them like that?  Splitting them up and having them antagonistic for Season 10 was just stupid.  Mulder and Scully have built-in conflict just from being who they are, you don’t need to manufacture it and crush their natural dynamic that made the show what it was.  The season 11 opener was a mess and a disappointment, but for the most part season 11 brought back their banter and pitted them against each other in a more natural, intellectual way.  This just seemed to make it harder when we were nearing the end of the season and I could see a massive train crash on the end of the tracks and tried to put the brakes on, but there was no stopping it.  My Struggle IV not only made me never want to watch another episode if it was brought back, it made me not want to rewatch any other season as well.  I gave up my rewatch groups, and dropped right back in fandom stuff.  Watching old episodes made me cry because I knew how it was going to end.  I would have preferred Mulder and Scully’s deaths to the character assassination you did on them.  That was seriously fucked up.   I know Mulder and Scully, and they never would have behaved like that.  I don’t think I can ever forgive you for the most ridiculous ending ever.  Instead of getting to think they finally got to ride off into the sunset with their long lost child, I discovered the child I fretted over for 16 years was never worth anyone’s time so just to forget him, and that sports cars and shoot outs are more important than being true to yourself.  Then my heart sank even further when I learned that Scully and Mulder will never ever get to relax and enjoy life because they’re having a baby that they’ll need to work until they’re 80 to support.  Didn’t anyone tell you what a fucked up ending that was, or did you just choose to ignore them, thinking you knew better?  In case nobody told you I’ll tell you know.  There was nothing clever about your twists.  They were unnecessarily cruel and pointless, and put the final nail in the coffin of my favourite show, as sow that I’ve hated for the last 17 years. It felt like you were angry that they didn’t go the way you wanted to, so you’d rather burn the manuscript a’la Milagro.

Why did you have to destroy them like that?   Why did you take away the hope I had that I’d be accepted for who I was and I didn’t have to live a ‘normal’ life, that there was more out there for me.  Why did you turn them into stereotypical soap opera characters before you sent them off to be uncaring of anyone but themselves and the fact that they’re able to finally impossibly procreate?  I really wanted to believe that you’d give them an ending where they could finally take some time out to be the family they deserved to be.  I should have known better.

Mulder and Scully are me.  When they’re not good enough as they are, I feel it too.  I’ve been lost since the finale because you destroyed my belief system. I’d love to know how you can be so proud of the way you kept bringing them back only to destroy them. I don’t understand it, and it’s taking me a lot longer to get over because I no longer have Mulder and Scully to help me though it and show me the way forward.

So thank you for creating Mulder and Scully, but fuck you for destroying them.

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